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Who is Nicola Vivarelli: Biography, Age, Work and Men and Women Over

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Who is Nicola Vivarelli: Biography, Age, Work and Men and Women Over

Nicola Vivarelli aka Sirius is a Merchant Navy officer and was the protagonist of last season of Men and Women as a suitor Gemma Galgani. The relationship between the two has been the subject of controversy due to the 44-year age difference. The relationship between the two, however, was interrupted during the summer. In season Men and Women 2020, Nicola dated Veronica De Nigris. From the episode of November 11th Nicola abandons the program for a few months because he has to embark for work and return to service. Back in the program at the end of March 2021.

Who is Nicola Vivarelli?

  • First name: Nicola Vivarelli
  • Nickname: Sirius
  • Date of birth: 1994
  • Age: 26 years
  • Zodiac sign: unavailable
  • Profession: Third mate on cruise ships, model
  • Birth place: unavailable
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: unavailable
  • Official Instagram profile: @nicola_vivarelli
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Nicola Vivarelli is a 26 year old boy Forte Dei Marmi.He studied at the Artiglio State Nautical Technical Institute in Viareggio. In 2014 he moved to live in London for five months until in 2015 he began serving on the Carnival Cruise Line (a cruise ship where he is third mate). Virtually nothing is known about him, the boy has in fact removed all information relating to his life from his social profiles, in view of participating in the “Men and Women” program. We know he is about him very attached to his mother who is called Luisella Del Freo, a 51-year-old woman with whom she is shown smiling in a photo on Facebook. The woman in her Facebook profile declares herself single, which makes us think that thea relationship with Nicola’s father ended. Grandma Anna is also an integral part of her family: it was her mother and grandmother who were watching Men and Women who initiated Nicola into the program.
The career in the navy was undertaken by the boy because of his father who was enlisted in the Navy: the strong admiration the boy feels for his dad convinced him to pursue this career despite being in merchant navy and not in the military one.

Work and Career

Nicola Vivarelli he presented himself in the Canale 5 program as a sailor. In fact, Nicola works as third officer for the merchant navy, on Carnival Cruise Line cruise ships. Since he was a child, in fact, the dream of Sirius or Nicola Vivarelli is that of work on ships like his father does.

However, Nicola also works as model and promoter of some brands, and is represented by the “Social Art Agency”, in fact, as you can see on his Instagram profile he published some shots during the shooting, and has created an official fanpage on Facebook since 2018. The agency representing him stated of knowing nothing of the boy’s participation to the Men and Women program, and that the decision was completely and autonomously made by Sirius. From the episode of 11 November Nicola returns to the sea: the boy has in fact been recalled to service and for 3 months he will be on a ship in the ocean.

Nicola Vivarelli Instagram

Nicola Vivarelli is always very active on Instagram, even in the months when he is on board for work. Nicola has about 130,000 followers and in addition to his working life he loves sharing shots that portray him while playing sports. nicola men and women Instagram

Men and Women 2020-2021

Nicola Vivarelli will return as a single knight in Men and Women 2020, dating show starting on 7 September on Canale 5. During the summer the relationship with Gemma Galgani was in fact wrecked: the lady would not have responded to the boy’s invitations who, however, for her part, avoided any kind of temptation. The latest news, however, wanted him next to Valentina Autiero: the two would have been spotted in the same city but the lady promptly denied the rumors about the alleged relationship. Later Nicola is dating Veronica De Nigris: between the two there was also a kiss. The dating between Veronica and Nicola goes on parallel to that of Nicola with Angelica, a younger girl with whom he has dated a few times. The girl seems very busy but Nicola has only had kisses with Veronica. From the episode of 11 November Nicola abandons the program because he was recalled to ship as an officer for three months.

During his absence, an alleged interview with Veronica is reported by various newspapers: the girl claims that Nicola is actually gay and has never been interested in her. Nicola returns to the Men and Women program at the end of March 2021 after finishing his period of service.


Of the private life of Sirius or Nicola Vivarelli before his participation in Men and Women not much is known. The only person who has intervened in this period to talk about him in the newspapers is an ex of his, by name Chiara Vannucci. The woman said their affair lasted for about four years, until 2014 and was his first girlfriend, but he does not know if after her Nicola had other women much older than him. The two met at the club when she was 23 and he was 18, and he was very immature and did not think about the future and having serious relationships. In fact, their relationship ended badly for unknown reasons.

Gemma Galgani

Nicola Vivarelli he landed in the famous Canale 5 dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi in disguise to woo Gemma Galgani, as well as the Alchemist for Giovanna Abate. In fact, for some episodes, a new format was proposed where some suitors could chat with Gemma Galgani without revealing their identity. One of them who really impressed the lady of the throne over was a certain “Sirius”, or Nicola. When the studio recordings resumed, both Gemma and the others in the studio were surprised to see such a young boy.

The knowledge between Sirius and Gemma it goes on during the episodes between compliments and a growing and evident affinity to all. Despite the criticism of a large part of the public on the fineness of the boy’s interest, in the episode of May 18 Gemma and Nicola create an outdoor area where they dine, dance and talk in an accomplice way without ever also due to the quarantine from Covid-19. Later in the course of the episodes Nicola receives the attentions of Valentina Autiero: the woman in the previous episode had left the number to the boy and had also asked to see him after the episode itself, but Nicola refused because he was interested in Gemma. Nicola wanted to take Gemma to Santorini, and told him both in part in an interview with the weekly “CHI”. However, as Greece is closed to tourism, it has relaunched “Let’s go to Venice”? The acquaintance between the two seems to have every intention of continuing even away from the cameras for the summer. The Men and Women Over program is in fact on summer break and now we can follow the updates of Nicola and Gemma from their respective Instagram profiles: Nicola went to Turin on June 9 (he put a story and all the clues lead to the fact that he was there for Gemma). Subsequently Nicola complained via social media of the empty invitations that he made to Gemma in July 2020 to see each other: the lady seems to be rethinking her frequentation with the young knight. Nicola in an interview with the Men and Women magazine confessed that he cannot forget the emotions he felt the first time he saw Gemma. The boy embarks and leaves the program in November to return at the end of March

Kiss Gemma and Nicola

Gemma and Nicola kissed. For now it was just a kiss on the lips through the masks. The couple told about it to Men and Women Magazine, detailing that everything would take place away from the cameras and after a nice romantic walk in Castel Sant’Angelo and Trastevere. Once they arrived at their destination by taxi on the way back, before letting Gemma get off, the two exchanged this coveted kiss.

Coming Out

Nicola Vivarelli is at the center of many controversies: one of these concerns the alleged coming out: an unfounded rumor has begun to circulate on the web that he wanted Nicola to have declared himself Gay under a photo of his Instagram profile. In fact, the boy wrote a comment using the phrase “I’m gay” but reading it in the context it is clear how it was a joke and indeed there were if anything references that could be considered by the most homophobic having put “fennel” among the hashtags.


  • Nicola had not confessed to his mother and grandmother that he would have been to Men and Women to surprise them: he had said instead that he would have gone for an interview to work on a yacht, in reality the two women found him on TV!
  • Before having a relationship with Chiara Vannucci and they were just friends, the two they auditioned for Men and Women together but he was never called back.
  • His “Focus” they are: concentration, passion, consistency.
  • He would like Gemma to be his guest on one of the cruise ships where he serves
  • In 2012 he posted on his facebook profile a photo with columnist Jack Vanore. However, one of Nicola’s comments below the photo is not very nice, as he calls Jack stupid using a rather colorful term. The photo is very old and Jack himself commented that he doesn’t care and that he believes that “the figure of ….” he will do it now that he is courting Gemma!


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