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Who is Gigi D’Alessio: Biography, Age, Career, The voice Senior and Instagram

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Who is Gigi D'Alessio: Biography, Age, Career, The voice Senior and Instagram

Luigi “Gigi” D’Alessio it’s a songwriter, record producer And television personality. His relationship with the singer is famous Anna Tatangelo, 20 years younger than him. He performed in front of the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Gigi was one of the judges of the first edition of The Voice Senior 2020 and has been confirmed for the second edition. At the moment Gigi D’Alessio is expecting his fifth child from his new girlfriend: Denise Esposito.

Who is Gigi D’Alessio?

  • Name and surname: Luigi D’Alessio
  • Date of birth: February 24, 1967
  • Age: 53 years old
  • Birth place: Naples
  • Zodiac sign: Fish
  • Profession: singer-songwriter, record producer, TV presenter
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Tattoos: character of Tweety on the groin dedicated to the ex-partner Anna Tatangelo
  • Instagram profile: @gigidalessioreal
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Gigi D’Alessio was born as the youngest of three children. His father, often away on business in Wenezuela, gives him an accordion. This in some way marks Gigi, in fact, at 12, after having learned to play the instrument, he enrolled at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella in Naples. At twenty-one he graduated in piano and only two years later he conducted the Scarlatti Orchestra. Shortly thereafter he became the official pianist of the great character of the Neapolitan scene, Merio Merola.


The collaboration with Merola guarantees him contact with record producers and leads him to record his first album “Let me sing”. This is followed by “Sciviando towards the bottom” (1992) and “Where my heart takes me” (1994). He confirmed his success with the 1995 album “Step by step”. His songs like “Annaré” and “Fotomodelle un po ‘po’” become anthems sung in the stadiums. In fact, Gigi realizes his dream of playing in front of 20,000 people at the San Paolo Stadium in Naples where he presents other hits “Anna se sposa” and “Chiove” contained in the album “Fuori dalla mele” released in the same year, 1997. Thus comes the artist’s sixth album, “It was a pleasure”. The image of Gigi D’Alessio is transformed. He manages to show skills as a serious musician and songwriter.

In June 1998 the film “Annaré” was also released, directed by Ninì Grassia. The film is about a young Gigi returned from a tour in America, who is looking for his ex-girlfriend Anna. The film wipes out the revenue from “Titanic” released at the same time. It collects, in Naples alone, about 30 million lire. In 1999, Gigi records “Portami con te”, 11 new tracks that fix him in the Neapolitan and Italian artistic firmament. In the same year, he performed in front of American President Bill Clinton, during the NIAF Gala

The new millennium sees Gigi D’Alessio approach the Ariston stage for the first time with “Never tell him never” extracted from the ninth album “When my life will change”. It is an instant hit: gold record one day after its release. It also exceeds 400,000 copies sold. Gigi leaves for a tour in Switzerland and Germany, which ends in a spectacular concert of 220,000 spectators in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples. The year 2001 is a déjà vu. “Tu che ne sai”, the first single from the album “The journey of age”, presented at the 2001 Festival Festival immediately brings the album to the best-selling chart. Gigi D’Alessio is an unstoppable machine: he also involves Sophia Loren, whom he meets during the gala of the Baroque Award, in a duet of “Reginella”. The exhibition glues over five million people to television screens.

In 2003 Gigi’s music lands on the other “shore”, the American one. The tour involving Canada, Australia and the United States becomes a special for RAI1 entitled “One like you … around the world”. The year 2004 sees two important events: the first is certainly a new album, “Quanti amori” with internationally renowned musicians such as Tony Levin and Jeremy Lubbock (formerly with Madonna, Sting, Michael Jackson and Ray Charles); the second is the publication of an autobiography entitled “There is no life to throw away”. The first important awards arrive: Venice Music Awards and Barocco Award. The year 2006 also sees the release of “Made in Italy”, an album that consolidates the career as a songwriter and the collaboration with Mogol. Gigi leaves for a long tour during which he works on “This is me”, a much more mature, autobiographical and poetic sixteenth album. Gigi also takes care of the soundtrack of Vincenzo’s film Salemme “No problem”. On February 14, 2011 he is the great protagonist of a concert-show held at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. He is joined by world-famous artists with Liza Minnelli, Anastacia, Paul Anka, Sylvester Stallone, Christian De Sica, Enrico Brignano and Mario Biondi. Thus passed the 20 years of his career, which Gigi D’Alessio celebrates by recording “Chiaro” and participating in the 62nd Sanremo Festival with “Breathe” together with Loredana Bertè. Also arrives the first album in Spanish “Primera Fila” with which he lands in South America and the television partnership with his partner Anna Tatangelo with whom he leads “These are us”, their television variety. “Ora”, released in 2013, is a form of thanks for its fans and which has won the top of the World Billboard Music Chart, an incredible success, achieved only by Modugno 50 years earlier.

On February 24, 2017 “24/02/1967” is released, the album that marks the fiftieth anniversary of Gigi D’Alessio. From this disc is extracted the song “The first star” with which he participates for the fifth time at the Sanremo Festival. After a tour Gigi returns to TV as a judge-coach in the Rai2 talent show, “The Voice”. He collaborates with Guè Pequeno on “How much love you give” and records “Tomorrow you will see” which prepare the ground for the new project: “Noi due”, a project that on 7 November 2019 receives Lunezia Award. Since 2019 he has been conductor of the “20 years that we are Italian” with Vanessa Incontrada with whom he tells the beginnings of his success on a national scale.

The Voice Senior

In 2020 Gigi D’Alessio is coach of The Voice Senior the Rai home program conducted by Antonella Clerici which sees the over 60s with musical talent competing. Gigi is in the role of judge together with Clementino, Loredana Bertè, Jasmine Carrisi and her father Al Bano. Elena Ferretti is part of her team and reached the final broadcast on Sunday 20 December 2020 on Rai Uno!

Gigi was confirmed in the second edition of the talent show The Voice Senior broadcast on Rai due from 19 November 2021: instead of Al Bano And Jasmine Carrisi the new entry is Orietta Berti, while the other coaches of the first edition are confirmed.

Social activism

Gigi often participates in charity events. In 2020, the proceeds of the single “Dear Child Jesus” are donated to the English association of promoter of long-distance adoptions “Action Aid”. He is also the testimonial of the campaign against the beautiful promoted by the Municipality of Rome and which culminates with the great concert on 21 September at the Olympic Stadium. Five years later, together with Uliveto and Rocchetta, try to draw attention to the problem of the Land of Fires, organizing a benefit concert at the Royal Palace of Caserta in which 400 thousand people participate.

Private life

Gigi D’Alessio he was married to Carmela Barbato from 1986 to 2006 with whom he has three children including Luca D’Alessio aka LDA, current competitor of Amici 21. His son Claudio already has two daughters: Noemi and Sofia, making Gigi a grandfather twice. Since 2006, his relationship with singer Anna Tatangelo has been made known, whom he had known since the beginning of her career. The relationship ended in 2020, with a rapprochement in 2018. The two have a son, Andrea, born on March 31, 2010. It is rumored that Gigi is dating someone, perhaps a fan of his who is not part of the show business, but the Neapolitan singer has not revealed anything about it.

Girlfriend Denise Esposito

In 2020 Gigi meets, during a concert in Capri, the young Denise Esposito, 26 years younger than him. The two initially do not formalize their relationship, but until the Christmas holidays, when Gigi brings Denise home. In August 2021 in the newspaper Who, by Alfonso Signorini, the couple is paparazzi, also revealing Denise’s pregnancy. The couple, in fact, are expecting their first child who will be born in the autumn. Once everything has been made official, Gigi has confirmed that he and Denise will go to live in Naples, in the Posillipo area, to begin their new life together.


Currently Gigi D’Alessio is followed on Instagram by 547 thousand followers. So his fans can see him together with the singers and rappers of the music scene: J-Ax, Franco Ricciardi, Goelier, Clementino, Enzo Dong, Lele Blade and many others. Gigi also proudly displays the first communion of her son Andrea. We see him in his home, as he autographs CDs in bed and improvises on the home piano. There is certainly no lack of promotional images of the new program with Vanessa Incontrada, “20 years that we are Italian”.


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