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Who is Luca Onestini: Biography, Age, Ex Ivana Mrazova, Secret Story and Girlfriend

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Who is Luca Onestini: Biography, Age, Ex Ivana Mrazova, Secret Story and Girlfriend

Luca Onestini it’s a model, dentistry student and former footballer known to the public for having participated in the Big Brother VIP 2 and even before being a tronista a Men and Women 2016 2017; He was engaged to the model for four years Ivana Mrazova that he met right in the house of Big Brother. Luca Onestini won the Spanish reality show Secret Story where he met his current girlfriend Cristina Porta came second in the same reality show.

Who is Luca Onestini?

First name Luca Onestini
Date of birth 1 January 1993
Age 28 years
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Profession Template
Birth place Bologna
Height 186 cm
Weight 85 kg
Brother Gianmarco Onestini
Ex Girlfriends Ivana Mrázová, Soleil Stasi Rises
Tattoos No visible tattoos


Luca Onestini was born in the province of Bologna and more precisely in Castel San Pietro Terme from a very close family: it is known to anyone who has followed him in recent years how much he is linked to his brother Gianmarco Onestini, also launched in the entertainment world. After abandoning his football career enrolled in Dentistry, participates in men and women and in the Big Brother VIP, effectively gaining a prominent place in the panorama of Italian show business.

Particular is the situation experienced by Luca right inside the Big Brother house: he entered as a boyfriend with his choice of Men and Women, Soleil Sorgè, is warned by his brother of the girl’s ongoing betrayal. While Luca was in the house, in fact, Soleil began dating Marco Cartasegna, Luca’s competitor tronista in the same edition of Men and Women. Soleil and Marco had already shown a certain feeling in the studies of the program, but no one could imagine that their relationship would begin just as Luca was locked up in Big Brother. After being warned by Gianmarco, Luca suffered and subsequently reborn thanks to the rapprochement he had with his ex-partner Ivana Mrazova.

Luca Onestini Instagram

Luca Onestini has one million and three hundred thousand followers on Instagram. A photo of Luca and Ivana when they were still happily engaged.

Ivana Mrazova Instagram

Work and Career

Luca Onestini in his very young age he was a promising footballer from the age of 12 to 18, his football career could have taken off but unfortunately it was cut short by two serious injuries: ruptured meniscus and hip dislocation. Following the path of his mother (who is a doctor, while his father is a lawyer), Luca then enrolled in the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Bologna. Being a dentist, as he himself declared, is a prospect that makes him feel fulfilled. To support himself in his studies he carried out various jobs including the lifeguard, the sailing instructor and the model. Precisely for its beauty that does not leave indifferent, Luca decides to try a beauty contest and the choice turns out to be very happy: in fact he wins the title of Mister Italia in 2013 and launches into the world of entertainment. Her first appearance is Temptation Island in 2016 as a single, she gets close to Ludovica Valli but the story between the two hasn’t followed. He then goes down the stairs of men and women to woo a former Miss Italy, the beautiful Clarissa Marchese. Although the complicity between the two is real, she falls in love with her current partner Federico Gregucci and to overcome the disappointment Luca is offered the throne. Here he chooses the beautiful and indomitable Soleil Sorgè (which will make a lot of talk about herself, you can find all the details in the biography) but their relationship ends when she leaves him practically live during the Big Brother VIP 2.

Later he also launched himself as an actor in some episodes of “The honor and the respect“And participated in the program conducted by Paolo Bonolis, Hi Darwin. Although in this period he cannot follow the compulsory attendance that his faculty requires, Luca declared that he would soon graduate in Dentistry. the summer of 2020 Luca Onestini was sent to the Rai program “There is time for” conducted by Anna Falchi and Beppe Convertini. In September 2020 he held a column with Ivana Mrazova on Casa Chi where they commented on everything that happens in Big Brother VIP 2020. He is currently a competitor of the Spanish reality show Secret Story.

Luca Onestini and Ivana Mazrova

Luca Onestini in the house of Big Brother he met Ivana and between the two the complicity immediately broke out: as Luca declared for the first time he sensed that he could understand each other with a glance with a person and that they were completely on the same wavelength. Luca was a much loved competitor by the public and finished second. Luca and Ivana in the house had only a beautiful friendship: in fact, Ivana was engaged. But once they left the house and the relationship ended, the two were finally able to live their passion and formalize the engagement.

Luca Onestini and Ivana split up in August 2021. The official announcement on Luca’s Instagram profile, who launches the caption with a stock photo of the couple

I will take the best moments inside and remember them with a smile. But sometimes things just change first and then they end. We tried and tried again, we expected, supported but we came together to understand that unfortunately our paths must be different. The esteem remains, the good too, I love you.

Ivana replied in a story to Luca’s words, not without letting some bitterness shine through:

I really think we have not expected and supported. I really think we couldn’t handle a beautiful story.

While participating in Secret Story Luca also talked about the reasons that led to the breakup with Ivana: Luca says he was left by her, who was jealous of her focus on work (study Spanish to try to make plans in Spain) e she often accused him of neglecting her.


  • Luca suffer from Vitiligo on the legs, he did not hesitate to show it to make those who like him have these white spots on different parts of the body feel more at ease
  • He is a close friend of Marco Fantini, husband of Beatrice Valli.
  • Luca attended a course in diction: in the years after the Big Brother VIP he greatly improved his pronunciation and completely canceled the Romagna inflections of his speech.

Video Luca Onestini

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