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Who is Mara Venier: Age, Children, Degree, Grandchildren of Mara Povoleri and Intervention

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Who is Mara Venier: Age, Children, Degree, Grandchildren of Mara Povoleri and Intervention

Mara Venier, to the registry office Mara Provolieri, she is a very famous and popular television presenter and commentator. In the past she was also an actress of unforgettable Italian cinema comedies and then devoted herself exclusively to television programs. He is the face of the Sunday broadcast of Rai 1 “Sunday In” and talent show commentator Tú sí que vales” And “The island of the famous“.

Who is Mara Venier?

  • Stage name: Mara Venier
  • Real name: Mara Povoleri
  • Age: 70 years old
  • Date of birth: October 20, 1950
  • Birth place:Venice
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Profession: TV host
  • Weight: 67 Kg
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Tattoos: None visible
  • Official Instagram profile: @mara_venier
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Mara Venier was born in Venice in 1950 and moved with his family to the Piave district in Mestre. She is still very young when she becomes a mother for the first time: she and her partner at the time, Francesco Ferracini, became Elisabetta’s parents in 1967. Mara joins her husband in the capital and then gets married. TO Rome the doors of cinema and success will open wide for her.

Mara Venier remarried with Nicola Carraro June 28, 2006, the day on which Walter Veltroni, at the time mayor of Rome, officiated the wedding of the two.

Mara Venier has an excellent relationship with her colleague Eleonora Daniele so much that she has done since godmother at the baptism of the daughter Carlotta.

Work and career

Mara Venier makes his debut in the world of cinema in a film by Sergio Capogna, then participates in a TV project by Dario Argento, plays in some cult of Italian cinema and alongside actors such as Renato Pozzetto, Jerry Calà and Lino Banfi.

In the nineties he also acted in some television dramas: to remember “The voice of the heart” with Gianni Morandi but it is with television that he really acquires notoriety. It was Nanni Loy who discovered it and launched it on TV: among the first programs she presented there were the “Cantagiro“Where a still unknown Rosario Fiorello also appears,”A roundabout overlooking the sea” And “Rush hour“. In 1988 he leads leads the Sunday afternoon program Too strong on Rai 1, whose acronym is We are strong point and … by Donatella Rettore. In 1993 she was chosen as co-host for the Sunday program on Rai 1 “Sunday In”Together with Luca Giurato. From here comes not only great appreciation from the public but high peaks of ratings for the program, so much so that it will be she who will present it for eleven seasons.

He also works with Pippo Baudo for broadcasts related to the Sanremo Festival but also with Mike Bongiorno, Corrado and Gerry Scotti on Mediaset networks.

In 2010 he joined Lamberto Sposini in the management of “Life live“Then replaced by Marco Liorni and in 2014 he returns to Canale 5 because he is the external judge of the talent show”Tú sí que vales”Together with Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti and Rudy Zerbi. The following year he is the columnist of the tenth edition of “The Island of the Famous“Conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi and in the following years she also became a presenter of the satirical program”Strip the news”With Michelle Hunziker.

It also presents the New Year’s Eve 2016 with singer Gigi D’Alessio.

From some rumors it is known that Mara will be reconfirmed from Rai to guide the program on Sunday afternoon until June. Together with her, Rai also confirmed Antonella Clerici a It is always noon and Serena Bortone as host of the program Today is another day.

Mara Venier Instagram

Mara Venier is a real web star: with over two million followers she is loved on Instagram by people of all ages.

Private life

Mara Venier’s private life was very eventful.

Francesco Ferrari it was her first great love. Like her, she is from Mestre and with ambitions in the world of cinema, in fact she will become the protagonist of many films in the seventies. Elisabetta Ferracini, their daughter was born in 1967 when both are still very young, after which they get married but their union is not destined to last.

In 1984 he married his colleague Jerry Calà and their marriage lasts 3 years, apparently due to the many betrayals by him. After Mara begins a long relationship with the songwriter Renzo Arbore which ends in 1997. In his life there will also be space for the actor Armand Assante but he is only with the film producer Nicola Carraro who marries in 2006 that Mara finally finds serenity.

Mara she is Claudio and Giulio’s grandmother, sons of Paul and Elizabeth respectively.

Facial surgery

Mara Venier suffered a serious damage to the face after an operation at the dentist. In fact, Mara completely lost sensitivity on half of her face and was rushed to hospital. From the couch he wrote to his fans reassuring them and explaining what happened:

Last Monday I went to a dentist here in Rome for an implant already planned for months … I arrived at the office (for now I do not say name and address) at 9.30 … I went out at 17.30 after hours !!! From that moment I completely lost the sensitivity of part of my face mouth throat lips chin !!!!! I leave out the rest, this is not the place (we will talk about it elsewhere with the dentist) !!! Thursday rushed to the MaxilloFacial surgeon Valentini Valentino (whom I thank very much) who, after verifying the situation on Friday, operated on me to remove the implant that caused the damage !!!! “

Farewell to Sunday In

Mara Venier after years driving on Domenica In and just turned 70, he announced his farewell to the program. There Venier she told herself to the weekly Today on the occasion of his birthday: “I still do not realize that I have reached 70 years old, inside I always feel like a 30 year old girl. I am serene, I have never based my life on attractiveness. And being a grandmother is the thing that most of all fills me with pride. Nothing has given me joy in life like those two syllables there, “non-na”, pronounced by my nephews Giulio and Claudio“. It seems that at the basis of the decision of “Aunt Mara“To leave the management of Domenica In there is a promise made to her husband:”Nicola, I swear to you that this is my last Domenica In. From next year I’m all yours“.

Rai already talks about who will be able to replace her and the totonomi from the front row is the Rai journalist Francesca Fialdini, currently at the helm of the Sunday afternoon program that follows Domenica In, With us … freewheeling, but she categorically denies it. We’ll see!


  • Mara is the author of two books “A tu per tu” released in 1995 and “Amori della zia” from 2015
  • It seems that a collaboration in the past between Mara and actress Katia Ricciarelli was nothing short of unfortunate: the two were the protagonists of the shortest show in TV history, in fact their program entitled “Katia and Mara towards the East” was interrupted after a few seconds due to a storm. The irony is that the following year they tried again with a second show entitled “Venice, the moon and you” again stopped due to the rain.
  • She was a client of Giacomo Urtis, the VIP surgeon
  • The famous verbal brawl that affected the television personalities Adriano Pappalardo and Antonio Zequila was fatal for Mara Venier: the discussion took place during the “Domenica In” program she conducted in 2006 and the quarrel between the two did not please the Rai executives who accused her of not having properly settled the quarrel between the two. This meant that in the next edition she was replaced by her colleague Lorena Bianchetti.
  • It seems that there is no good blood between Mara Venier and Antonella Clerici and when they found themselves in the “Domenica In” program they often quarreled
  • In 2015 he refused the candidacy,proposed by Silvio Berlusconi, to become mayor of the city of Venice
  • The years of conducting the “Domenica In” program are so many that they earned her the nickname of “Sunday Lady“.
  • 2020 saw increased competition between programs from the Sunday afternoon: on La7 The air Sunday by Myrta Merlino and on Canale5 Sunday Live by Barbara D’Urso;
  • was the victim of a telephone joke, in 2018, by Stefano Bini;
  • in May 2021 he interviewed Eva Grimaldi and Imma Battaglia, on the occasion of their wedding anniversary;
  • Mara has hosted several times, a Sunday In, the actor and director Alessandro Siani, whose work and sympathy he admires.
  • He interviewed the two promising young actresses of the Italian cinema protagonists of the fiction L’amico Geniale: Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco;
  • among his many interviews there are also those with Alba Parietti and Katia Ricciarelli.
  • He interviewed Patrizia Mirigliani, mother of Nicola Pisu, where he told his story of complaining against his former drug addict son


In this video a famous interview by Mara Venier with Belèn Rodriguez, while she is pregnant with her second child with Antonino Spinalbese.

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