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Who is Francesco Monte: Bio, Age, Former Isabella De Candia, Instagram

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Who is Francesco Monte: Bio, Age, Former Isabella De Candia, Instagram

Francesco Mountain it’s a model, actor and singer born in 1990 in Taranto, known to the public for having participated in Men and Women 2016/2017, Isola dei Famosi 2018, Big Brother VIP 2018 and Such and what Show 2019. He was engaged to several showgirls including Cecilia Rodriguez and Giulia Salemi. He just ended the relationship with the model Isabella De Candia.

Who is Francesco Monte?

  • First name: Francesco Monte
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Date of birth: May 20, 1990
  • Birth place: Taranto
  • Profession: Model, actor, influencer
  • Height: 192 cm
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Tattoos: Francesco has his arm completely covered with tattoos between images like a heart and an open mouth that screams and phrases. On his hand he has tattooed the number 23 surrounded by a spider web. On her hip she has a tattoo made for her mom which says her name, “Emma”.
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Francesco Montand is originally from Taranto, where he was born under the sign of Taurus. His youth was marked by the untimely death of the mom Emma, who died prematurely for a serious illness while the boy participated in Men and Women. He confessed to having overcome this pain thanks to Maria De Filippi. He has a brother named Stefano to whom he is very attached and since he was a child he has always been a lover of sport and in particular of canoeing. He called his father a real rock: the safe haven where he and his brother have always been able to take refuge.


Francesco Mountain he has a degree in Economics. To keep his studies, however, he had to carry out various jobs including the Barman and the Model. Thanks to her beauty she manages to break into the world of entertainment, first passing by Men and Women and then arriving in many other television programs. He participated in an episode of Forum, in a video clip of Nancy Coppola and then began his acting career by participating in the Fiction Furore 2 where he acted in the company of Delia Duran (current partner of Alex Belli) and Laura Torrisi. He also participated in the Isola dei Famosi 2018, at the Grane Fratello Vip 2018 and at Tale and Which Show in 2019 where the winner was interpreting characters of the caliber of Tommaso Paradiso, Nek, Gianluca Grignani Michael Bublè, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. Francesco also showed truly unexpected singing skills that led him in 2020 to try to enter Sanremo Giovani. However Francesco Monte was rejected, but the boy with philosophy still spoke of a good experience. To console himself Francesco Monte participates in the 2020 edition of Tale and Which Show in the final phase of the “Tournament of Champions”.

Francesco Monte is looking to pursue his singing career: after returning to the shortlist of the 60 finalists of Sanremo Young he failed to make it into the shortlist but he still understood that this is his path and is working as an independent to build his dream.


Francesco Monte said that when he sings he feels the barriers come down. Francesco has found his way over time, after such and such a show even though he did not immediately have the courage to get involved with singing. Since the lockdown he has focused on music by producing his first piece entitled “Siamo Already Domani”. Subsequently after returning to the shortlist of 60 finalists for Sanremo Young he failed to make it into the shortlist but he still understood that this is his path and is working as an independent to build his dream. The song “Andiamo Avanti” is still climbing the charts of streaming reproductions. Francesco stated that he has resumed playing the piano (which he already played as a child) and is learning to play the bass. Francesco is working on the creation of a real EP.

Francesco Monte Instagram

Francesco Monte almost counts 2 million followers on Instagram. He himself confessed that over time he has become more reserved and detached from gossip. On Instagram, he shares photos mainly from work and a few from private life.

Francesco Monte Instagram

Isabella De Candia

Francesco Monte and Isabella de Candia they get engaged shortly after the end of Francesco’s relationship with Giulia, indicatively during the summer of 2019. Discovered by the newspaper “Chi” directed by Alfonso Signorini, the couple was surprised embraced in Formentera. Both boys are from Puglia and met through mutual friends two and a half months after breaking up with Giulia. Francesco confessed which was a completely unexpected thing that arose very spontaneously. The couple spent the lockdown together in the city of Taranto with the boy’s family.

In September 2021 the weekly Who launched the indiscretion according to which Francesco Monte and Isabella De Candia would have left during the summer of 2021, but the news is denied after a few days by those directly involved.

Such and Which Show

Francesco participates and wins the Tale and Which Show 2019 program, conducted by Carlo Conti. During this experience the public discovers the real singing skills of Francesco who becomes passionate about singing more and more so as to attempt the selection for Sanremo Giovani 2021 where, however, he is discarded.

He returns as a competitor in the tournament of the champions of Tale and Which Show 2020. In the first episode of the program he tries himself by imitating Harry Styles, but his performance only earns him the penultimate place of the provisional ranking. In the second episode Francesco imitates Raf instead. Unfortunately, even this performance does not bring him to the top of the standings, finishing in penultimate place ahead of Pago. In the third episode he imitates Tiziano Ferro with a performance that convinces the jury and makes him recover some points, placing himself in fifth place in the provisional ranking. In the qfourth episode and final of Tale and Which Show 2020 Francesco plays the Last.

Men and women

Francesco participates for the first time to Men and Women in 2011, where he courts the beautiful Teresanna Pugliese. The girl, however, does not choose him despite having brought him to the end, preferring Antonio Passarelli. At this point the production chooses to entrust the throne to Francesco to make him overcome the disappointment: after a period of acquaintance with various suitors (including Valentina Vignali) something unexpected happens in the studio: Teresanna Pugliese returns to the studio to woo him after having closed his brief relationship with the choice Antonio. Teresanna is repentant, she does everything to win back Francesco and he chooses her, thus starting a relationship outside the cameras lasted eight months.

Francesco Monte and Cecilia Rodriguez

Francesco Monte leaves Teresanna because he meets and falls in love with Cecilia Rodriguez, Belén Rodriguez’s sister. They met in a club in the Milanese nightlife when she had recently moved to Italy: if at first the story was kept hidden, the sector newspapers soon began to publish photos of the couple. The relationship lasted four years and Francesco in an interview defined it as the most important story he had so far in his life since they also thought about marriage. The story ends live on TV: Cecilia is in fact a competitor of the Big Brother VIP 2017 and in the house she meets Ignazio Moser and falls in love with him. He will confess after that the story with Francesco Monte had however come to an end.

During L’Isola dei Famosi 2021, in which Ignazio Moser was a competitor, Cecilia brings up the relationship with Francesco Monte. When they pointed this out to him, Francesco replied “Was I brought up on the Island of the Famous? If after so many years, I am still pulled in the middle by so many people asked themselves a question“.

Francesco Monte and Paola Di Benedetto

Francesco Monte while participating in the Isola dei Famosi 2018 aired from 22 January to 16 April 2018 was romantically linked to Paola di Benedetto, current girlfriend of Federico Rossi di Benji e Fede and former Mother Nature. However, their relationship lasted only a few months.

Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi

Francesco Mountain after the experience on the island of the famous enter the house of the Big Brother Vip 2018 aired from 24 to 10 December 2018. Here he knows Giulia Salemi and despite a beginning of acquaintance made up of teases, quarrels and some misunderstandings, the couple gets engaged and stays together for almost a year: they leave in fact on June 5, 2019, disappointing all the “Fralemi” who were passionate about the events of Francesco and Giulia.

Just at the Big Brother VIP 2020, Giulia Salemi had a strong discussion with Tommaso Zorzi referring to the time of frequentation with Francesco Monte. In fact, Zorzi had accused Salemi of having disappeared when she frequented Monte because the two could not stand each other. After the reality show, however, it seems that Francesco and Tommaso have clarified.

Controversy with Ana Mena on Sanremo 2022

After the announcement by Amadeus on Ana Mena’s participation in Sanremo 2022, Francesco Monte gave his opinion on social media:

But what is it? Are you serious? But wasn’t it the Italian song festival and it assumes Italian singers? Lady Rai, with all the Italian artists who are there, who try, who are committed and struggling, I find it not very respectful and out of regulation! I remember that foreign artists could not be in the competition but only perform as guests. Has something changed to the detriment of us Italians?

Video by Francesco Monte


  • His image is edited by the agency of his brother Stefano Monte
  • Cecilia Zagarrigo is one of the girls who are part of the Monte agency
  • Lover of the USA, she studied acting in the States and has dreamed of moving to live overseas several times
  • He stated that after the lockdown from Covid-19 he just wants to go to the beach with his girlfriend for a quiet beer

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