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Who is Gianmarco Onestini: Biography, Age, Girlfriend and Career in Spain

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Who is Gianmarco Onestini: Biography, Age, Girlfriend and Career in Spain

Gianmarco Onestini he is a model and a television personality active mainly in Spain; born in 1996 in Bologna, he is initially known to the public for being the brother of Luca Onestini (men and women and Gf Vip) and subsequently for having participated himself in Big Brother 16. In 2019 he participated Grand Hermano and was the protagonist of a relationship with Adara Molinero, ex of Hugo Sierra now boyfriend and father of a girl with Ivana Icardi.

Who is Gianmarco Onestini?

  • First name: Gianmarco Onestini
  • Brother: Luca Onestini
  • Age: 24 years
  • Date of birth: October 24, 1996
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Birth place: Bologna
  • Profession: Student and model
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Tattoos: has no tattoos
  • Official Instagram profile: @ gianmarco.onestini
  • Follow us on our official instagram profile: @


Gianmarco Onestini he was born in Bologna from a very close family: his father is a lawyer, his mother a doctor and his elder brother Luca is a constant point of reference for him. He first attended the linguistic high school and then enrolled, in the footsteps of his father, at the Faculty of Law in Bologna. Gianmarco has always been a sporty boy, and since he was a teenager he has been playing tennis, football, new skiing and above all boxing, his great passion.

Gianmarco also has a very developed artistic side: he learns to play both the guitar and the ukulele. He is very attached to his grandmother who in 2020 turned 100 years old. Gianmarco has a very determined character, he takes things head-on and doesn’t let himself be frightened by situations. In the Big Brother house, however, he also stands out for his great composure and elegance.

In the fall of 2019 participated in the Spanish version of Big Brother, the Grand Hermano and later is the winner of the spin off ‘Il Tiempo del Descuento’ a reality show that extends some people’s stay at home to solve personal problems for another month. In the house of the Spanish GF he gets engaged to Adara Molinero, he moves to spain to live with her but discovers some cheating on him after a few weeks. Leave the girl but remains blocked in Spain due to the Lockdown caused by Covid-19.

Gianmarco Onestini Instagram

Giamarco has recently made his Instagram profile, which has more than 800 thousand followers, private.

Work and Career

Gianmarco Onestini is a law student, but he also works as an influencer and has participated in several television programs in Italy and Spain. In 2014 he obtained the river rescue license and worked as a lifeguard until he made his first television appearance at Big Brother VIP 2 to talk to his brother Luca, a competitor in that edition. In fact, Gianmarco enters the house to inform his brother that his girlfriend at the time, Soleil Sorgè , is dating another boy (or rather, an old acquaintance of theirs having been Trinist together). Already since this first appearance Gianmarco has not gone unnoticed by the female public and has gained popularity on social media.
Later at the beginning of 2019 he becomes himself competitor of Big Brother 16, where he ranks in third place reaching almost the second place reached the previous year by his brother Luca.

In autumn 2019 he becomes a competitor in the Grand Hermano but is eliminated in the middle of the course just after starting the relationship with the beautiful Adara Molinero. However, Gianmarco will take his revenge by winning the reality Spin Off of the Grand Hermano by popular acclaim The Tiempo del Descuento.

In 2021 he participates in Supervivientes, the Island of the Famous Spanish version together with another Italian competitor: Valeria Marini. If the latter comes out after a few weeks, Gianmarco reaches the end, finishing second and losing the victory of the program by a whisker.

Gianmarco Onestini and Adara Molinero

Gianmarco Onestini and Adara Molinero they are competing at the same time at the Grand Hermano 2019. Between the two boys there is attraction but she is engaged to the famous Spanish actor Hugo Sierra with whom she also gave birth to a baby a few months before entering the house. The situation seems to have stalled when Adara confesses to Gianmarco and their love blossoms in front of the cameras. After a passionate kiss live during an episode of the reality show, the two are together for a few months: Gianmarco moves to Spain for love but unfortunately discovers the betrayals that Adara was perpreting against him. The girl was not sincere, Gianmarco packs his bags and leaves home but he is still stuck in Spain due to the Lockdown. Not being able to return to Italy, Gianmarco talks daily with his fans on Instagram.

Upon returning to Italy, Gianmarco was the protagonist of an episode of Live Non è la D’Urso, hosted by Barbara D’Urso. Regarding the affair with Adriana he stated: “She said, even about that guy who came out later, that he was just a friend, but the speech was that as soon as I left… there it was. She is loved in Spain yes. Big Brother won before me, then I won it two months later. We broke up. I’m not a grudge person, but I can’t forget a person either. For me, respect in a couple is the most important thing and when that is lacking you can’t do otherwise “.

Gennaro Lillio

Gennaro Lillio from a distance he was the protagonist of an exchange with Gianmarco Onestini who returned to his love story with Francesca De Andrè. Gennaro and Francesca as we know after the relationship in the house she returned with her ex Giorgio Tambellini. Gianmarco and Francesca in the house had had something to say because the boy has never appreciated Francesca’s brusque ways and has always said it to her face. In the house Gennaro had always been concerned with defending his then girlfriend.

Big Brother and Grand Hermano

Gianmarco Onestini ranked third at Big Brother 16. To Grand Hermano was the eighth eliminated in the program, but he went on to win the next spin off called il tempo del descuento where the competitors basically stay another month in the house to solve some personal problems.

Gianmarco Onestini curiosity

  • Practice Box, MMA and surf
  • She has a lot of fun singing and dancing as can be seen from her Instagram videos
  • Make vvideo where he expresses his feelings, the one after the break with Adara is famous
  • He loved Spain long before taking part in the Grand Hermano
  • He took 27 on the tax law exam
  • It has almost reached 1 Million Followers on Instagram after attending the Grand Hermano
  • He won the time of the descuento with as much as 79% of the votes

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