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Who is Irama: Biography, Age, Girlfriend Stella, Sanremo and Instagram

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Who is Irama: Biography, Age, Girlfriend Stella, Sanremo and Instagram

Irama, at the registry office Filippo Maria Fanti, is an Italian singer-songwriter who has enjoyed great success thanks to the victory of the seventeenth edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi. After Sanremo Giovani in 2019 and “Black” and “Arrogant”. Irama participated among the big a Sanremo 2021 where he ranks fifth and also participates in Sanremo 2022.

Who is Irama?

  • Real Name: Filippo Maria Fanti
  • First name: Irama
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Age: 24 years
  • Date of birth: December 20, 1995
  • Birth place: Carrara
  • Profession: Singer
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Tattoos: a snake on the stomach and stomach, the inscription “Depp”On the neck, two snakes on the left hand and on the right arm with some decorations
  • Official Instagram Profile: @ irama.plume
  • Follow us on our Official Instagram profile: @


Irama was born in Carrara on December 20, 1995, but grew up in Monza and developed a passion for music from an early age. In fact, Irama grows by listening to artists such as Fabrizio De Andrè and Francesco Guccini. The young man is mainly dedicated to hip hop, skilfully mixing street beats with pop music: Irama is a novelty in the panorama of Italian songwriter. Participates, among the New Proposals, in the Sanremo Festival: here, however, Ermal Meta will be beaten.

In 2017 Iramastage name which is the anagram of his middle name Maria and which in Malay means “rhythm”- joins the seventeenth edition of Amici, after the victory of Andreas Muller the year before. Irama wins the talent and thus becomes a famous singer, thanks also to the success of his singles: “Nera” and “Arrogante”. Irama currently lives in the city of Milan which, as he himself stated, has welcomed and improved him, both as a man and as an artist.

Irama Instagram

Irama has about 1.5 million followers on his Instagram profile. Irama is an artist with an Instagram profile used exclusively for professional purposes, with very few personal or everyday photos.

Irama Instagram

Work and Career

Irama, born Filippo Maria Fanti, is an Italian singer-songwriter. He became passionate about music from a very young age and grew up listening to songwriters like Francesco Guccini and Fabrizio De Andrè. Then move on to music hip-hop, carrying a breath of fresh air in Italian music. At the age of 19 he collaborates with Valerio Sgargi, collaboration from which three songs are born: Amore Mio, Per te and It’s gone like this. In 2015 he collaborates with the famous musical duo Benji & Faith, and the three record the single “Fino a Farmi Male”. Also in 2015 he competed among the New Proposals of the Sanremo Festival and, although he did not win, he did not give up, later releasing his first album entitled “Irama”. In the same year he participates in the Summer Festival and wins the Gold Record.

After about a year of absence from the scene, in 2017 decides to participate in Friends of Maria De Filippi, winning the talent and also winning the Radio 105 award. His song “Black”Wins triple platinum record with over 15,000 copies sold. The hit single is then inserted into his second album: Plume. In 2019 he returns to the limelight by participating with the single “The girl with the tin heart “, a song dedicated to the winner of Big Brother 16 Martina Nasoni who had to undergo an operation and wear a pacemaker since the age of 12.

In autumn 2020, however, Irama also collaborates with Chiello for the song Fog boys. To August 2020 Irama’s new album entitled Crepe is released. After participated in Sanremo 2021 in the Big category where it conquers the 4th place, Irama is the guest of the second episode of the evening of Amici 20 broadcast on March 27th.

In the summer of 2021 Irama is among the protagonists of the Mediaset summer broadcast conducted by Elisabetta Gregoraci, Live beats. Back in 2022 on the Sanremo stage with a new unreleased song entitled “Ovunque Sarai”.


Irama in June 2019 confirms his relationship with the beautiful Victoria Stella Doritou, Greek model and influencer born on November 26, 1997 in Limisso, on the island of Cyprus. Currently on the net there is a rumor that Irama and Victoria are looking for a house to move in together. The two, however, are not seen due to the quarantine and the model Victoria, in a post on Instagram, admitted that she misses Irama and who can’t wait to see him again.

Sanremo 2021

Irama participates in the Sanremo Festival 2021 with his song entitled “The genesis of your color”, written and produced by Dardust. Five years ago Irama started right from the Sanremo stage singing in the Youth section but it was only later with Amici that he found true fame. Speaking of Sanremo he stated that

It was great for me to start here, it’s great to come back with a different responsibility.

In the evening dedicated to duets and covers of Sanremo 2021, Irama sings Cirano by Francesco Guccini. He chooses to perform alone in this Cover without resorting to the duet. Irama was supposed to perform on the first evening of the event but had to postpone his performance due to the positivity to the covid of one of his staff members. After his negativity ascertained by three different swabs, the boy had to go into quarantine due to his staff member’s rapid and molecular swab positivity. It remains in the race and in place of its performance is shown a video of Irama’s dress rehearsal and not the live performance.

The cover evening is also shown with a video of Irama’s dress rehearsal. If by hypothesis Irama were to win the festival, it would be necessary to proceed to a different type of award ceremony as the boy could not go on stage.

The artist was fifth in the final ranking of the Festival with the song “The Genesis of Your Color “.


Irama he has always been very recognizable also for his look particular, which on the occasion of Amici Speciali has further changed. In an interview with Radio Zeta (whose artistic director is the judge of friends Federica Gentile) he declared: “I am very careful what I wear, for me it is a fundamental way of communicating who I am in addition to my music. ” He also adds “Compared to my peers I am a bit anomalous, I hate sneakers and I hate tracksuits, I have never worn one even in these months of quarantine.


After the success of the songs “Nera” and “Arrogante”, Irama conquers summer 2020 with his new song “Mediterranean “. The new song by the singer Irama is characterized by a Latin rhythm and sounds and in a few months conquers the double platinum record. On August 28 the new album entitled “Crepe” is released which, as stated by Irama himself, “escapes genres” as it is a very varied album. It will be released almost at the same time as Matteo Bocelli’s debut album.

Spotify has certified the single “Mediterranea” as the most listened hit of summer 2020 while last year’s song, “Arrogante”, reached the 100 thousand views on YouTube.

Giulia De Lellis

Irama was related to Giulia De Lellis for a few months, after the influencer had definitively left his historic ex Andrea Damante. The official news of their story comes during the Tu si que Vale program, when Maria De Filippi asked Irama if he was engaged. From the audience, a smile from Giulia De Lellis confirmed their relationship. But during the short story, five other women allegedly claimed to be with the singer: Giulia Tascione, Ana Yanirsa, Nicole Vergani or Megghi Galo (former suitor of Lucas Peracchi).

The relationship with the beautiful influencer lasted precisely from 6 November 2018 to the end of March 2019. The two left without rancor and currently Irama is engaged to the model Victoria Stella Doritou.

Special Friends

Irama was officially a competitor of the of the talent show Amici, or “Amici Speciali”, dedicated to professionals, both singers and dancers. Special Friends has aired since May 15, 2020 at 9.30 pm on channel 5 and saw Giuliano Peparini as artistic director. The singer, who was part of the blue team, gave excellent performances and entertainment to the home crowd.The other new talent participants of Canale 5 were: Giordana Angi, Alberto Urso, The Kolors, Gaia Gozzi, Michele Bravi, Alessio Gaudino, Gabriele Esposito, Andreas Muller, Umberto Gaudino, Javier Rojas and Random.

Video by Irama

Article by Regina Fiamma Pisano

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