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Who is Francesca Lodo? Age, Former Boyfriend, Vallettopoli and Instagram

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Who is Francesca Lodo?  Age, Former Boyfriend, Vallettopoli and Instagram

Francesca Lodo it’s a showgirl and influencer originally from Cagliari aged 38. Known for being one of the “Letters” from Gerry Scotti’s program, Word of mouth, Francesca Lodo participates in the fifteenth edition of The Island of the Famous, conducted by Ilary Blasi.

Who is it Francesca Lodo?

  • Francesca Lodo
  • Zodiac sign: Lion
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Date of birth: 1 August 1982
  • Birth place: Cagliari
  • Profession: showgirl, model and influencer
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 53 kg approx
  • Tattoos: unavailable
  • Official Instagram Profile: @ francesca.lodo
  • Follow us on our Official Instagram profile: @

Biography of Francesca Lodo

Francesca Lodo was born on 1 August 1982 in Cagliari. She has an excellent relationship with her mother who is a point of reference for her, even if the two have had a period of misunderstanding during the events related to the Vallettopoli case. He spent his adolescence in Selargius, where he obtained linguistic maturity. Cousin of the presenter and actress Giorgia Palmas, the Lodo owes its fame to the famous game Word of mouth, conducted by Gerry Scotti, of whom Giorgia was a “letter”. Competitor of the Reality show The farm, then moves on to conducting broadcasts Weather forecast And Curtain, also passing through the cinema, in the film Olé, alongside Massimo Boldi and Vincenzo Salemme. Left the spotlight for a while, Giorgia’s career moves to the web, it is in fact one known influencer and poses for brands as Triumph, Hate Hate, Borsalino, Moncler and many others.

After a period away from the scenes that we explain in detail in the “Vallettopoli” paragraph of the article, Francesca Lodo is back on TV is shipwrecked onIsland of the Famous 2021, conducted by Ilary Blasi


Determined since childhood to pursue a career as a model and showgirl, Francesca begins to take part in several beauty contests.

It is 1999, when at the age of 17, he participates in Miss World, together with his cousin Giorgia Palmas (who after being linked to Vittorio Brumotti, is currently engaged to Filippo Magnini).

Between 2002 and 2003 we see the Lodo on Canale 5 as “small letter” of the program Word of mouth, conducted by Gerry Scotti. Takes part, in 2005, in the second edition of Reality show The farm, conducted by Barbara D’Urso. That year were commentators of the program Barbara Alberti and Simona Izzo, and participants: Raffaello Tonon, Patrizia Rossetti, Éva Henger, Jo Squillo and others.

Francesca also poses without veils for some calendars like the one of For Men Magazine. Debuts as an actress in the film Olé with Vincenzo Salemme and Massimo Boldi, in 2006.

Become a host of Curtain (of Tg4) and de The weather (on the same network). We see her on television until 2007, when she leads the Reality show Reality Game on Sky Vivo. In 2016 she is testimonial of the bikini line designed by Cristel Carrisi.

We will see it again this year on the most famous island of Italy; the showgirl will indeed be a castaway de The Island of the Famous 2021, conducted by Ilary Blasi.

Francesca Island of the Famous 2021

Francesca Lodo is officially one shipwrecked of The Island of the Famous 2021, conducted by Ilary Blasi with special correspondent Massimiliano Rosolino. Francesca is new to reality shows; it is the first time for her in a television program of this type. However, we expect great emotions from Francesca who will be commented by the commentators Iva Zanicchi, Elettra Lamborghini and Tommaso Zorzi. In the third episode of the program Francesca Lodo talks about the fact that he ate very little in the first days of the program and how his body was affected in terms of fatigue. The third episode in nomination against Brando Giorgi is nominated and ends. Francesca wins the nomination and manages to stay on the island in the team of Burinos.

Between Burinos, Francesca was immediately loved for her proactivity and availability, especially in procuring such scarce food on the island. Francesca turned out to be a clever one fisherwoman and passed the first nomination against Brando Giorgi remaining within the reality show. Francesca Lodo regained confidence in her own means manages not to go into nomination in the fourth episode and indeed shows that she has formed a strong and sincere friendship with Gilles Rocca. The two supported each other in times of difficulty.

Francesca Lodo was nominated by the Primitives and in the episode of May 10 she was deleted on televoting against Emanuela Titocchia and Fariba Tehrani. Francesca reaches Beatrice Marchetti in the Playa Imboscatissima where he chooses to stay and continue his adventure! Francesca and Beatrice are very close and have been continuing their adventure together for weeks now, creating a real line of costumes with leaves and coconuts. In the studio though Vera Gemma he lashes out at her saying that “he wears a mask and wants to look good”.

All Shipwrecked Competitors

The official competitors of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 are:

Ex Boyfriends and Private Life

It is not known if at the moment, Francesca Lodo, ​​whether committed or not. What is certain is that in his past there have been many famous men from the world of football.

Francesca, in fact, is was engaged to several well-known players on the Italian scene: Cristiano Zanetti, Stefano Mauri, Matteo Ferrari And Francesco Coco. Furthermore, in 2007 it was also linked to Luigi Casadei, subsequently was with Alessandro di Pasquale and with Gianluca Canizzaro. Francesca currently lives in Rome.

The Vallettopoli scandal

In 2007, Francesca Lodo was questioned by the prosecutor as part of the Vallettopoli investigation. Francesca’s name was at the top of the news following the statements by Belén Rodríguez. The Argentine showgirl, her friend at the time, declared that she had fact twice use of drugs together with Francesca, and that it was the latter who had procured the drug. The Lodo then declared, during an interview with Barbara D’Urso

I used cocaine for fun, never called myself a cocaine addict as they described me. I always said I made a mistake

Not having committed any crime, Francesca will not be actually investigated. But your testimony will cost you everything.

Among those involved in the Vallettopoli scandal were among others: Alessia Fabiani, Ana Laura Ribas, Fernanda Lessa, Ayda Yéspica, Fabrizio Corona, Lele Mora and Gian Nicolino Narducci (at the time collaborator of Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy).


Very active on social media, given her role as an influencer, Francesca Lodo’s instagram profile boasts 60.3 thousand followers, with whom she shares her photographic shots that always see her in great shape and models for brands such as: Hate Hate, Triumph, Moncler and many others.

Francesca Lodo Insta


  • Francesca loves traveling very much;
  • He often returns to Sardinia, his homeland;
  • After it Vallettopoli scandal, Francesca sued for slander Belén Rodríguez;
  • in 2007-2008 it was testimonial of the advertising campaign for BrosWay jewelry.

Francesca Lodo Video

Francesca Lodo participated in the spot of You sing, with Filippo Inzaghi and Alessia Ventura, on the notes de The captain’s song by Francesco Facchinetti. Here we see it in a video from Isola Dei Famosi 2021.

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