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Who is Georgette Polizzi: Biography, Age, Illness, Pregnant by Davide Tresse

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Who is Georgette Polizzi: Biography, Age, Illness, Pregnant by Davide Tresse

Georgette Polizzi is a 39-year-old stylist and influencer from Vicenza suffering from sclerosis. He participated in Temptation Island with his partner Davide Tresse. It has its own brand “Georgettepol” and is often a guest on many television broadcasts.

Who is Georgette Polizzi?

  • First name: Georgette Polizzi
  • Date of birth: May 21, 1982
  • Age: 39 years
  • Height: 1.70 cm
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Birth place: Vicenza
  • Profession: Fashion Stylist and influencer
  • Tattoos: Georgette has butterflies tattooed on her right arm combined with writings and some symbols.


Georgette Polizzi was born in Vicenza on May 21, 1982. He participated in Temptation Island and during the episodes he said he had not had the opportunity to spend his childhood with his biological parents. The mother indeed he dies very soon, depriving the girl of a stable reference in her life and forcing her to grow up very quickly anyway. Georgette also always believed that her father had disappeared prematurely, while only many years later did she discover that he was still alive. Georgette however never had no contact with his biological father. Her mother has always been violent with her and beat her, so much so that it is a large chapter of her book “Bruises have no color”.


Georgette Polizzi has over 600 thousand followers on Instagram where she shares shots of her private and professional life. On Instagram she confirmed that she was pregnant and told her fans the path that led her to pregnancy despite the disease.

georgette polizzi instagram

Work and career

Georgette Polizzi is a stylist and influencer. He owns a fashion brand “Georgettepol”. Her career in this area began in 2011 when she became co-founder of some brands and began designing particularly original t-shirts. In 2016 the turning point for his career arrives, in fact he decides with his partner Davide Tresse, to participate in Temptation Island, the reality show hosted by Filippo Bisciglia. Georgette and Davide participate in the program with Fabio Ferrara and Ludovica Valli, while among the tempters there are: Luca Onestini, Claudio D’Angelo and Andrea Franchini.

It will be only after this experience that Georgette he founds his own brand, also opening a personal website on which he talks about his personal life. Currently his instagram account counts more 590 thousand followers, thus defining her as a real influencer. Georgette starred in “Live – it is not the d’Urso“Following the” Pamela Prati & Mark Caltagirone “case. Due to her illness she was also the protagonist of an episode of Second Life on RealTime.

From 1 September 2021 Georgette Polizzi and her husband Davide Tresse participate in the Real Time program conducted by Katia Follesa entitled “D’amore e concord VIP” where couples are put to the test with questions that measure their love affinity.

Georgette Polizzi illness

In 2018 Georgette Polizzi announces with an Instagram post by suffer from multiple sclerosis, a degenerative disease that forced her to numerous hospitalizations. The disease did not weaken the relationship with David at all, on the contrary it would have strengthened it. After the marriage with David, Georgette told of the illness to the RealTime program: “Second Life”, describing how her life has changed and that due to the illness.


Georgette Polizzi she is pregnant and confirmed the pregnancy rumors with an Instagram post where she told her followers that “The first attempt was catastrophic”. In fact, Georgette and her husband David had tried to have a baby but that I had not succeeded and this had tested them both economically and mentally, going so far as to undermine the relationship between the two.
After this experience Georgette and Davide decide to try again and finally on 8 August 2021 they have the news that Georgette is pregnant and they do the first ultrasound. On instagram Georgette leaves a long message to her fans telling what happened.

georgette polizzi pregnant


Georgette Polizzi on 9 June 2020 he publishes a book entitled: “Bruises have no color” where he talks about his life (the book is autobiographical) especially from violent childhood to illness passing through his relationship with Momo (Davide Tresse). In fact, Georgette had a mother who beat her, which she herself defines as “a beast”. The idea for the book was born after his participation in the “Second Life” program of Gabriele Parpiglia in which he retraced the salient moments, the falls and the strength to get up that often marked his life.

Georgette Polizzi and Davide Tresse

Georgette Polizzi and Davide Tresse got married on 29 October 2019. Yet their love story is put to the test when the two decide to present themselves as a couple in the reality show Temptation Island. Just during the program Georgette approaches the tempter Claudio D’Angelo, who will later be tronista for Men and Women. In fact, throughout the program Georgette will stress the couple’s problems several times, yet the two will still decide to stay together at the end of the reality show. At the end of 2018 the two officially get engaged, leaving behind all the uncertainties that emerged during the program. Furthermore, before the official wedding, the two had celebrated a nice symbolic rite accompanied by this text:

“He kisses me….
I kiss him….
Carletto kisses me !!! 😂😂😂
Today is a great day we have been in commune and for publications.
On September 15th we will celebrate our wedding with a symbolic rite with friends and people who love us !! The date is a date chosen by heart and mind, but we will share the signatures in common on October 29, momo’s birthday! “

Georgette Polizzi and Eliana Michelazzo

Georgette Polizzi is one of the many characters that revolve around Pamela Prati’s manager: Eliana Michelazzo. Even Georgette, to the microphones of Barbara D’Urso’s living room, “Live – is not the d’Urso”, She says she suffered too a scam by the manager and by Pamela Perricciolo (also known as Donna Pamela). Georgette says she became aware of the deceptions related to the name of Mark Caltagirone, the alleged boyfriend of Prati, only after months and months of lies and scams. In addition, Georgette has also been talked about for a lyricism with Selvaggia Roma due to alleged threats she would have suffered from the model and influencer.

Video by Georgette Polizzi


  • The garments of his brand are characterized by cigarette burns, stains and colors.
  • Every year Georgette creates a shirt in honor of mothers and to remember her, on the occasion of Mother’s Day.
  • He loves animals and has a chihuahua named Carlo
  • His dog Carlo has an Instagram account: Carlo_Theboss

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