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Who is J-Ax: Biography, Age, Career, Songs, Curiosities Alessandro Aleotti

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Who is J-Ax: Biography, Age, Career, Songs, Curiosities Alessandro Aleotti

J-Ax, from the registry office Alessandro Aleotti, is a rapper, songwriter, record producer and television personality who became famous above all for having been part of the group Article 31. After 9 years in the duo, he continued his solo career. He is married to the photographer Elaina Cocker, the couple have a son named Nicholas.

Who is J-ax

  • First name: Alessandro Aleotti
  • Art Name: J Ax
  • Date of birth:5th August 1972
  • Age: 48 years
  • Zodiac sign: Lion
  • Profession: Rapper, songwriter, record producer, voice actor, writer
  • Birth place: Milan
  • Height: 183
  • Weight: 71 kg
  • Tattoos: right shoulder: his pseudonym, “Spaghetti funk”; chest: Japanese ideogram “to win”, a heart struck by a hatchet, the writing “Made in Italy”, writing “axed”, an ax; left arm: God of the Wind Fjin, dragon that becomes a microphone, waves of Horiyoshi, writing “Blessed”, Sacred Heart and the writing Red, Japanese ideogram for “family-home”, a dagger with the writing “Live free – and Write hard. “; Neck: skull with crown, bat wings and the words “I shall triumph”; Back: a drawing of Scream with three symbols representing music, peace and love; Left calf: skull with a blade; Left arm: black panther, Italy studded with skulls with a barbed wire; Head: tribal inspired by the map of Willy the orbo “of the” Goonies “
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Alessandro Aleotti, aka J-Ax, was born in Milan from Ines Tedoldi and Roberto Aleotti, Alessando has a brother Luca Paolo Aleotti, also known as Gridor, also a musician. He started writing lyrics and rapping at a very young age, immediately assuming the pseudonym we all know, J-ax, which derives from the abbreviations of Joker, his favorite anti-hero and named after him, Alex. He began his career in 1992 when he lends his voice to advertising of the Fiat Uno “Rap Up”.

Article 31

J-Ax’s career began in 1992 when Articolo 31, a duo made up of J-ax and DJ Jad, pseudonym of Vito Luca Perrini, debuted on Radio DeeJay with the single “Born to rapping”. “Strade di città”, released the following year, is one of the first rap records in Italian. Also arrive “Messa di vespiri” (1994) and “As it is” of 1996, followed by the successful tour in which Lucio Dalla, Tosca and Francesco Guccini participated. Among other things, the album is an artistic and commercial success, it gets six platinum discs and sells 600,000 copies. In 1998 J-Ax, together with Article 31, won Best Italian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards for the single “La fianata” from their fourth album “Nobody”. Between 1999 and 2000 they come out “” Xché si! ” and the collection “Greatest hits”, while 2001 sees J-Ax and DJ Jad protagonists of the film “Without filter”. The film tells the story of various characters from the show, among others: Albertino, Pizza and producer Franco Godi. Also in the same year they collaborate with RZA producer of the American group Wu-Tang Clan with the song “Everything comes back”. Then there is the punk turn with the album “Domani smetto”, followed by the sixth and last album “Italiano medio”. In September 2006 J-Ax and DJ Jad decide to pursue their respective solo careers.

Solo career

Already in October of the same year J-ax publishes “Di sana sana” with fifteen tracks all written and produced by him. It’s time for collaborations for J-ax: Guè Pequeno, Marracash, Space One, Jake La Furia, Dardust. He publishes on Myspace the tribute song called “Uno di noi”, a sampling of the choir sung by the fans during the concert in Scala. His single “Limonare al multiplex” becomes part of the soundtrack of the film “Ti stramo – I want one last textbook night before three kisses above the sky”. In 2009 two albums “Rap n ‘Roll” and “Deca Dance” were released, in the latter Ax collaborates with Grido, Jovanotti, Marracash and Pino Daniele. After the two-year project Due di spche, together with Neffa, J-Ax returns to his own music and in 2011 comes the “Better before (?)” With the most hip house sounds that the public obviously appreciates because it exceeds 30,000 copies and becomes a platinum record. After several parallel projects and TV appearances he returns with “The beauty of being ugly”, the album that sees Max Pezzali, Neffa, Club Dogo, Takagi and Nina Zilli as collaborations. September 11, 2020 announces that he has released an album with punk rock tunes during confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic called “Uncool & Proud” under the pseudonym J-Axonville.


In addition to the one with DJ Jad and Articolo 31, in 2010 he collaborates with Neffa. The two give light to the project Due di Picche from which the album “We were so hated” was born. Often conflicted, it is a way for the two musicians to release the tension and do something productive. In 2016 J-ax announces mega collaboration with Fedez, “Communists with Rolex” album with thirty tracks with various artists, including international ones. With Fedez he also founded an independent record label Newtopia where they launch artists such as Fabio Rovazzi. Collaborations are of vital importance to J-ax, and he has collaborated with many artists from different musical backgrounds: Troy Van Leeuwen (guitarist of Queens of the Stone Age), RZA (of Wu-Tang Club), Fabri Fibra, Ermal Meta , Chiara Galiazzo, Torment, The Kolors, Nek, Elio, Levante, Bianca Atzei, Moreno, 99 posse, Deleterio, Big Fish, Dargen D’Amico, Paola Turci, Two Fingerz, Emis Killa, Marracash, Max Pezzali, Kasabian.

In 2016 collaborates on the film Zeta, a film in which many artists have collaborated: In 2016 collaborates on the film Zeta, a film in which many artists have collaborated: Baby k, Salmo, Leon Faun, Salvatore Esposito, Fedez, Grudge.

TV, cinema and books

He led the TRL Awards in 2010 and two years later, also for MTV, served as a judge in Marracash’s rap show, MTV Spit. Between 2014 and 2018 he is the coach in The Voice of Italy program. In 2014 he also starred in the Di Enrico Bisi film “Number zero – At the origins of Italian rap”. In 2015 RAI entrusted him with the conduct of a late talk show with irreverent tones, “Sorci verdi” and then, in 2016, he moved to the artistic direction of the blue team in the program “Amici di Maria De Filippi”. In 2018 he is “The alternate” in the television program broadcast on Rai 2 in which he has to replace a teacher and hold a lesson with related questions, tasks and tests. Since 2019 he has been the president of the jury in the talent show “All together now” together with Anna Tatangelo and Rita Paone conducted by Michelle Hunziker, who also saw Dennis Fantina as a competitor. J-ax is also a voice actor: he played Akon in “Ra.One” and emperor Maximus in “Playmobil: The movie”.

J-ax is obviously the author of his own songs, but he has also published a series of books: “No one’s thoughts”, “All scene” (2012), Axforismi “(2014),” Imperfetta forma “(2016), and” Advice to myself “(2018). In 2021 he is the judge of an episode of Friends 21.


J-ax often said he was bullied at school: “My bullies, my classmates, even my teachers were sure of this, for them I was garbage …”. This is a very important topic for him because he lived it. both as a victim and as an executioner, venting his frustrations for the attacks suffered on the weakest of him, thus defining it as a vicious circle without end. For this reason, he is now the ambassador against this form of mistreatment and participates in the “Bullifuorilegge” project, a social laboratory supported by La Stampa.

Private life

J-ax stated that he abused drugs and alcohol, but that he cleaned himself up after meeting the woman of his dreams, who later became his wife. From In fact, 2007 he is married to the American model Elaina Coker (born November 9) with whom he has a son, Nicolas, born on February 24, 2017 through assisted fertilization.


J-ax and son Nicolas

J-ax is present on Instagram with 2.3 million followers, who can see his busy life as an involved dad, artist and public figure. A collage of images of his son Nicolas, disguised as the Hulk or on his father’s shoulders, souvenir photos, concert shots, travels and photo shoots. A world that is certainly colorful and irreverent, like J-ax.


  • his favorite color is red
  • the name of the Article 31 group, refers to a law enacted by the Irish government in 1976, which allowed the government to expel any political party or faction it wanted from television and radio

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