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Who is Fedez: Age, Instagram, Thousand, Sons and Chiara Ferragni

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Who is Fedez: Age, Instagram, Thousand, Sons and Chiara Ferragni

Fedez is a Milanese rapper and singer 31-year-old husband of Chiara Ferragni from which she is expecting her second child. He made his debut at 18 with the first EP Pat-a-Cake. He was successful thanks to YouTube, first with his stories of daily view and then with his songs. Fedez was a judge in X Factor, collaborated with J-Ax and participated in the Sanremo Festival 2021 with Francesca Michielin and the song Call me by name, classified al second place in the final standings. On 23 March he became the father of a little girl named Vittoria for the second time.

Daughter Chiara Ferragli and Fedez Vittoria

Who is Fedez?

  • First name: Federico Lucia (aka Fedez)
  • Date of birth: October 15, 1989
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Height: 1.74 m
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Birth place: Milan
  • Profession: rapper and singer
  • Tattoos: Fedez has a lot of tattoos, including a shark with the word ZEDEF (Fedez upside down) on his neck; on the neck stands a large geometric and optical tattoo, a butterfly behind the left ear and behind the right one has an icicle. The arms are completely covered in tattoos, mainly Maori.
  • Official Instagram: @fedez
  • Youtube channel: fedezchannel
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


Fedez, born Federico Lucia, was born in Milan on October 15, 1989. Fedez grew up in Buccinasco, near Milan, but his family has Lucanian origins, precisely they are from Lagopesole. Attend the Artistic high school, but does not finish his studies. He dedicates himself to his main passion, music, also opening a very successful YouTube channel. His clashes with famous people or politicians, such as Matteo Salvini (currently engaged to Francesca Verdini), Selvaggia Lucarelli and Barbara D’Urso. Fedez is known for having a very straightforward character, often not very conformist. With his partner Chiara Ferragni, Fedez received an unexpected visit from Pio and Amedeo during the filming of the program Emigratis.

Fedez Instagram

Work and career

Fedez is a Italian rapper and singer. He released his first EP at 18 and in 2011 he released two albums “Peninsula that is not there” And “My first record to be sold“. For these he will make use of collaborations of different artists, such as: Emis Killa, Guè Pequeno. Fedez also publishes his videos on YouTube, achieving enormous success on the net as well. In 2013 he published “Black Swan”Song sung with Francesca Michelin. Subsequently he publishes the great success “Mr. Brainwash – The art of pleasing“. In 2014 comes the collaboration with J-Ax, with whom he founded the label Newtopia (which launched Fabio Rovazzi and which also included his girlfriend Karen Kokeshi). The label among others has also signed him youtuber Awed (castaway de The Island of the Famous 2021).

In 2016 collaborates on the film Zeta, a film in which many artists have collaborated: Baby k, Salmo, Leon Faun, Salvatore Esposito, Grudge, J Ax.

Fedez, a friend of King Toretto, the world champion of super-medium weights, is hired as a judge in X Factor. In the meantime he realizes many personal video and podcast projects. Fedez participated in Sanremo 2021 paired with Francesca Michielin already his partner in Black Swan and Magnificent, with a song entitled “Call me by Name”, which ranks second in the final ranking. In the summer of 2021 Fedez together with Achille Lauro and Orietta Berti launches the song Mille, which became gold in a few days and thus proving to be a great success and also participating in the first evening of Battiti Live.

Fedez after Newtopia

Fedez publishes in 2014 Pop-Hoolista, the consecration album and twice platinum record. From here come two singles, both duets: “Magnificent“With Francesca Michelin (produced by Dardust) and”Love eternity“With Noemi. In 2016 the collaboration with J-Ax starts which gives life to a record: Communists with Rolex, from which three singles are extracted: “I would like but no place “, “Absinthe” And “Without paying“. In the summer of 2018 the last collaboration with J-Ax takes place, the two publish “Italian”, after which their collaboration stops for reasons still unknown. Also in 2018 he publishes Paranoia Airlines, which does not get much acclaim from music critics, but is still very successful.

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni

Fedez is married to the influencer Chiara Ferragni sister of Francesca and Valentina Ferragni. The two got married on 1 September 2018 in Noto (Sicily) and also have a son: Leone, born in March 2018 and often captured and immortalized in their shots on social media. The couple gave birth to their second child named Vittoria on March 23.

Fedez had a relationship with Giulia Valentina, also an influencer, which ended for little-known reasons. Before the relationship with Ferragni, it is also thought that Fedez had a relationship never denied, nor confirmed, with the influencer Giulia Nati.

The lawsuit with Daniela Martani

At the moment the Fedez-Ferragni couple has a civil lawsuit pending, filed against the former gieffina Daniela Martani (shipwrecks de The Island of the Famous 2021). Fedez and wife ask for compensation of 100 thousand euros against Martani, due to the constant offenses that the latter has reserved several times to the couple. The couple has already sued Martani twice, but the complaints have always been filed, which is why it was decided to move to a civil suit.

Daniela Martani, among the various opinions expressed towards the Milanese spouses, also wrote once

I’ve been telling you for years that they are two idiots inflated balloons disrespectful of the life of people and animals. To make people talk about them they no longer know what to invent. Having a party at home was too normal otherwise those who like them

Sanremo 2021

Fedez participated in Sanremo 2021 paired with Francesca Michielin: after the success of the pieces Magnifico and Cigno Nero sung by Fedez and Francesca, they competed together on the stage of the Ariston with a song entitled: “Chiamami Per Nome”. We listened to it on March 2, 2021, the starting date of the Sanremo Festival. In the evening dedicated to duets and covers of Sanremo 2021, Francesca Michielin and Fedez sang a medley of “Of the green” of Calcutta, “Things in common” by Daniele Silvestri e Do not love me by Aleandro Baldi and Francesca Alotta.

After a little parenthesis he wanted Michielin and Fedez out of the Festival, due to an instagram story published by Fedez in which some notes of the Sanremo song would have been heard, the fuss soon dissipated.

The two artists finished second in the final ranking.

Text Call me by Name Michielin – Fedez

Today I have a shirt that does not suit me
I run in the park in my area
But I would like to tell you I’m not afraid
Living a dream brings good luck
Your anger doesn’t win
Some beginnings don’t even deserve an end
But your mouth convinces me
One kiss at a time
Like stones against the shop windows
My apologies were a thousand, a thousand
And in the heart I feel, pins pins
You try to take them off baby

You baby
Call me by name
Only when I have
Lost my words
I know that deep down I amazed you by coming here alone
Standing with a lump in my throat
Call me by name
Because basically here on the grass we are a thousand, a thousand
I feel everything on the skin, skin
But I only see you baby

You baby
In the elevator I waste a sign of the cross, so what?
I know how to give the worst, not give me advice
I’m looking for a poison that never gets off
I have a sadistic guardian angel
I find an excuse but what will change?
The big banal story
Let’s drain the sea first
Then we shed tears
To be able to fill it
The promises were a thousand thousand
But in my heart I feel pins pins
Try to take them off you baby you baby
Call me by name
Only when I have
Lost my words
I know that deep down I amazed you by coming here alone
Driving in the dark I cry like a fool
Call me by name
Because basically here on the grass we are a thousand thousand
I feel everything on the skin, skin
But I only see you baby

You baby
I feel like I’m dying when you talk about me in a way I hate
Help me understand if in the end you see only the good
Under this storm
It rains on the cathedral
We will give up gold
Exchanging it for bread
Call me by name
Only when I have
Lost my words
I know deep down
We were amazed to end up here alone in this place
But then if you don’t find me
Call me by name
Because basically here on the grass we are a thousand, a thousand
I feel everything on the skin, skin
But I only see you baby

You baby
The promises are a thousand thousand
But there is no need to be a thousand
Now that I only have you baby
You baby

Sanremo 2021 singers


  • His friend Luis Sal often appears in his videos: the boy was noticed by Fedez for his videos on youtube and the two became friends. Together they made a podcast titled “wild bunch”;
  • he is very attached to both parents who often appear in the artist’s photos and stories;
  • Together with Mara Maionchi, he leads the Prime Video program LOL – Who laughs is out, which saw The Jackal’s Ciro Priello win;
  • on May 1st 2021 participates, with not a few controversies, in the Concertone in Rome, presented by Ambra Angiolini, Stefano Fresi and the comedian Lillo.
  • On the occasion of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Chiara and Fedez made an announcement to their international followers asking to support the Maneskin!
  • he is a friend of the Paralympic champion Bebe Vio.
  • Fedez criticized the comic duo Pio and Amedeo, composed of Pio D’Antini and Amedeo Grieco, after they were awarded with the SEAT Music Awards 2021 from Rai “for having innovated the language of television and knowing how to grasp the facets of everyday life”. Fedez responding to the attacks of the two comedians said: “I’m a bit disappointed in any case by Pio and Amedeo. Have you done this revolutionary act of clearing the word neg * oe fro ** o through customs, you are live on Rai but don’t you throw a good blasphemy at me? The neg * iei fro * i answer you with a smile, the Christians are obliged to forgive you, you are a little rusty you are losing your polish and if you want there will be some soon“.

Video by Fedez

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