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Who is Giulia Stabile? Age, Sangiovanni Girlfriend, Instagram and Friends

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Who is Giulia Stabile?  Age, Sangiovanni Girlfriend, Instagram and Friends

Giulia Stabile it’s a young 19-year-old dancer originally from Rome, winner of Friends 20 and girlfriend of the singer Sangiovanni, known in the program. She is currently co-host of You are Que Vales And professional dancer in the school of Friends 21.

Who is Giulia Stabile?

  • First name: Giulia Stabile
  • Date of birth: June 10, 2002
  • Age: 19 years
  • Zodiac sign: Twins
  • Profession: Dancer
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: Giulia Stabile has the inscription “… 5,6,7,8” tattooed on her right forearm, clearly dedicated to counting the dance steps.
  • Official Instagram profile: @giugiulola
  • Official Tik Tok Profile: @ giulia.stabile18
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Giulia Stabile was born in the Eternal City in 2002, her full date of birth is not known as the young dancer has decided not to share it on social networks. However from the same it is possible to understand that Giulia she has Italian-Catalan origins as her mother is Spanish and her name is Susi Castaner. The father is called Carlo Stabile (on instagram you can find him with the name of Carlito Stabile) and both parents are very proud of their daughter’s success. Giulia Stabile from an early age has the passion for dance, the years pass but what he feels about this sport does not. Attended since 2006 in fact the Ballet Academy of Rome on the Aurelia. This year, in fact, the young dancer has decided to participate in the auditions of Friends, the very famous talent led by Maria De Filippi and with her talent she managed to bewitch the professors.

Giulia said she was bullied: the girl says that it was difficult to overcome these acts and let everything slip on her, and that she still receives many messages of this nature:

Some have apologized, but it’s easy to apologize now. I really don’t want to give it any importance.

Work and Career

Giulia Stabile despite her young age is one professional dancer. In 2014 he participated in the program “I leave you a song” conducted by Antonella Clerici. From the photos I post on Instagram it is possible to understand that he was part of the Nough Megacrew, the famous dance crew founded by Alessandro Steri And Filippo Ranaldi. It is a real Italian professional dance crew.

After the victory in Amici Giulia Stabile is around for work between interviews, hosted and photo shoots. Giulia and Sangiovanni have common work commitments and spend a lot of time together. Giulia is also the protagonist of Sangiovanni Malibù’s video where the two act out scenes of everyday life.

Giulia Stabile he also works alongside Belen Rodriguez, Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni a Tu Si que Vales 2021 as a host. Also back to Friends 21 as professional dancera, its role is to also emotionally guide the children towards their path within the school.

Giulia Stabile Amici 2021

Giulia Stabile after the victory at Amici 20, returns to Amici 21 as a professional dancer, assistant to the boys and presenter of the Oreo moment during the episodes. In fact, Giulia Stabile is able to help the students since she herself has recently experienced the many difficulties of school and is in the spotlight.
Durantand the school year a school pupil confesses his interest in Giulia: it is about Mattia Zenzola, Latino dancer. Giulia, however, confirmed that she was committed and in love with her Sangiovanni.

Giulia Stable Friends 2020

Giulia enters the talent school Friends of Maria De Filippi with Professor Veronica Peparini who takes her under her protective wing. During the episodes of the newspaper in the first months, Giulia is the protagonist of several curtains with Sebastian, the professional dancer: in fact, the girl does not hide a weakness for the boy.

Over the weeks Giulia gets very close to Sangiovanni: there seems to be a particular feeling between the two, even if the house mates advise Giulia not to be so “understated”: in fact, the girl tends to change her mood if he doesn’t talk to her. It seems he too can’t stay very far from her. The two kiss and for Giulia it was the first kiss ever. After the Christmas holidays, Sangiovanni ends the relationship with his girlfriend Margherita Mirelli and focuses only on the relationship with Giulia, unable to pretend nothing has happened.

Giulia thanks to her progress and her tenacity is one of the dancers who manages to land at Amici’s evening by doing part of the Pettinelli Peparini team together with Aka7even and Samuele.

  • In the first episode of Amici’s evening Giulia manages to stand out very much: wins the Tim award and the ranking of satisfaction, moreover his dances (one with Samuele, only one) were appreciated by the jurors Stash, Emanuele Filiberto, Stefano De Martino who spoke of even shivers. Sangiovanni often looks at her especially during the performance of her unpublished work, she reciprocates after each dance performance.
  • In the Second episode Giulia dances a two step with Samuele, managing to win the challenge against Tommaso thanks to the complicity that is created between the two dancers. Giulia wears the Sangiovanni jacket for an exhibition and the two boys do not fail to exchange glances and support! The Pettinelli Peparini team loses the challenge and the three students who make up the team go to the ballot for the provisional elimination: Giulia is saved as well as Samuele and Aka7even risks going out.
  • In the third episode Giulia performs in a solo on the music of Cesare Cremonini “The New Star of Broadway”: the exhibition that also sees the presence of a swing in the studio involves the public and the judges. He wins with this choreography against Raffaele who sings “Cookie”.
  • In the fourth episode accompanies Samuele in a very fun two-way step with a school / nerd theme. Then low a solo to determine the provisional elimination of his team on the notes of You are very beautiful.
  • In the fifth episode Giulia dances both a two-step to accompany Samuele and a beautiful solo in challenge against her boyfriend Sangiovanni. Interpreting a choreography that talks about her inner child paired with Olivia (daughter of Veronica Peparini) on the notes of The soul flies manages to bring home the point and win the challenge.
  • In the seventh episode Giulia starts the first heat by challenging Alessandro in a test of versatility. A dance made up of three different styles where Giulia excels and brings the point to her team. In the second heat he challenges Sangiovanni (who sings the new single Malibù) interpreting a choreography called “Carmen”. The point that is given to Sangiovanni does not win. Giulia in the third heat is in a challenge with Deddy and dances to the song Jerusalema winning the comparison.
  • In the’eighth episode (the semifinal) Giulia finds herself challenging Alessandro, and thanks to her performances she becomes the second official finalist of Amici 20 showing versatility, talent and above all a magnetism in dance (she also interpreted a Spanish choreography) that has conquered judges and audiences from home .
  • In the The final of Amici takes place in the ninth episode of the evening. Giulia is dancing many pieces demonstrating his skill and his versatility until the final confrontation with his boyfriend Sangiovanni. He wins the tim prize worth 30 thousand euros in gold tokens after having won the favor of the public during the evenings. After having danced (and sung) several pieces with the opinion of the journalists Sangiovanni and Giulia arrive at the final judgment for the final for the first and second place: Giulia wins the twentieth edition of Amici just to the detriment of Sangiovanni. The two celebrate the victory together.

Saint John

Before entering the school, Giulia had never even kissed a boy. During the friends program, he admitted that he has a weakness for Sangiovanni which makes him feel “bubbles in his stomach”. However, the boy is engaged and so at the moment theirs is just friendship. Over the course of the program though Sangiovanni lowers its defenses, approaches Giulia, leaves his historical girlfriend and begins a beautiful romantic relationship with Giulia. Sangio also said that he realized he fell in love with her once he saw her dance and realized that his emotions were different and deeper. Sangiovanni and Giulia they have a strong fanbase following them, called the “Sangiulia” and who takes care to follow their stories and check the looks between the two guys who were not missing even during the first episode of Amici’s evening. In particular Sangiovanni dedicated “Lady” to Giulia, pointing out and looking at her often. Before the final Giulia writes a long 4-page letter to Sangiovanni, the girl and the boy sent each other some little gifts by letter.

After the end of the program the relationship between Sangiovanni and Giulia is going well, even if, as stated by the dancer, they have to deal with distance.

I hope everything goes well because it makes me feel great.

Giulia and Sangiovanni they are often together for work now that the Friends program is over: in an interview her mother allegedly stated that Giulia is no longer with them very often and that they cannot even talk to us because of the girl’s commitments and of his relationship with Sangiovanni.

Giulia Stabile and Sangiovanni


Giulia Stabile, the dancer of Amici 20, has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. The girl saw her fans grow rapidly on social media after joining friends’ school.

Giulia Stabile Insta


  • Really appreciate i tattoos;
  • She has already performed with Andreas Muller, in fact, the young woman already knew him before entering Amici;
  • On Instagram I only post photos that show her dancing.
  • One of her closest friends is called Giorgia


One of the last dance performances of Giulia di Amici 20 before the evening. In this case it is an improvisation test

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