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Who is Martina Miliddi? Biography, Age, Raffaele Renda, Father and Friends 20

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Who is Martina Miliddi?  Biography, Age, Raffaele Renda, Father and Friends 20

Martina Miliddi it’s a young dancer of twenty of Sardinian origin, known to the public for having participated in Friends 20, thanks to the support of the new dance teacher Lorella Cuccarini. In the school she fell in love with her classmate Aka7even with whom she started a relationship. She is currently engaged to Raffaele Renda, a former friend of Amici. Martina Miliddi, according to rumors, could be one of the new showgirls of Striscia La Notizia, taking the place of Mikeaela Neaze Silva And Shaila Gatta.

Who is Martina Miliddi?

  • First name: Martina Miliddi
  • Zodiac sign: unavailable
  • Age: 20
  • Date of birth: 2000
  • Birth place: Cagliari
  • Profession: Dancer
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: none visible
  • Official Instagram profile: @martinamiliddi
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Of the life of Martina Miliddi not much is known except what she herself told for the castings of Amici 20: she is twenty years old and comes from Assemini, in the province of Cagliari. The passion for dance began when she was only 5 years old and she confessed that everything has been born since, together with dad, watched Striscia la Notizia and tried to replicate the ballets of the tissues around the house. From there he then decided to pursue his passion by studying dance, in particular Latin American, with the teacher Francesca Secci. After middle school she enrolled in the Boccaccio Linguistic High School of Iglesias to cultivate another passion of his, the English language. At 17 he participated in the world championship Synchro Dancand in the Adults category. Martina’s life was marked by the death of her father in an accident when she was only 10 years old: as the girl told on Instagram he had gone out to make one last delivery and he had told her see you for lunch. Unfortunately he never came back and Martina tells how that pain and that lack never leave her and how she would like her father to see her now. Martina’s bereavement was the event that marked her the most in her entire life.


Martina after her entry into the school reached about 130,000 followers on Instagram where the girl shares dance shots.

Martina Miliddi instagram

Martina Miliddi Friends

To Friends 20 Martina Miliddi she confessed to having loved dancing since she was five. At the casting of the talent she brought a choreography that made her conquer the bench. Even if Professor Celentano was not of the same opinion, the new Professor Lorella Cuccarini has decided to give her her own desk. Martina is also appreciated by the teacher Veronica Peparini and is showing great ability and sensuality in the dance and in the choreographies that are proposed to her during the course of the episodes.

In the first episode of the Evening Martina she was highly regarded for her performance in Latin, a discipline in which she excels and for which she studied even before entering school. The teacher Celentano, however, continued to emphasize the lack of versatility and poor technical skills once the girl approaches other styles. In the first episode in the evening she danced with Alessandro Cavallo and did a choral rehearsal, winning in both cases.

Raffaele Renda

Raffaele had received the sympathies of Martina Miliddi in school but their relationship was left unfinished because she was still engaged to Aka7even. Raffaele about this holiday in Sardinia where the couple was spotted said:

We are feeling, we are trying to get to know each other away from the cameras. It’s a bit of a strange situation. If they are roses they will bloom.

Former Boyfriend Aka7even

Martina Miliddi after a few weeks of entering the school found love: this is Aka7even, Luca Marzano, the singer already a lot appreciated in the school for its unpublished. The story came out because Martina was jealous of the new entry Enula. Here is the conversation between the two boys:

Aka7even: How should I make you understand? It’s just you, I’m just fine with you. I’m looking for you because I’m fine. And I’m looking for you because I’m in love.
Martina: Whenever you tell me I sweat! I wonder, are you sure?
Aka7even: I’m not sure, I’ll put my hand on the fire!

Martina in early February however, he begins to get close to Raffaele Renda, his classmate and singer. Martina begins to feel something for him and moves away from Aka7even who reacts in an angry way. Raffaele for his part has not yet clarified whether or not his interest corresponds. She then comes back to Aka7even who even offers to do the challenge in her place in order to protect her. In fact, Martina risks going into challenge in mid-February with the dancer Serena Marchese.

Aka7even and Martina’s relationship continues through ups and downs throughout their stay in the school until Martina’s elimination where, however, it seems that the two were no longer together. In this regard, Martina said:

… with Luca I tell you that we are on very good terms. We really love each other so … I won’t tell you the rest.

Friends 20

Martina Miliddi to Amici 20 in February is going through a difficult moment: the girl is in fact letting herself be influenced by the social comments, which harshly criticize her and without a valid reason. Martina began to doubt herself and this was also seen in the dance performances. With the help of her teacher Lorella and Maria De Filippi, Martina has learned to leave criticism behind.

Martina in the episode of March 13 conquers the gold jersey of Amici’s evening: despite Alessandra Celentano’s contrary opinion, her teacher Lorella Cuccarini assigns her the place to the final phase which begins on March 20, 2021. She is part of the Cuccarisa or Cuccarini – Arisa team and through gauntlet and comparative performances she will try to continue as much as possible in the adventure that sees her protagonist on Saturday night on Canale 5.

  • In the first episode of Amici 2021 Martina challenges Enula: thanks to a choral performance she manages to win the challenge. Martina convinced the judges Stash, Emanuele Filiberto, Stefano De Martino.
  • In the second episode Martina risks elimination by going into a ballot with Ibla: fortunately for the girl, the judges, after a few moments of indecision, decide to save the girl. During the episode Martina performs in a Neoclassical choreography in the gauntlet wanted by Celentano against Serena. Aka7even, her boyfriend, is at risk of elimination and when he sang I miss you dedicated it to the girl. Aka manages to stay in the school
  • In the third episode Tommaso is eliminated and Martina is in tears for the friendship that binds them. Then he dances a piece of Burlesque against Serena. He manages to convince the judges, in particular Stash and Di Martino and to bring home the point.
  • In the fourth episode Martina then challenges Serena in a dance demonstrated by Francesca Tocca on the Latin American style and wins the heat.
  • In the fifth episode Martina is eliminated. The path that leads her to the ballot is made up of a challenge against Serena where she fails to win. The judges in the ballot against Deddy and Tancredi they decide to eliminate the dancer.

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  • Love the English language;
  • She likes the sea;
  • She was very attached to her father. Marina dedicates many posts on Instagram to her dad who is no longer there by putting photos together and remembering the good times that created that special bond that survives even death.
  • Martina said that Aka7even’s song Mi Manchi also feels a bit his own, because the boy probably wrote it with her in mind.


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