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Who is Francesca Verdini engaged Matteo Salvini: Age, Job, Father, Wedding

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Who is Francesca Verdini engaged Matteo Salvini: Age, Job, Father, Wedding

Francesca Verdini is the daughter of Denis Verdini, Forza Italia parliamentarian: 28 years old from Florence, she is the fiancée of Matteo Salvini Leader of the League he has been living with since the end of 2020. Francesca and her brother Tommaso manage a famous one restaurant in Rome located near Montecitorio. Francesca is in Economics and Business Management in Rome.

Who is Francesca Verdini?

  • First name: Francesca Verdini
  • Age: 28 years
  • Date of birth: July 27, 1993
  • Zodiac sign: Lion
  • Birth place: Florence
  • Profession: Student and collaborator in the management of hotel services
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: About 60 Kg
  • Tattoos: Francesca Verdini has no tattoos
  • Official Instagram Profile: @fraverdini
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Biography of Francesca Verdini

Francesca Verdini was born in Florence in 1993 she is the daughter of Denis Verdini, banker, entrepreneur and well-known exponent of the political party Forza Italia who was recently convicted to six and a half years in prison for the Credito Fiorentino crack. Francesca has a sister named Beloved and a Brother named Thomas with whom he manages the famous restaurant PaStation located near Montecitorio. She moved to Rome to attend and then graduate in Economics at the LUISS University where she graduated on March 16, 2021, receiving congratulations from her partner Matteo Salvini:

Francesca Verdini Degree in Economics

Francesca Verdini graduated on March 16: Matteo Salvini congratulates her

He collaborated with magazines with Ciak and worked for a Argentine company which promotes networking in the field of art. He also worked as event organizer. She entered the gossip center when she started dating Lega leader Matteo Salvini. At the same time as Francesca, the gossip newspapers were also interested in Luigi di Maio’s girlfriend, Virginia Saba, to that of Silvio Berlusconi, Marta Fascina and to Giuseppe Conte’s partner, Olivia Paladino.

Francesca Verdini Instagram

Francesca Verdini shares many shots of her passions, work and even her free time on Instagram. He has about 35,000 followers on his Instagram profile.

Francesca Verdini and Matteo Salvini kiss

The photo of Francesca Verdini’s kiss with Matteo Salvini shared by Francesca on Instagram

Work and Career

Francesca Verdini graduated in Economics from the LUISS as well as collaborating with his brother in the restaurant management PaStation, frequented by many politicians thanks to its location near Montecitorio, has had various experiences in both the publishing and entrepreneurial fields. He currently works in Mediaset, through one of its companies. Francesca is the new social media manager of the historical program Forum conducted by Barbara Palombelli.

Her career also proceeds in the film field and in 2021 Francesca manages to crown one of her secret dreams: Francesca Verdini is in fact the producer of the Ice film written by Alessio De Leonardis and Fabrizio Moro.

Francesca Verdini and Matteo Salvini

Francesca Verdini rose to the headlines thanks to her love affair with Matteo Salvini, senator and leader of the Lega’s political party. In 2019 Matteo Salvini, recently released from the love story with the TV presenter Elisa Isoardi, he is photographed with Francesca in the Verdini family restaurant. The couple, despite one age difference of about twenty years, immediately proved to be happy and very close-knit and happily coexists in Rome. The gossip newspapers had reported the news that Francesca had left Matteo Salvini for Rodolfo Salemi former suitor in the Men and Women program. The story has been extensively denial and the couple Francesca Verdini and Matteo Salvini go on happily.

The couple during phase 2 of the lockdown from coronavirus went to live together: they moved from an apartment in central Rome to a slightly more peripheral one and the weekly “Chi” immortalized the move that sees the couple struggling with boxes. The relationship between Salvini and Francesca Verdini is becoming more and more serious! In the summer of 2020 they were paparazzi on the beach in some moments of relaxation: even the premier Giuseppe Conte and his companion Olivia Paladino they allowed themselves a few moments of relaxation, as did Di Maio and his girlfriend Virginia Saba.

During the inauguration of the Venice Film Festival 2020, the couple allowed themselves a red carpet complete with a kiss.

Marriage with Matteo Salvini

On May 18, 2020, was asked Matteo Salvini if in the plans and of Francesca Verdini there was an imminent marriage. Matteo Salvini jokingly replied saying that the girl is convincing him to get a dog for now, but that he considers himself a very lucky man. He passed the quarantine in the company of Francesca and her daughter, had since first marriage of Matteo Salvini with Fabrizia Ieluzzi lasted from 2003 to 2010.

TO May 2021 Francesca Salvini and Matto Salvini are again at the center of gossip for the couple’s alleged imminent marriage. There are no official statements, we will keep you updated.


  • AND’ very attached to her grandmother and mother that appear in several shots on Instagram
  • It’s in the production of the tv series Lat red house
  • Francesca’s partner, Matteo Salvini, organized a party for her in Ostia in a beach for his twenty-ninth birthday together with relatives and friends: among them Al Bano (father of Jasmine Carrisi) and Pupo also participated in the karaoke!
  • Francesca sent a surprise video message to Matteo Salvini while he was a guest of Today is another day the program conducted by Serena Bortone on Rai 1
  • Some newspapers and gossip magazines have questioned an alleged crisis between Francesca and Matteo due to some “likes” of Senator Salvini to the photos of Selvaggia Roma on his Instagram profile
  • Francesca Verdini and Matteo Salvini in the summer of 2021 spent time by the sea in Ostia in the same establishment frequented by Giorgia Meloni

FAQ on Francesca Verdini

  • What was the first public appearance of Francesca Verdini and Matteo Salvini together? Francesca Verdini and Matteo Salvini were photographed for the first time together in a candlelit dinner in the PaStation restaurant (a stone’s throw from Montecitorio) owned by Francesca herself and her brother.
  • Who is Francesca Verdini’s father? Francesca’s father is Denis Verdini, an Italian politician, entrepreneur and banker of the Forza Italia party.
  • Which is Francesca Verdini’s restaurant? The restaurant is called PaStation and is located in the center of Rome and precisely in Piazza in Campo Marzio, 6, 00186 Roma RM


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