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Who is Marco Ferrero Iconize: Biography, Age, Former Tommaso Zorzi and Fake Beating

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Who is Marco Ferrero Iconize: Biography, Age, Former Tommaso Zorzi and Fake Beating

Marco Ferrero, said Iconize, is an influencer, blogger and art director well known. He has collaborated with the most well-known brands and with the most prominent VIPs in the entertainment world. He was engaged to Tommaso Zorzi for about two years and recently for the accusations on the alleged staging of the aggression received he decided to close social profiles And reopen them only in December 2020.

Who is Marco Ferrero?

  • First name: Marco Ferrero
  • Date of birth: 1991
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Height:info not available
  • Weight:info not available
  • Zodiac sign: info not available
  • Birth place: Biella
  • Profession: Vlogger, video maker, influencer, art director and creative
  • Tattoos: Marco loves tattoos very much: he has a hot air balloon and a moon on his left arm and a rose on his right hand. A robot on the right shoulder and the famous “eye of providence” on the right leg, as well as having various writings, a dog on the arm and a missile on the ring finger.
  • Instagram profile: @iconize
  • Youtube channel: Marco Ferrero


Marco Ferrero was born in 1991 in Biella. Marco known in the web world as Iconize, he moved to Milan to be able to fulfill his dream of becoming famous. In his professional life, however, he had to face many adversities. Marco Ferrero is famous for his videos, including those with Diana Del Bufalo, Francesca Monte, Rama Lila Giustini, Soleil Sorgè, Elettra Lamborghini, particularly imaginative and often bizarre.

Marco Ferrero to be able to achieve professionally also confessed that for years, fearing prejudice and repercussions, has silenced her true sexual orientation. In fact, the boy says that he pretended to be straight to be accepted, but his own coming out for him it represented a real rebirth. Among the flames of Marco there are also famous names, including Tommaso Zorzi (Riccanza) very good friend of Aurora Ramazzotti the daughter of Michelle Hunzinker and Eros Ramazzotti.

Iconize Instagram profile

After closing the social profiles, Marco Ferrero, aka Iconize, returns with great enthusiasm to post tutorials and stories for his followers who are more than 609 thousand only on Instagram.

Marco Ferrero engaged

Marco Ferrero announced the end of his relationship with Andrea Botticelli, a boy often portrayed in his photos in moments of daily intimacy. The two are thought to have broken up due to a backfire between Marco and the ex-boyfriend Tommaso Zorzi. However, the news of a definitive break between the two is from 2019.

Ex Tommaso Zorzi

Before entering the house of the GF VIP 2020, Tommaso Zorzi she declared referring to her ex-boyfriend Marco, “I wouldn’t want to spit into the dish I ate, but he’s just a bowl”. Iconize he then replied from Barbara d’Urso’s living room Afternoon 5: “Eh but as much as he liked to eat in that bowl, he loved it. He ate there every day. Whoever despises buys, I am no longer for sale. But I still love him “. From these words it seems that the two did not remain on good terms after the relationship.

Work and career

Marco Ferrero famous as Iconize rose to prominence as a video maker, fashion and travel influencer with over 500,000 followers. His ability and talent with the camera still made him a successful vlogger. His blog, featuring videos, quickly achieved a certain success, so much so that Marco became a much sought after character in the world of social media. “Iconize was invented by me to be able to express myself better: through photos and videos, I try to make my imagination come true. I want to be able to tell a story, mine, and the world seen through my eyes. Iconize in fact means “making the people I photograph / film an icon, I iconize them“; this is what Marco Ferrero, aka Iconize, declared in an interview.

Thanks to her work and her success she has collaborated with many fashion houses, including: Patrizia Pepe, Cruciani, Les Éclaires, Yamamay Ebay, Kiehl, Gap, Yoox, Corona. Thanks to his talent in creating impactful videos and with a high iconic component, they have made him a highly sought-after art director in the field of fashion. Furthermore has collaborated with the best known influencers on the web, including: Chiara Biasi, Elettra Miura Lamborghini and Chiara Nasti (sister of Angela, former tronista of Men and Women). Collaborate with several programs, including X Factor and his numerous videos of travels to exclusive and exotic destinations that soon made him also a travel influencer.

Fake Aggression

Marco Ferrero in May 2020 he announced via Instagram that he was the victim of an attack. While he was out and about the previous evening with the dog, three boys stopped him to ask for a cigarette. When Marco answered “no” one of the boys shouted homophobic insults at him. At the same time another of the boys turned and threw a punch at him to then escape. At that point Marco reported this episode of bullying by talking to his followers and showing the black eye that the attack left him.

During a live broadcast on Sunday Live, guest of Barbara D’Urso, a dear friend of Iconize, Soleil Rises, would have said that Marco’s attack was all one staging and that there is nothing true. Marco’s reply did not take long to leave a long message on social media claiming the veracity of what happened to him and condemning what was said by his now ex friend Soleil.

After a few days of silence Marco FerreroIconize is back on social media for admit he invented aggression: “I was not attacked. I faked everything “.

Soleil Rises

There history of the feint aggression returned to the fore in October 2021: Soleil Sorge is in fact in the Big Brother house and Deianira Marzano showed some audio of Soleil claiming that the girl was the one who concocted the fake homophobic assault with Marco, only to go to Afternoon 5 to pretend to be upset. This little theater to attract visibility would have been the work of Soleil and Iconize would now be tired of covering it.

Iconize and Chiara Nasti “insult your ex”

Chiara Nasti And Iconize have launched a shocking proposal to insult their fans’ ex-boyfriends over the phone and anonymously. The storm broke out immediately because it would be a “crime”And the web has overwhelmed them with criticism. Given the reaction obtained And, in the end, given the reaction obtained, Iconize had to defend himself and announce that he had canceled the initiative, even if it was born with an ironic and amusing spirit.

Video by Marco Ferrero

In this funny video, March Ferrero answers some questions during an interview

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