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Who is Natalia Paragoni Girlfriend Andrea Zelletta: Biography, Age, Book and Instagram

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Who is Natalia Paragoni Girlfriend Andrea Zelletta: Biography, Age, Book and Instagram

Natalia Paragoni it’s a model known to most for having participated as suitor to Men and Women 2010 – 2019 and then it was the choice from Andrea Zelletta with whom she is engaged. In May 2020, she was the victim of a joke from Le Iene and saw her as the protagonist of a scene of jealousy against her boyfriend. Enter the Big Brother VIP 5 house twice to say goodbye to the fiancé. On the final evening she gives him a touching surprise by hugging him from behind.

Who is Natalia Paragoni?

  • First name: Natalia Paragoni
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Date of birth: December 24, 1997
  • Birth place: Sondrio
  • Profession: Model
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Tattoos: Natalia has three tattoos: a butterfly on her shoulder, flowers on her breast and a dog’s face under her arm
  • Official Instagram Profile: @natyparagoni
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Natalia was born in the province of Sondrio and more precisely in Piantedo. Her soapy beauty and clean face helped her make her way into the fashion world first and foremost by working for gods. photo novels and subsequently, once moved to Milan, parading for different brands.

The decision to leave Valtellina and her family to move to the fashion capital was not easy for Natalia but her desire and determination to find a working path that would satisfy her as well as the excessive mental closure of the country convinced her. to take the plunge. In Milan she participates in the casting of Men and Women and goes down as a suitor for Ivan Gonzalez, only to turn her attention to the other tronista and her future boyfriend, Andrea Zelletta.


Natalia Paragoni is a real influencer: on his Instagram profile he travels towards the Million of Followers (currently we are over 800 thousand) and in fact his work is based a lot on activity via social media.

natalia girlfriend andrea

Work and Career

Natalia Paragoni worked as a model and how umbrella in Moto GP races and in fact among his followers we can find the rider Jorge Lorenzo. Before moving to Milan she had studied and practiced the profession of beautician which today has come in handy because on her Instagram channel she began to create make-up tutorials for her followers. The popularity acquired with the Men and Women program has led her to have almost 700 thousand followers and therefore to be able to fully launch into the career of influencer.
THE makeup videos tutorials that Natalia makes are made by an expert hand and it shows: the girl in fact having worked as a beautician and having always been a great lover of the world of beauty rHe masterfully makes his videos. Natalia Paragoni is a guest on 6 March with Andrea Zelletta at Verissimo the program of Silvia Toffanin.

In April 2021 Natalia Paragoni publish his first book by title Life According to Naty: the influencer and model tells about personal events, such as those of mistreatment suffered from a jealous ex boyfriend and a miscarriage had at a young age. This has profoundly marked the life of Natalia who in her book confesses with an open heart. Natalia is one of the possible competitors of the 2021 – 2022 edition of Big Brother Vip.

From 1 September 2021 Natalia Paragoni and Andrea Zelletta participate in the Real Time program conducted by Katia Follesa entitled “Of love and agreement VIP” where couples are tested with questions that measure the their loving affinity.

Natalia Paragoni and Andrea Zelletta

Natalia and Andrea they are a happy couple who after the choice made to Men and Women he is building his future together. In fact, the boys have gone to live together and plan to have a family together in the future. Natalia also confessed that they have a dog and that they get along very well with their respective families.

As for their now famous quarrels for those who followed the Men and Women program: currently the two boys have some misunderstandings but their bickering never lasts more than ten minutes!

TO September 2020 Andrea enters the house of the Big Brother VIP 8: Natalia supports him via social media by launching some dedications but essentially staying on the sidelines. In the episode of October 19 Natalia enters the house to greet her Andrea: between his tears of emotion and her composure, the meeting turned out to be very exciting!

During the October 23 episode of the GF VIP, Alice Factory, influencer and former suitor of Men and Women, has revealed that she and Andrea Zelletta would have dated even when the boy was engaged to Natalia. After listening to Alice’s live statements, she arrived there response from Natalia who asks Alice to verify the veracity of the statements otherwise she and Andrea will proceed by legal means “. It was also rumored that Natalia was one of the next competitors of the GF Vip, but Andrea promptly denied the house saying that Natalia is not the type for this kind of programs and that her work commitments outside in any case would not have allowed her.

Natalia in a stories on Instagram revealed to his followers how he is moving to find a new home: she and Andrea now live in Milan but Natalia would be going to see some apartments in Monza. The girl also informed Andrea of ​​this research with a phone call made from the house and the boy said he was happy to follow his partner! Contrary to what was finally rumored, Natalia Paragoni is not pregnant. However Andrea and Natalia declared:

“We want to become there when we are young and since Natalia hired me a dog to make me responsible, we are doing technical tests as parents”

Natalia Paragoni and Andrea Zelletta

Men and women

Natalia Paragoni goes down the stairs of Men and Women to woo Ivan Gonzalez, a former single of temptation Island who had distinguished himself for his approach to Valeria Marini during the program. Later though Andrea Zelletta (Ivan Gonzalez’s mate on the throne) is interested in Natalia and asks her out: between the two there is an undeniable and nevertheless feelingand Ivan takes Natalia to the villa for the final choice, this decides to leave first confessing that what she feels for Andrea is not comparable to what she feels for Ivan.

Joke The hyenas

Within an experiment in which Hyenas check if couples born on TV really love each other, in agreement with Andrea Zelletta a joke was organized against Natalia Paragoni. Andrea in fact pretends to have betrayed her just before the lockdown and asks forgiveness for the mistake. Natalia’s reaction is at least broken: the girl transforms giving life to a verbal and physical reaction of a true warrior! Fortunately it was just a joke, we are sure that Andrea now does not even dream of unleashing Natalia’s fury. An excerpt in the video below.


  • Natalia Paragoni was the protagonist of a controversy at the 2020 Venice Festival because she greeted fans in fact non-existent from the gondola
  • Natalia is very attached to her dog Gigi who often posts on Instagram
  • Natalia has been at the center of some controversy for the missed posts for Andrea during her stay in the house of Big Brother VIP 2020


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