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Who is Francesca Fialdini: Age, Boyfriend, Illness, With us … Freewheeling

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Who is Francesca Fialdini: Age, Boyfriend, Illness, With us ... Freewheeling

Francesca Fialdini it’s a Rai journalist , presenter television and radio 41 years old, originally from Massa. Francesca leads With us… Freewheeling on air Sunday afternoon on Rai Uno immediately after Sunday In. Francesca Fialdini is a very private person, known to the general public especially for being the host of Live Life with Tiberio Timperi.

Who is Francesca Fialdini?

  • First name: Francesca Fialdini
  • Profession: Journalist and presenter
  • Birth place: Massa
  • Age: 41 years old
  • Date of birth: 11 October 1979
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Tattoos: Francesca has no visible tattoos on her body
  • Official Instagram profile: @francifialdini
  • Follow us on our Instagram profile: @


Francesca Fialdini was born in Massa, in Tuscany, in 1979 she is the daughter of separated parents (her mother is called Ivana) and has a brother to whom she is very attached. Despite the separation, the parents were able to educate her to freedom and to make Francesca self-confident by providing her with the intellectual tools and not just to build herself. After earning the bachelor’s degree in Communication science at “La Sapienza” University From Rome. During his studies he supported himself “reading for others” in fact he gave voice to many audio books.

Francesca Fialdini confessed to Caterina Balivo of one day wanting a son “I consider the family a miracle and I hope that soon the conditions will be there to have one”. He also said that when he was a young girl he liked a boy named Milo who for many summers made his heart beat faster.

Francesca since when he is 20 years old, he made a conscious choice of faith: although she did not have a particularly Catholic education, an experience of Assisi made around the age of 20 gave her a look at the realities where she understood that a scale of values ​​was completely overturned. Francesca currently lives alone in the city of Rome, with her cat and has declared that despite being an extremely precise person for work, she in her personal life “is chaos”.

Franscesca Fialdini was a victim of the Covid disease: after several days without smelling tastes and smells, Francesca went back to work and got out of this bad situation.


Francesca Fialdini has about 150,000 followers on her Instagram profile. Her photos are both work and personal and Francesca loves interacting with her followers also through stories.


Francesca Fialdini began her career as radio journalist and collaborator for the foreign editorial staff e conductor to Vatican Radio in 2004. Subsequently she moved to television and from 2005 to 2013 she was first correspondent and then presenter of the Rai Uno program In his image. Since January 2010 he has presented the transmission of literary culture on Rai Due Cultbook – Stories and some radio programs always for Rai.

Francesca Fialdini has a short collaboration with Fabio Volo in conducting its program Live flight and since October 2013 is paired with Tiberio Timperi in the conduct of A morning in the family and the following season is presenter of One morning alongside Franco Di Mare and among others, he collaborated with Alberto Matano. He then moves on to conducting Live Life with Marco Liorni first and Tiberio Timperi after. She was sworn in several editions of the Zecchino D’oro and presenter of the musical festival dedicated to children with Gigi and Ross.

In May 2020 Francesca hosts a new program on Rai 3 in the late evening, Hunger for Love, which follows the events of a group of young people with eating disorders and their care path within a community. Program confirmed also for next season. Francesca confessed that this program marked a before and after her professional career: it allows him to dig in the human soul and address very important topics.

RAI journalists

Francesca Fialdini she is a well known and loved Rai journalist. Other colleagues include: the presenters of TG1 at 8 pm Emma D’Aquino, Laura Chimenti, Francesco Giorgino and Alessio Zucchini who replaced Alberto Matano engaged with “La Vita in Diretta”; Marco Fritella and Monica Giandotti engaged in “Uno Mattina”; Valentina Bisti, Maria Soave, Roberto Chinzari and Sonia Sarno instead lead the TG in the lunch edition at 13.00. and Gabriella Capparelli. In the “60 seconds” edition we find Cecilia Primerano, Perla Dipoppa, Paola Cervelli, Barbara Carfagna and Isabella Romano as new entries. At TG2 we find instead Marzia Roncacci and Manuela Moreno.

With us… Freewheeling

From 2019 Francesca Fialdini hosts the late afternoon Rai program on Sunday, With us… Freewheeling. The program airs soon after Sunday In, led by Mara Venier, which announced its intention to leave the management of Rai’s historic Sunday entertainment program. Just the announcement of the farewell of Venier has given rise to some rumors that give Fialdini as possible substitute of the “Zia Mara”.

It seems that there is no good blood between the two “TV ladies”: Francesca Fialdini has noticed that Mara Venier he never launches his program at the end of Domenica In and commented by saying “I’ll stay on the p *** e”. Also on other occasions, such as at the Biagio Agnes Award, they would have been avoided behind the scenes and on stage for grudges and private affairs.


Francesca Fialdini she is a very jealous person of her privacy but has confessed to having a person in her heart. A person who knows how to be next to her, without unnecessary romance (which Francesca believes that romanticism is a form of veiled lie, used in the past to subjugate women). Regarding the identity of the fiancé, it is suspected that he may be an established one doctor dentist from Lecco, by name Milo. To reveal it is Dagospia who also reveals that the relationship would have begun in 2009. It would therefore be a solid relationship, but at a distance for work reasons. On this point, Fialdini herself stated that her partner “lives far away and does not belong either to the world of entertainment in the strict sense or to that of information”.

Regarding his past, the gossip newspapers have attributed a relationship with Samuele Bersani, but probably i two just had a beautiful and long friendship.


  • One of her flaws is that she has a good dose of anxiety: she is not as sure of herself as she may think.
  • Francesca Fialdini is one great fan of Juventus
  • He loves traveling and surfing
  • He has great faith and believes that family is a miracle
  • Her Grandmother Giannina she is 93 years old and Francesca is very attached to her
  • Francesca likes to sing: she did it on some occasions during some programs in which she was a guest and immediately showed a strong singing talent;
  • had as guests a With us… Freewheeling, two former Miss Italy, Anna Valle and Roberta Capua;
  • interviewed the great science writer Alberto Angela.


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