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Who is Gianluca Vacchi? Biography, Age, Kebab, Girlfriend Sharon, Blue Daughter Jerusalema

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Who is Gianluca Vacchi?  Biography, Age, Kebab, Girlfriend Sharon, Blue Daughter Jerusalema

Gianluca Vacchi is a famous 53-year-old Italian entrepreneur and influencer, famous for his wealth, his life and his excesses, strictly shared on Instagram. Vacchi, in addition to being a businessman, also works as a deejay, musician and actor. Born in Bologna, he is engaged to Sharon Fonseca and the two became parents of their first daughter named Blu Jerusalema Vacchi in October 2020.

Who is Gianluca Vacchi?

First name Gianluca Vacchi
Date of birth 5th August 1967
Zodiac sign Lion
Age 53 years old
Birth place Bologna
Heritage 460 Million Dollars
Salary Gianluca Vacchi earns over $ 1 million a month
Mate Sharon Fonseca
Daughter Blue Jerusalema
Wikipedia Gianluca Vacchi is an entrepreneur and influencer born in 1967 in Bologna. The son of wealthy entrepreneurs, he has a partner and a daughter.


Gianluca Vacchi was born in Bologna in 1967 under the sign of Leo. Gianluca has a wealthy family, his father Marco Vacchi founded IMA SpA, company listed on the stock exchange with turnover of over 1.1 billion euros and which deals with the creation of plastic components. Gianluca graduated in Business Economics and began his work in the family business where his brother also works Alberto Vacchi who is CEO of the company. It is known for the ostentation of its wealth, representing the most famous dandy contemporary Italian: his motto is in fact “enjoy”, which has become his trademark and the title of one of his books, which has become a bestseller. Gianluca is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a highly appreciated one deejay and, in 2016, he released a song, “Love”, which became a real hit. His videos published on Instagram are among the most shared in Italy: famous are those in which he dances the songs of the moment in exotic locations. His immense popularity on the web has made him a real influencer, just like Kim Kardashian or Chiara Ferragni (See who are the most followed influencers).

Gianluca is very attached to his mother: stated that he is moved every time he talks about her, that in life she had to fight against two cancers and that the first of which cost her a leg amputated up to the hip. Despite this, his mother is an example of joy and strength and Gianluca has declared that he inherited tenacity from her.

Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca

Gianluca Vacchi he is engaged to the beautiful Venezuelan model Sharon Fonseca, aged 23. He stated that from the first moment he saw her he understood that he wanted her to be the mother of his son for her goodness of mind and the serenity that she transmitted to him from the first minute. Gianluca stated that to win Sharon he had to struggle: it was not easy to make Sharon fall! Sharon and Gianluca Vacchi on May 10 they announced they were expecting a baby girl. Gianluca posted on Instagram a video with his partner and wrote: The perfect mom for my son is Sharon and I am delighted to share that news with you we are expecting a baby. The baby will be born in the United States and will grow up in Miami in a mansion that the entrepreneur and his partner are buying.


Sharon Fonseca gave birth on October 27th Blue Jerusalema Vacchi: a particular name for a little girl who was widely expected by the couple’s parents and fans. After the birth Sharon and Gianluca spent some time away from social media without showing the baby. For the first time in an interview with a Spanish weekly Hola! have made it known that Blu Jerusalema has a malformation and therefore it will have to be operated. In fact, the little girl from the Vacchi family was born with a cleft palate, a malformation of the palate and will have to be operated on. Gianluca Vacchi said “We are fortunate to have a great medical team for our little girl and that in due course she will be able to proceed with the surgery and thus help her to live a completely normal life”.


All the social profiles of Gianluca Vacchi to follow him on Instagram, Tik Tok and Youtube.

Blue Jerusalema Vacchi

Work and career

Gianluca Vacchi does theentrepreneur at IMA SpA, founded by his father in the 1960s: it is one of the most important multinationals in the packaging sector, dealing with the packaging of drugs, cosmetics and food products, for a value of over 20 billion dollars. Vacchi sits on the Board of Directors of the Company, holding some 30% of the capital.

After having had an active role in IMA up to the age of 29, Vacchi decides to devote himself to other entrepreneurial activities. Buy shares of Eurotech, a company that deals with the development and production of miniaturized computers, acquires brands in fashion and also founds its own brand, the GV Life Style. He is also the sole director of First Investments Spa, a company that sells and buys other companies, with a turnover of 700,000 euros a year. Together with his now ex-partner Giorgia Gabriele, Gianluca Vacchi was the protagonist of the episodes of Emigratis of the comic duo Pio and Amedeo.

At the end of October 2021 Gianluca Vacchi announces his new business project: he creates the Kebhouze Brand linked to a chain of Kebab points of sale. The first opening phase will include 5 stores: three in Milan (in via Paolo Sarpi, Porta Genova and Corso Buenos Aires) and two in Rome (Euroma 2 shopping center and Via Ostiense).


Gianluca Vacchi was the protagonist despite himself of many disputes. In 2017, for example, it underwent an executive action by Banco Bpm due to the failure to repay a loan, which led to the foreclosure of luxury goods and shares for an amount of approximately 10 million euros. His name was also inscribed in the file of Vallettopoli, due to alleged blackmail suffered by Fabrizio Corona. Gianluca Vacchi was also investigated in 2001 for bankruptcy for distraction: the sale of one of his companies brought in about 50 billion lire although its value amounted to half.

Where does Gianluca Vacchi live?

Gianluca Vacchi owns several residences scattered all over the world: Sardinia, Miami and Switzerland. In particular the house in Bologna where Gianluca Vacchi lives most of the time it has 15 hectares of gardens in which there is a second residence for guests, three swimming pools, a spa, a cinema room and a nightclub. It is also called L’Eremita because it dominates all the hills surrounding the Bologna area.

TO You love me instead he owns a splendid penthouse in which Gianluca and Sharon spent the lockdown caused by Covid-19.

Private life

Before getting engaged to Sharon, Gianluca Vacchi had an affair, which lasted a few years, with Giorgia Gabriele, with whom he shot numerous videos posted on Instagram, now Andrea Grilli’s partner. Numerous flirtations that the gossip columns have attributed to him, including those with Patrizia Bonetti, Jennifer Lopez and Aida Yespica. One of her best friends is Cristina Buccino.


  • Gianluca Vacchi considers as his goddaughter Ginevra Mavilla, daughter of one of his best friends and a young influencer
  • Gianluca Vacchi is the most followed Italian on Tik Tok with 6.7ML of Followers
  • His estimated salary is $ 1.5 million a year
  • Former friend of Mirko Scarcella (the Instagram guru) has repeatedly sided against him
  • On social networks, other well-known influencers are the American Charli D’Amelio who has more than 41 million followers on Instagram and over 100 million on Tik Tok and the Italian Khaby Lame with 12 million on Instagram and more than 50 million on Tik Tok!
  • Gianluca Vacchi got vaccinated against covid in Serbia and documented everything on his Social profile!

Video by Gianluca Vacchi

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