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Who is Mario Ermito: Age, Height, Former Girlfriend Valentina and Instagram

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Who is Mario Ermito: Age, Height, Former Girlfriend Valentina and Instagram

Mario Ermito is an actor originally from Brindisi, known to the public for having taken part in several Rai and Mediaset fiction and for being a competitor of the Such and Which Show in 2018. Mario was one of the house’s competitors Big Brother VIP .

Who is Mario Ermito?

  • First name: Mario Ermito
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Date of birth: October 2, 1991
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Birth place: toasts
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Profession: Actor
  • Tattoos: Mario has no visible tattoos
  • Official Instagram profile: @marioermito
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Mario Ermito was born in Brindisi in 1991 and has two sisters, one older and one younger. He is also very attached to his parents who have always supported him in his professional career. In particular, Mario is only 19 when he decides to move to Milan to work as a model. The choice to be a model and to move to the great Milan taken by Mario following a serious injury that disrupted his football career. His work continues in Rome where he currently lives. He was a competitor of Big Brother 12 in 2011 but his stay in the house lasted only two weeks. However, his career as an actor took off from there. Mario’s love for acting is a real love, which he declared in an interview “Being an actor is a feeling that comes from the heart… you feel it inside. If a young person were to experience this sensation, I would recommend that you arm yourself with a lot of patience and great dedication to this work“.

Big Brother VIP

Mario Ermito is an official contestant of the Big Brother VIP. In an interview released a couple of months ago he declared that he was already following the program because his friends were there and he names Andrea Zelletta, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Adua Del Vesco and Matilde Brandi. Now that Matilde is out, Mario still has a lot of knowledge within the program. Mario should enter the wave of admissions in December which also sees Sonia Lorenzini as protagonist, Andrea Zenga, Filippo Nardi, Samantha De Grenet, Cecilia Capriotti, Carlotta Dell’Isola which is added to Elisabetta Gregoraci, Dayane Mello, Stefania Orlando, Adua Del Vesco, Maria Teresa Ruta, Andrea Zelletta, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Francesco Oppini, Tommaso Zorzi, Selvaggia Roma, Giulia Salemi, Giacomo Urtis, Cristiano Malgioglio. He enters definitively as a competitor of the house on December 18th.

Mario Ermito immediately approaches Sonia Lorenzini whom he had met (virtually) outside the house and with whom there seems to be a mutual interest. He is also already very close friends with Pierpaolo Pretelli and Adua Del Vesco. With the latter they had acted together in the TV series “honor and respect. Mario Ermito also immediately finds a good feeling with Giulia Salemi to which he teaches to dance bachata in the very first days of his stay in the house. Mario two days after his entry into the house was the protagonist of a gossip about Lady Gaga: the boy said he had starred in one of his videos which was then canceled at the last minute due to problems with production. However, it seems that the direct interested has denied it through an official fan page!

Mario Ermito is eliminated from the Big Brother house via televoting on 11 January 2021.

Mario Ermito and Sonia Lorenzini

Mario Ermito before entering the Big Brother house he had some chats with Sonia Lorenzini. It seems that the two liked each other and flirted on Instagram but that due to some work commitments of her they never met. The meeting therefore takes place directly in the GF’s house on the evening when Mario enters for the first time and amidst the embarrassment of the two boys when Alfonso asks who already knew about the house. replied by telling about the chats. From what has leaked it seems that it was Mario who was courting Sonia, who, however, having recently left, declined the invitations. The promise between the two would still have been to get to know each other in better times and the Big Brother house could be just the right opportunity!


Mario Ermito is professionally linked to the Ares agency which launched Massimiliano Morra and Adua Del Vesco among others. Mario Ermito after participating in Big Brother was the protagonist of several fiction including: The Sin and Shame with Gabriel Garko and Adua Del Vesco, It was not my son, Honor and respect 5, the beauty of women … a few years later, Don Matteo and L’Allieva 5. At the cinema he starred in a film presented at the Rome Film Festival in 2018 “Detective per Caso ”And then in 2020 an important Spanish production entitled Por Los Pelos which sees him act under the direction of a great Spanish director Nacho Garcìa Velilla. Mario Ermito in 2018 was also the protagonist of Such and Which Show conducted by Carlo Conti: revealed as a surprise in the program, Mario has put in place a good preparation in the field of singing. After this experience, Mario starts taking singing lessons from vocal coach Marco Evans and recently he also published a cover of Robin Williams’ song Angel on Spotify where he confirms the singing skills that had already been highlighted during his participation in Tale and Which Show in 2018.

After the experience at GF VIP 2020, Mario Ermito returned to TV as a guest of some broadcasts and above all as a “singer” on the Rai 1 program “Secret song” conducted by Serena Rossi. Mario Ermito in November ’21 is a guest of the GF VIP Party with Giulia Salemi and Gaia Zorzi.


Mario Ermito has an Instagram profile followed by almost 55,000 followers. Mario loves to share professional photos but also photos of his passions such as travel, food and the world of western movies. He stated that he would love to play a role in a Western-style movie in the future.

Ex Girlfriend

Mario Ermito he was engaged for two and a half years with the former Miss Italy Francesca Testasecca. Despite rumors of a return of the flame, Mario broke up with Francesca during 2018. From that moment on Mario was spotted with the makeup artist Valentina Paolillo: the two have been together since the summer of 2019 and have been quarantined in the same place. He has currently declared himself single. Valentina Paolillo on December 27 gave an interview where she declares to be still very attached to Mario and that she wants from him further clarification on the reasons for the breakup after they had promised eternal love and children.


  • His lucky charm is a ring that his father gave him
  • He doesn’t like them very much people with their heads in the clouds
  • He spent the lockdown working a lot on himself and trying to improve himself personally and artistically
  • Mario Ermito declared that his participation in Tale and Which represented a great opportunity for growth for him


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