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Who is Giovanna Abate: Biography, Age, Work and Akash Kumar

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Who is Giovanna Abate: Biography, Age, Work and Akash Kumar

Giovanna Abate is a 25-year-old girl, known to the public for being the tronista of Men and Women 2019-2020. Before ascending the throne she courted the tronist Giulio Raselli, but in the end she was not chosen and became Tronist of the program starting from the end of January 2020. In June he chooses Sammy Hassan but their relationship ends in a few months. From some rumors, later confirmed by Giovanna herself, it seems that the former tronista attended Akash Kumar before the model entered the Island of the Famous 2021.

Who is Giovanna Abate?

  • First name: Giovanna Abate
  • Age: 26 years
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Date of birth: February 16, 1995
  • Zodiac sign: Fish tank
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: about 55 kg
  • Profession: works in a clothing store
  • Tattoos: Giovanna has an inscription on her left wrist and one on the inside of her left arm.
  • Official Instagram profile: @abate_gio
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Giovanna Abate began her television career by being the suitor of Giulio Raselli. Giovanna was born in Rome in 1995, city where he currently lives. During his external sessions with the tronista Giovanna told of having suffered a lot for the separation of her parents, and of admiring her mother who, to guarantee a future for her daughter, had to overcome many economic obstacles.

Giovanna Abate Instagram profile

Giovanna Abate has over 500,000 followers on her Instagram profile.

giovanna abate instagram

Work and Career

Giovanna Abate she is currently a tronista of Men and women, after a past as a suitor of the tronista Giulio Raselli. However, his job is another: he runs, together with his mother, a clothing store in Rome. Giovanna has an administrative role and said she felt lucky to have a job that she really likes and to be able to propose particular items of clothing.

Akash Kumar

Giovanna Abate spent the new year with Akash Kumar and it is rumored that between the two there is some tender as an indiscretion launched by Journalism, directed by Gabriele Parpiglia. Akash therefore after having had a seven year long relationship seems to have a strong interest for Giovanna although there is nothing official between the two. Giovanna was interviewed by Chi House after Akash’s elimination from reality TV The Island of the Famous, and on live he discovered that the model did not mention his name when it came to new acquaintances and that he would rather have indicated another girl to build something together. The mystery then deepens.


Giovanna Abate in Men and Women 2019-2020 attracted, in the role of suitor, the attention of Alessandro Zarino, but she then declared herself for Giulio Raselli. However, some behaviors have not convinced nor the tronista is the columnist Tina Cipollari. Giovanna would then enter into competition with a suitor who arrived later, Giulia d’Urso.

Giovanna arrives at the final choice but is not chosen by Giulio Raselli, who chooses Giulia. To recover from the disappointment, Maria De Filippi offers her the throne, which she accepts.


Giovanna Abate’s path as a tronista was interrupted by Covid-19 and subsequent settlement measures. Not being able to continue to carry on the throne in the traditional way, she is participating together with Gemma Galgani of the Over throne in a different way of getting to know the boys: with the two suitors already in place (Alessandro Graziani and Sammy Hassan) there are video calls, while new ones are only known through chat words and letters. From 4 May the episodes are back to being in the classic formula of the studio, and Giovanna must meet her suitor live “Alchemist” whose identity he still does not know except that he is 26 and works in Milan, Florence and Formentera. Some rumors want it to be the same Sammy Hassan with whom the woman interrupted the acquaintance during the period of the video calls. Other suppositions had instead attributed the identity of the alchemist first to Manuel Galiano (former choice of Giulia Cavaglia) then to Alessio Campoli (former choice of Angela Nasti). Both, however, have proven wrong in their stories. It would appear that the mysterious alchemist is Davide Basolo, former acquaintance of the girl and Barman originally from La Spezia who now lives in Florence. The fact that the two already know each other would justify the identity hidden with a mask of David.

In the episode of May 13, 2020 of Men and Women the Alchemist revealed his identity partially only to Giovanna: the two spoke with a blindfold, and the boy, however, showed himself only to Giovanna, being with his back to the cameras. The identity of the alchemist still remains mysterious. In the episode of May 15, Giovanna discovers that three ladies of the female parterre have asked to meet her suitor Alessandro. After a clarification with Alessandro and leaving his studio, Giovanna decides to follow him to convince him to stay.

In the episode of May 22nd Giovanna has a clarification with the alchemist. After Giovanna reprized Alexander between the two suitors, both Sammy and the Alchemist felt sidelined. The clarification with the alchemist takes place face to face, he felt like the third wheel and was initially willing to leave. The words of Giovanna, who sees him in the face for the first time, convince him to stay.

In the episode of May 27th confirmation arrives: Davide Basolo shows up without a mask in the studio, between the two there is an evident complicity and the boy seems really interested in Giovanna.


Giovanna Abate in the episode recorded on June 3 chose Sammy Hassan. The choice airs on June 8: as many thought Giovanna is obviously involved by Sammy and on the other hand we have had the opportunity to see Giovanna attracted to people with a particular character. So Davide Basolo, the Alchemist, was not chosen and did not react particularly well: some tears and a very strong disappointment were printed on the face of the boy to whom Sammy Hassan was preferred.

Sammy’s joke

Sammy Hassan was Giovanna Abate’s choice. In the episode recorded on June 3, 2020 Giovanna chose Sammy, with whom she has always had a stormy but full of passion relationship. Sammy replied “I want a person who gives me stability, who understands me and who doesn’t want to get into a fight. With this I am not telling you that it is my fault or yours, I want a person who knows how to appreciate my strengths but also the billions of defects that I think I have. Believe it or not I have always expressed my doubts and perplexities that did not make me go quickly in your direction [….] we missed that joint. My answer is no because I always feel attacked and always judged ”.

At this point Giovanna begins to speak saying “Now you take all the insults and the responsibility to make me believe it until the end, to leave me confused”. Sammy replied “I told you a thousand times that mine would be a no “. At this point Sammy gets up and leaves.

A few minutes later it becomes clear that this was only one Sammy’s joke. He appears on the video during an external and tells him “when we are like this there is no one” and then the words “ours is magic so my answer is YES”. At this point Sammy comes back with a bouquet of red roses and saying “sorry”.

Giovanna and Sammy broke up

The relationship between Giovanna and Sammy ended later not even a month from the choice of the tronista and the “yes” of the suitor. Already shortly after the end of the broadcast the two had been apart precisely because of the contrasting characters and perhaps even gods feelings. Eventually Giovanna and Sammy decided to break up. Giovanna gave an interview on Men and Women Magazine in which he states “I hoped that things could turn out differently, but you can’t build a story alone“. As Giovanna herself stated, Sammy’s willingness to try to build a relationship outside of the transmission was lacking. However, she does not regret her choice which she says was born from the heart: “I’d do everything I’ve done again; I would choose again with my heart and all the organs that led me to that decision that day“.


  • Has a navel piercing
  • Recently visited Zanzibar, Amsterdam, Formentera, Costa Smeralda, Paris etc.
  • The shop he runs would be called Former Maison 77

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