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Who is LDA Luca D’Alessio Amici 21? Biography, Age, Father Gigi, Unpublished and Instagram

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Who is LDA Luca D'Alessio Amici 21?  Biography, Age, Father Gigi, Unpublished and Instagram

LDA di Amici – whose real name is Luca D’Alessio – is an 18-year-old singer, son of the well-known Gigi D’Alessio e of the first wife Carmela Barbato. Following in the footsteps of his father Luca D’Alessio has depopulated on the web in 2017 thanks to the single in featuring with Il mago from the title Horizon. Luca D’Alessio aka LDA is a competitor of Friends 21, conducted by Maria De Filippi. Before friends he dated the singer Elena Manuele.

Who is it Luca D’Alessio?

  • Luca D’Alessio
  • Stage name: LDA
  • Age: 18 years
  • Date of birth: 2003
  • Birth place: Naples
  • Profession: singer
  • Father: Gigi D’Alessio
  • Mother: Carmela Barbato

Biography of Luca D’Alessio, aka LDA

LDA, at the registry office Luca D’Alessio, was born in Naples in 2003, by Gigi D’Alessio and Carmela Barbato. From an early age he became passionate about music, thanks to the influence of his father. He starts writing music almost by chance after a dream: in this dream a woman tells him a sentence that he wakes up and notes immediately: “I lost my smile and I stole the sky for this I made up your eyes blue”.

In 2017 it becomes known, especially on the web, for the single Horizon of The Magician. After the moderate success, LDA writes and engraves one of his original pieces: Stay, that with over half a million plays on various platforms, makes it known a little more. Collaborate on his father’s rap record, Good morning, and a few months ago his latest single has been released: Live me. He chose to make himself known under the pseudonym of LDA, in order not to enjoy the easy success due to the name of the masterAnd. During an interview he declares:

I wanted to make it clear that I am something different from what my father does. We are two different styles, two different types of writing. We are the day and the night in the music

Since September 2021, Luca D’Alessio is a competitor of Friends 21. His dream is to make Gigi D’Alessio “the father of” and no longer be Gigi’s son. LDA also says that it has given too much importance to love in his life and in his writing.

Father Gigi D’Alessio

Luca D’Alessio is the third child by the famous singer Gigi D’Alessio while the mother is Carmela Barbato, Gigi’s first wife. The 18-year-old singer has two older brothers, Claudio and Ilaria, also children of Carmela Barbato, and a younger brother, Andrea, born from relationship of the father with Anna Tatangelo. Luca D’Alessio will soon have a fifth brother: Gigi D’Alessio and his partner Denise Esposito are, in fact, pregnant.

With his father Luca he has a special relationship. Both singers, Gigi strongly wanted him as a collaborator for the record Good morning, released in 2020. Gigi is, without a doubt, the biggest supporter of LDA.

Instagram of LDA

Luca D’Alessio’s instagram profile is brand new and already boasts nearly 185,000 followers. Only job related posts for LDA.

LDA Luca D'Alessio Insta

LDA Luca D’Alessio Singer Friends 21

LDA Luca D’Alessio is officially one of the singers of the new edition of Friends of Maria De Filippi.He will be struggling with singing teachers: Rudy Zerby, Anna Pettinelli and Lorella Cuccarini, in particular it is Rudy Zerbi to give him the bench. Luca D’Alessio is aware of passing for “recommended” as a son of art, but has stated that he wants to bring himself and make himself known. Anna Pettinelli he did not hesitate to define his style too similar to that of his father.

Diego in his first meeting in the hall with Rudy Zerby he confesses that he did not sing very well at the auditions and that he was displeased by Pettinelli’s comment. During his stay at Amici before the episode on October 3, his shirt is suspended for having contested the advice of producer D. Whale in the production of his unpublished What hurts. Rudy will give it back to him only if he brings an ad hoc cover or if he does his unreleased but with the improvements indicated by the producer. Once the lesson has been learned, LDA returns to being a student of the school in all respects. In November 2021 he released his second single entitled You know.

Anna Pettinelli continues to challenge LDA as she does not appreciate her writing: not least the challenge of November 14th. The music teacher, in fact, after another letter, calls the challenge for Luca, much to Rudy Zerbi’s disappointment. Between the Pettinelli and Zerbi, indeed, it would be open war, precisely because of the conflicting opinions on LDA. Luca D’Alessio in the episode of December 5 presents his third single entitled Excuse me. Zerbi also gets very angry with LDA for his imprecise behavior in the house: disorder and lack of cleanliness are the masters and Luca is punished for not having understood the potential of the program in which he is participating.

All competitors

The competitors of Friends 21 I am:

Song Lyrics “What Does It Bad” by LDA

We who dance around the edge of a crater
that with you the whole world cannot be seen
brown eyes are snowless mountains
that if they look at me then I haven’t breathed well for a while
I look at myself in the mirror
and I see in the reflection
something different
you are no longer next to us

It is because we love what hurts
what is good we let go
and that my crying feels like a storm
I promise I’ll keep it away

Please love you don’t have to change
your caresses are good for the heart
you take my breath away and you don’t let me talk
I love you to death but you don’t know it

Disorder is a sea of ​​desires
of those but you still don’t believe me
enter my dreams and come on tell me what you see
two broken hearts when united become whole
every kiss that
you give me life is extended by a day
and you are for me the wind that makes the world breathe
and because we love what hurts
what is good we let go
is that my crying looks like a thunderstorm
I promise I’ll keep it away

Please love you don’t have to change
your caresses are good for the heart
you take my breath away and you don’t let me talk
I love you to death but you don’t know it

Because we love what hurts
what is good we let go
is my tears it looks like a thunderstorm
I promise I’ll keep it away
I love you and you don’t know it

Curiosities about Luca

  • Lda is friends of Elena Manuele: the two have also written an unpublished together
  • At 13, on Instagram, he posted videos in which he sang songs of his father, Jovanotti, Adriano Celentano and others;
  • his favorite singer is Justin Bieber;
  • dreams of participating in the Sanremo Festival;
  • in early 2021 he also took part in a featuring with Astol and Robledo, for the song Let’s meet tonight.

LDA Luca D’Alessio Video

Here is the first single written and performed by LDA Luca D’Alessio.

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