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Who is Federico Rossi: Biography, Benji, Depression, Ex Paola Di Benedetto

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Who is Federico Rossi: Biography, Benji, Depression, Ex Paola Di Benedetto

Federico Rossi is the Fede of the duo of singers very famous among teenagers Benji & Fede. After two gold and two platinum records, the duo Benji and Fede announced their separation, to continue their usual career. He had a long love affair with Paola Di Benedetto, winner of the 2018 edition of the GF VIP, even if theirs relationship ended in June 2021.

Who is Federico Rossi?

  • First name: Federico Rossi
  • Age: 24 years
  • Date of birth: February 22, 1994
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 71 kg
  • Zodiac sign:Fish
  • Birth place: Modena
  • Profession: Singer
  • Tattoos: He has his grandparents initials tattooed (AT), the titles of his first two albums “05” And “0+”, Some stairs on the right arm, and a rose and some decorations; a stereo on the left arm, the word Warrior and many others
  • Official Instagram Profile: @federicofederossi
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Federico Rossi was born on February 22, 1994 to Modena. Childhood is unfortunately marked by a tragic event: the death of his brother Mirko. After the loss the young man devoted himself completely to music and family affection. He is very close to his father after the loss of his brother and his father he dedicates the single “Good luck“.

Federico Rossi has many passions: football, travel and his favorite singer is Francesco Renga. At the start of their success, Benji & Fede were thought to be having an affair together but the two boys denied it. In 2016 Federico Rossi took part in the Real Time program Take Me Out, but that didn’t start any love affairs.

After the success, however, Federico went through a dark moment. In fact he told Silvia Toffanin’s microphones that he had a real one crisis, generated among other things by a success achieved in a sudden and impressive way. Faith admitted:

“I was struggling to fully open up for fear of touching things inside of me and bringing out past problems. All these problems I was having caused me to fall into one very heavy depression. I had so many things to do and I didn’t have time to look inside. She, despite having known each other recently, was by my side “


Federico Rossi’s Instagram profile has been very popular since he was paired with Benji: they are beyond 1.7 million his followers!

Federico Rossi

Work and Career

Federico Rossi inextricably linked to the name of his colleague – with whom he duets – Benjamin Mascolo. Their working relationship begins precisely on 10 December 2010, at 20:05, when Federico is contacted on by Benji. The two bond a lot and start making videos on YouTube, getting many views. For this reason a national radio organizes for them a tour in the squares of Italy and from there they are noticed by the Warner Music Italy which will initiate them in the contemporary musical universe.

In 2015 Benji & Fede released theirs first album by title 20:05, the time they met. In 2017 they participate in various contests and singing events, including the New Proposals competition of the Sanremo Festival and publish the song On Demand in collaboration with rapper Shade. In 2018 they released their third album “We are Solo Noise ” from which the famous single is extracted “Where and when” (in the video of the song we can see the beautiful Giulia Belmonte, girlfriend of Stash) and in 2019 Good Vibes.

After obtaining two gold and two platinum records, Benji and Fede have announced the separation. The two will in fact continue their solo career, closing this phase of life that has seen them linked to a common project. Benji and Fede were supposed to have a final concert together on May 3, 2020 at the Verona Arena which was postponed due to the Covid-19 emergency. Federico Rossi in the summer of 2021 launches his new single entitled Movimento Lento in featuring con Annalisa Scarrone.

In the summer of 2021 Federico Rossi is among the protagonists of the Mediaset summer broadcast conducted by Elisabetta Gregoraci, First Episode Battiti Live. Together with him Baby K, Irama, Colapesce Dimartino, Fedez, Orietta Berti, Annalisa, Francesca Michielin, Noemi, Deddy, Coma Cose, Andrea Damante perform. He also made a song entitled Sol Y mar with the Spanish singer Ana Mena, who has also become his great friend.

Paola Di Benedetto

Federico Rossi made his story official with Paola Di Benedetto, winner of the Big Brother Vip, in the summer of 2018. Love blossomed immediately between the two and while some rumors want that the two are talking about marriage other rumors give the couple in crisis and Paola di Benedetto seems to have taken a few days off with some friends including Stefano De Martino.

In June 2021 Paola Di Benedetto formalized the end of the relationship with Federico Rossi with a post on Instagram:

Many of you have noticed in this last period of the separation between me and Federico. In these 3 years we have loved each other so much and there have been ups and downs, as in all respectable love stories. This time, however, we have come to the realization that we want to go on with our lives alone. We would like to clarify that nothing sensational has happened, we have simply matured this decision over time. No disrespect, no betrayal. Just a love story that has come to an end. We wanted to thank all the people who have grown fond and supported us over the years and we say to them that we will continue to love each other, we will continue to support and respect each other, just as we have always promised. We hug you. Paola and Faith

There rupture Between Federico Rossi and Paola di Benedetto therefore it was not caused by an event, but by a natural change in the feelings that led the boys to this choice despite it recently in the interview with Verissimo by Silvia Toffanin showed themselves still very much in love. Over the months, the two have often seen each other together and have always confirmed that the friendship between them is deep and has remained unchanged after the separation.

Emma Muscat

In July 2019 Federico Rossi and Paola di Benedetto broke up for some time, for an alleged man’s betrayal with Emma Muscat, ex girlfriend of Biondo, ex singer of Friends.

Video by Federico Rossi

The video of the song by Federico and Annalisa, hit of the summer 2021

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