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Who is Ignazio Moser? Age, Girlfriend Cecilia, Father, Mother and Island of the Famous

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Who is Ignazio Moser?  Age, Girlfriend Cecilia, Father, Mother and Island of the Famous

Ignazio Moser is an ex cyclist Italian aged 28 originally from Trento. Ignazio Moser is known to the general public for having taken part as a competitor to the Big Brother VIP 2 in 2017, where he met his girlfriend Cecilia Rodríguez. He is currently shipwrecked of theIsland of the Famous 2021, the reality from Honduras led by Ilary Blasi.

Who is Ignazio Moser?

  • First name: Ignazio Moser
  • Age: 28 years
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Date of birth: July 14, 1992
  • Birth place: Trento
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: About 85 kg
  • Tattoos: at least 3, including a large shoulder tattoo
  • Official Instagram Profile: @ignaziomoser
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Ignazio Moser was born on July 14, 1992 in Trento. The father is the famous cyclist Francesco Moser, and with the mother of Ignazio Carla Merz they give birth to three children: Ignatius therefore has one sister and brother named Francesca and Carlo. Carlo in particular he works in the family winery, after graduating in economics.

Instead, from an early age, Ignatius dedicated himself body and soul to sport and began to practice professional cycling from an early age and after winning several prizes and awards, he participates as a commentator of the 2017 Giro d’Italia, in the broadcast The great race (Rai 2). Abandoned his competitive career in 2014, he joined the cast of Big Brother VIP 2, in 2017, and gets engaged to Cecilia Rodríguez, sister of Belén and Jeremias Rodriguez. After having led, together with his girlfriend Cecilia, Ex on the Beach Italy on MTV, it seems that Ignazio is ready to participate in the latest edition of The Island of the Famous.

Where does Ignatius live?

Ignazio Moser lives in Milan with Cecilia Rodriguez in a rented house waiting for the house they bought to be ready. In their house they have a pool table, a gym area and a huge terrace. At home Ignazio also keeps some of his bicycles. In the rented house they also have a Turkish bath much loved by the boy.


Ignazio Moser began his sporting career very early, following in the footsteps of his father who was a great cyclist who also won the Giro D’Italia. Already at the age of 18 years old, he won the Juniores pursuit title at the Italian cycling championships and subsequently collects many other prizes that lead him directly to conquer two national awards: the Little Agostoni Cup and the Polveri Arredamenti Grand Prix. Thanks to this success he joined the BMC Development team and also won races abroad such as third place in Lithuania. The first international victory comes to Japan during the Shimano Suzuza Road Race, a race sponsored by the famous Shimano. In 2014 he decided to put an end to his competitive career and to devote himself to the family winery, to the world of entertainment and fashion. He then enters the cast of Big Brother Vip 2, gets engaged to Cecilia e together they work as influencers. In 2021 he is a competitor of L’Isola dei Famosi and subsequently leads the Ex On The Beach program with his girlfriend Cecilia Rodriguez, with correspondent Matteo Diamante and competitors Federico Alpone and Giampaolo Calvaresi.

Island of the Famous 2021

Ignazio Moser enter the programLIsland of the Famous 2021 on April 29, 2021, his entry into the reality show was supposed to take place earlier but was delayed due to technical problems. Fresh from GF VIP 2, cdare they think of him commentators Tommaso Zorzi, Elettra Lamborghini and Iva Zanicchi?

During the reality show, Ignazio becomes the protagonist of funny scenes with Valentina Persia who admits how he represents everything she likes about a man, and is particularly attracted to his “thighs”. In addition, the jealousy of Cecilia against him and that she was very worried about Ignazio’s experience in the reality show. Ignazio in a few days after his entry is already a leader of his group: he gives a lot to do and manages to maintain a serene atmosphere among the castaways which make him an excellent companion in adventures for the competitors already present in the reality show. He wins a reward test by surpassing Roberto Ciufoli’s fire resistance record.

Ignazio is more and more leader of the reality show and must also decide who the food rations of the reward test that his team won, arousing not a few discontent especially from Miryea and Ciufoli. In the episode of May 14 Ignazio and Isolde as leaders of the two teams compete in the test of Super Leader of resistance underwater. In the end, the leader of the leaders is Isolde and therefore Ignatius is the first appointed. Relations between Ignazio and Isolde are tense, during the episode in fact both Ignazio and Andrea have repeatedly accused Isolde of sleeping often and not being as active as she says. Ignazio Moser, after the refusal of Andrea Cerioli, in the episode of May 24 he had his hair cut (which he had grown in 4 years) and his beard in order to have a plate of pasta a day for him and for all his shipwrecked companions. for 7 days. The sacrifice of the hair cut was confirmed by his girlfriend Cecilia and Ignazio was very suffering from a drastic change of look.

ignazio moser hair cut

Ignazio Moser Haircut

Later in the same episode he manages to win the televoting which sends him directly among the finalists of the program. Ignazio confessed to Awed that he was afraid of not being able to integrate into the group, and of having to be nominated soon. The fact of having entered at a later time, on the other hand, was not penalizing for Ignazio who immediately became popular with everyone. Ignazio becomes one of the finalists of the program and contends for the final victory with Awed, Beatrice Marchetti, Valentina Persia, Andrea Cerioli and Matteo Diamante. He manages to win the first televoting with Beatrice Marchetti, but loses the second flash televoting challenge with Valentina Persia: after receiving a visit from his fiancée Cecilia Rodriguez, Ignazio leaves the Palapa from 4th place.

Ignazio Moser at Big Brother Vip 2

Ignazio Moser participates in the Big Brother Vip 2, in 2017. He is much appreciated by the public and if he first approaches Aida Yespica, love for her soon breaks out Cecilia Rodríguez who will leave his ex Francesco Monte in order to start a relationship with Ignazio.

Here is the video of Cecilia Rodríguez leaving Francesco Monte at GF VIP 2


Ignazio Moser on instagram boasts 984,000 followers, with whom he shares his passions, his works and above all his love for his girlfriend Cecilia Rodríguez.

Ignazio Moser Insta

Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodríguez

Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodríguez have been engaged since 2017, since they actually participated in the Big Brother Vip 2. The two boys had a troubled start to the relationship because Cecilia was engaged for 4 years with Francesco Mountain. The boy was left on live TV, (returning the following year as a competitor and finding the love of Giulia Salemi). Although therefore the relationship between the two was not born without controversy, the couple has proven over time to be extremely close-knit, with important life projects that went on for three years. In the summer of 2020, however, Ignazio and Cecilia break up: he spends his holidays in Ibiza with his long-time friend Andrea Damante (also a veteran of the new breakup with Giulia De Lellis) while she spends time with the affection of family members.

Ignazio and Cecilia however, after this period of detachment, they get back together and currently live together in Milan.

Rodriguez - Moser


Ignazio has at least 3 tattoos:

  • a large one on the shoulder;
  • a cross on the right breastplate;
  • the Latin inscription Enecus (outflow) on the wrist.

Ignazio Moser Tatoo

Curiosities about Ignazio Moser

  • Ignazio Moser is very close to Andrea Damante, a former tronista of Men and women;
  • Ignazio recently declared on social media that he would like children;
  • in addition to road cycling, Ignazio also practiced track cycling.
  • Ignazio and Cecilia have a dog named Aspirina, which he affectionately calls Aspi

Ignazio Moser Video

In 2020, together with his girlfriend Cecilia, Ignazio led the MTV program: Ex on the Beach Italy.

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