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Who is Giulia Cavaglia? Biography, Age, Job, Boyfriend Federico and GF Vip

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Who is Giulia Cavaglia?  Biography, Age, Job, Boyfriend Federico and GF Vip

Giulia Cavaglià is an influencer, event planner and model, known to the public for being suitor and then tronista to Men and Women. It is rumored that she could be one of the next competitors of the GF VIP 6, where she would enter together with her suitor Giulio Raselli.

Who is Giulia Cavaglià?

  • First name: Giulia Cavaglia
  • Age: 26 years
  • Date of birth: April 4, 1995
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Birth place: Viterbo
  • Profession: Model and Event Organizer
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Tattoos: Giulia has several tattoos: an infinity symbol on her right arm, a date with Roman numerals on her wrist, a tattoo under her breast and on her back to finish with an anklet on her right foot.
  • Official Instagram Profile: @giuliettacavaglia
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Giulia Cavaglià is originally from Viterbo, where she was born under the sign of Aries. She graduated from the Rousseau scientific high school in her city and later moved with her family (her parents to whom she is very attached and an older sister) to Moncalieri in the province of Turin where she still lives today. She graduated in Marketing and Communication and began working as a social manager, PR and model taking her first steps in the world of entertainment and fashion. At the time of his arrival at Men and Women he was also working as the marketing department of a large company.

We know about her private life that she was engaged to a boy named Giuseppe Cussino for several years but the relationship between the two ended just before she landed as a suitor of Lorenzo Riccardi in the dating show of Canale 5.

Career and Work

Giulia Cavaglià she has done several jobs in her life, both inside and outside the world of fashion and entertainment. In particular, after having graduated with the 110 out of 110 in Visual Communication Design at the IED in Turin he starts working as a marketing manager for a large company. At the same time she carries on her modeling career by posing for some shootings and organizing events. He also performs the role of Social Media Manager as a freelance for some companies. In particular he organized the GustArte event and is defined as: “Interested in everything related to communication, and the organization of events, capable of using Adobe platforms and also a lover of photography. Thanks to my managerial approach I am able to pay attention to details; nothing will be left to chance. “

After the experience for Men and Women also acquires good success on Instagram where it currently has almost 600,000 followers, starting with work as a full-fledged influencer.

Giulia Cavaglià Instagram

Giulia has about 550,000 followers on Instagram: here she is in a shot with her boyfriend Federico who portrays them during a romantic summer vacation:

Giulia Cavaglia Instagram photo with her boyfriend Federico

Courtier and Tronist

Giulia Cavaglià goes down the stairs of Men and Women season 2018 2019 to woo both the tronists Lorenzo Riccardi and Luigi Mastroianni. Both are very interested in the girl who, however, is initially at the center of some reports that would still see her engaged to her ex Giuseppe. For this reason the two young people, burned by the disappointment they had with Sara Affi Fella, begin to get to know her with great caution. In the end, it is Lorenzo who attracts Giulia’s attention and takes her to the end of her throne together with the other suitor. Claudia Dionigi. When choosing the villa, Lorenzo chooses Claudia and Giulia is offered the throne of Men and Women.

Giulia becomes tronista starting from January 2019, after the conclusion of Lorenzo’s throne. I’m with her in the red chair Angela Nasti, Andrea Zelletta and Andrea Cerioli.

His main suitors are Flavio Barattutti (who eliminated himself after the continuous discussions with Giulia about the boy’s sincerity), Luca Daffrè (who went to court Angela Nasti), Giulio Raselli and Manuel Galiano. These last two boys are brought to the end by Giulia who in the end chooses Manuel. The relationship lasts very little outside the cameras: in fact they leave each other by launching mutual accusations of betrayal (he would have been unfaithful in the summer) and little interest (Giulia would have made, according to Manuel, a television choice only).

Big Brother VIP 6

There are rumors that Giulia Cavaglia is one of the next competitors to enter the Big Brother VIP, together with her former suitor Giulio Raselli. We will keep you updated about the information on a possible entry into the most spied-on house in Italy.


The boyfriend of Giulia Cavaglià it’s Federico Chimirri: the couple have been together for about a year, he’s the chef by day and the deejay by night. Federico is also the father of a child and appears in numerous shots on the Instagram profile of Giulia Cavaglia.

Giulia Cavaglia Former Girlfriend Francesco Sole

15 October 2019 Giulia Cavaglia through his social profiles he formalizes his love relationship with Francesco Sole: the boy is a writer, a very popular youtuber and influencer, also called a “poet of the web”. The two thus begin a story slavishly witnessed on their respective social profiles where they always show themselves to be very accomplices and in love. As Giulia stated in an interview: “Francesco has given me back my trust in love. I thought that Men like that existed only in fairy tales. But it wasn’t easy, he had to court me for several months “. The relationship was born as a friendship even if Francesco made her understand that he wanted more. One day on the set of his music video (Francesco wrote a song called, just as well, Giulia, and asks the girl to be the protagonist of his video clip with him) the two have to give each other a “fake” kiss: instead it becomes a real kiss and the story begins to all intents and purposes.

Francesco Sole and Giulia Cavaglia they break up to July 2020. In fact, on this date it seems that their relationship has ended: the couple stopped appearing together on Instagram and they also stopped following each other on social networks. No official statements were ever received regarding their breakup

Curiosities about Giulia Cavaglia

  • He loves the dog Chloe
  • Use semi-permanent nail polish that also goes on its own
  • He has a great capacity for storytelling: on Instagram stories he always involves his users

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