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Who is Gemma Galgani Men and Women? Biography, Age, Young and Boyfriends

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Who is Gemma Galgani Men and Women?  Biography, Age, Young and Boyfriends

Gemma Galgani is the main lady of Men and Women Over by Maria De Filippi, was born in Turin in 1950 and was director of the Alfieri theater in Turin. Famous to men and women the quarrels with the “enemy” of all time Tina Cipollari and her past relationship with Giorgio Manetti.

Gem attended in 2020 Nicola Vivarelli, a naval officer 44 years her junior, e Maurizio Guerci finally experiencing moments of passion and love. In 2021 it is in antithesis with the new lady of Men and Women Isabella Ricci, with whom he often finds himself in discussions and goes out with Costabile. The dating ends and Gemma goes back in search of a man: after the positive alCovid-19 and goes out with Leonardo Sketches of Archangel.

Who is Gemma Galgani?

  • First name: Gemma Galgani
  • Age: 71 years old
  • Date of birth: January 19, 1950
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Birth place: Turin
  • Profession: TV personality and former Director of the Alfieri Theater in Turin
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Tattoos: no tattoo
  • Official Instagram Profile: @ gemma.galgani
  • Follow us on our Official instagram profile: @


Gemma Galgani was born in Turin, the city where he still lives, under the sign of Capricorn. As a child grows up with her younger sister Silvana Galgani and dreams of becoming a ballet dancer; while not realizing his intent, he manages to enter the world of entertainment by becoming director of several theaters in the Turin area.

She currently lives alone, is in search of great love, and has always remained linked to her little dog who has disappeared for some time named Piripicchio, often quoted in his stories.

There has been talk of Gemma’s past relationship with Walter Chiari: the news was never confirmed by Gemma herself, who only said that she knew him well for work and that she was the only person able to get him to arrive on time, despite his reputation as a perennial latecomer.

In particular, she would be able to get it to arrive on time at 40 consecutive theatrical performances! Gemma was also married at a very young age.

Gemma As A Young Man

Gemma da Giovane, as you can see in this photo, confirms that she is a beautiful woman: her hair is always blonde and her same class that looks seven years old today. Here are some photos

gemma galgani as a young man

Work and Career

Gemma Galgani he has always worked in the entertainment world even if before joining Men and Women it can be said that he was “behind the scenes”.

After graduation at the Turin Art Institute in fact, Gemma began working for the theater until she became the director of the Alfieri Theater in Turin for 12 years from 1969 to 1981.

Subsequently to this position she also covers that of director of the Colosseum Theater (a stone’s throw from the Parco del Valentino), becoming one of the leading figures in Turin’s theatrical life. He works and knows characters like Gigi Proietti And Walter Chiari.

The real notoriety for Gemma comes only with her landing in Men and Women: the popularity overwhelms her so much that she has become one of the leading faces of the program. She also participates in the afternoon lounges of Barbara D’Urso and in Temptation Island as the “adviser” of Ida Platano (her great friend) and Riccardo Guarnieri.

In autumn 2019 Gemma Galgani was to lead with Giulia De Lellis the Giortì program also produced by Maria De Filippi. However, the broadcast of the same was postponed due to Covid to the following season.


Gemma got married at a young age, but the marriage lasted only six months. In fact, at the age of 23 he got married, after a stroke of lightning, with a 19 year old boy.

The union ended due to the boy’s excessive jealousy who made life at home unlivable. She hasn’t had any other marriages after this one and is still looking for true love.

He also had one long relationship with an architect from Fiuggi, who also knows Aurora Tropea’s mother. Therefore despite many years of stay in Fiuggi where Gemma had also opened a wine shop she returned to Turin when the relationship ended because of him who got engaged to a local teacher.

Gemma Plastic Surgeon

The plastic surgeon who took care of Gemma’s facelift and the Doctor Marco Gasparotti: the doctor works in North Rome in Via Cesare Ferrero di Cambiano at the Ars Medica. Gemma should have also turned to him to redo the Decolleté in summer 2021.

gemma galgani photo as a young man

Gemma Galgani at twenty

Men and Women 2021-2022

Gemma Galgani also returns as a protagonist in the season of Men and Women 2021 2022. The lady returns to the parterre with a novelty: she has in fact remade her breasts during the summer and her décolleté has definitely changed. Gemma initially doesn’t have many suitors on her side and the first few episodes are rather subdued, animated only by the huge controversies with the inevitable Tina Cipollari. At the end of September a new knight is interested in both Gemma and Isabella (Gemma’s nemesis): he is a former player of Rugby named Massimo. The first concrete attendance of the season happens for Gemma in late October: the lady in fact goes out with Costabile, a rider of this new season with whom she exchanged a passionate kiss. After less than a month Gemma and Costabile, despite long kisses and nice words, interrupt their dating at the behest of Costabile. Gemma, caught by the umpteenth disappointment, argues with the man for the following episodes. TO end of November a new knight for Gemma he enters the program: he is Francesco, a long-bearded knight who worked for Emergency for many years. The attendance lasts very little and Gemma begins to connect from home because she suffers from a slight form of Covid. While he is at home he begins to feel with a knight named Leonardo, that as soon as she heals she meets in person confirming the mutual interest.

Men and Women 2020-2021

Gemma Galgani was the protagonist of Men and Women 2020-2021. The start of the new season of the program sees Gem close the relationship with Nicola Vivarelli aka Sirius. Gemma in fact states that the boy is not interested in her, and that even from some messages Gemma believes that he was not genuine.

He then comes out with Paolo Gozzi. The two, however, after having exchanged a kiss, had some differences and their attendance ended at the behest of Paolo.

Gemma then went out with Biagio di Maro: the knight had come down to meet her but he also goes out with Aurora and Maria.

At the same time Gemma notices another man in the Parterre: it is the “young man” Maurizio Guerci (52 years old). The man also goes out with Valentina D at least until he exchanges a kiss with Gemma and Valentina decides to close.

After the suspension of registrations due to the Christmas holidays, on returning in January 2021 Maurizio communicates that he wishes break the relationship with Gemma. The two have heard little and have seen even less although Gemma would have liked spend the new year together and see each other.

Maurizio announces that he wants to end the relationship with the lady because he is in the throes of a moment of personal crisis. Criticism rains in the studio about an alleged falsehood of the knight who would only make fun of Gemma all this time, making the woman fall in love.

After the end of the story with Maurizio Gemma is courted by Gianluca P and from Maurizio P.

The latter came to the studio with a very intense poem dedicated to Gemma. However, the communication between the two stops at the first phone calls. The dating with both ends quickly and without going out.

Gemma at this point (February 2021) knows yet another Maurizio, Maurizio G. who goes out at the same time with Maria Tona.

gemma galgani instagram

Gemma Galgani in a photo as a young man

Later Gemma goes out with Aldo to Men and Women from April 2021. The acquaintance between Gemma Galgani and Aldo Farella begins in a friendly way, exits, laughter and phone calls.

However, after a few episodes, Aldo confirms that he has a different kind of interest in the lady, an interest triggered when she sang the song to him in French. je t’aime mon plus.

However, this frequentation also ends due to Aldo’s rethinking. In end of season Gemma, questioned by Tina, does not rule out dating a woman in the future as well Gemma Galgani does not like to put limits on love.

Men and Women 2019-2020

In the 2019 2020 season of men and women, Gemma and Tina have been the protagonists of several gags hilarious in support of their more or less serious quarrels. As for Gemma’s sentimental department, we can mention the relationship first with Jean-Pierre and then with Juan Luis Ciano. Juan seemed to be the right man for Gemma but the drop that broke the camel’s back was the refusal to go beyond the kiss with Gemma, claiming that there was no chemistry.

After this umpteenth disappointment given the Covid-19 emergency and related containment measures, Gemma is the protagonist with Giovanna Abate of a different knowledge, made up of correspondence and video calls with potential suitors. Here he meets and frequents Nicola Vivarelli it’s a another suitor with an age certainly closer to his, in name Romualdo Heart of a Poet. However the acquaintance with Romualdo does not last long and the 2019 2020 season ends with Gemma and Nicola who continue to know each other outside the cameras.


Gemma Galgani has over half a million followers on Instagram.

gemma galgani instagram photos

Gemma Galgani to Men and Women: Previous Seasons

In his experience during the TV show men and women, Gemma Galgani made herself known for being a strong and sensitive woman.

Her constant search for love has often led her to trust the wrong people and to collect relationships that are not always positive.

The first relationship within the program was with Ennio, a knight of his age with whom she was supposed to marry but the relationship ended earlier.

Her most important relationship within the dating show studio was that with Giorgio Manetti. The man has always distinguished himself for being a free spirit and for having entertained a long relationship with gemstone made of ups and downs.

The two met in January 2015 but between disputes, misunderstandings and disappointments, they will never be able to get out of the program together. Gemma has been burned for a long time by how things went with Giorgio, and she has not been able to bond with any other man for some time. Later we remember the relationship with Marco Firpo but also in this case the story does not last long.

Later he binds to the actor Rocco Fredella with which a knowledge made of misunderstandings begins. The story does not last long and Rocco leaves the program.

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