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Who is Paola Di Benedetto: Biography, Age, Former Boyfriend Faith and Book

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Who is Paola Di Benedetto: Biography, Age, Former Boyfriend Faith and Book

Paola Di Benedetto is one showgirl, model and influencer who in the past has played the role of Mother Nature to Ciao Darwin and participated in all‘Island Of The Famous. Paola di Benedetto was engaged to the singer Federico Rossi of the duo Benji and Fede and denied an alleged flirtation with Stefano De Martino. In spring 2020 he won the Big Brother Vip 2020.

Who is Paola Di Benedetto?

  • First name: Paola Di Benedetto
  • Date of birth: January 8, 1995
  • Profession: Showgirl and model
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Birth place: Vicenza
  • Height: 1.73 cm
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Tattoos: Paola has a butterfly with flowers in the center of her back
  • Official Instagram Profile: @paodb
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Paola Di Benedetto was born on January 8, 1995 in Vicenza. She has a twin brother and is very attached to her family, which has Sicilian origins. Paola from a very young age wanted to enter the world of entertainment, which led her to participate in various beauty contests. It was also for three and a half years with the Vicenza footballer Matteo Gentili. The end of their story was at the center of many discussions because according to Paola the two would have left well before her participation in the‘Island of the famous, where the beautiful Paola got very close to Francesco Monte. However, she reiterated that before the adventure on the island the story was long over, which is why she could easily entertain flirting. Paola di Benedetto said she underwent rhinoplasty at the age of 20 because she did not feel comfortable with the nose she had.


Paola Di Benedetto has a instagram account very following with more than 1.7 million followers where he often publishes private photos but also shots related to his professional life.

paola di benedetto

Work and Career

Paola Di Benedetto is one model, influencer and showgirl Italian who during her youth participated in several beauty contests. She finished second to Miss Vicenza and participated in Miss Veneto Grand Prix, winning the title of Miss Antenna 3 and Model Girl. He took part in Miss Italiana in 2006 and, although he did not win first place – as happened also to Benedetta Mazza and Giulia Calcaterra – here he began his career in the world of entertainment. Become Mother Nature a Hello Darwin 7 – The resurrection eand works as a valet in Colorado. In January 2018 participated in The Island Of The Famous (together with Cecilia Capriotti) and from there begins to make a regular presence in the afternoon television lounges. Become a successful influencer, her Instagram account boasts over a million followers. Between December 2018 and January 2019, he plays the role of commentator – together with Marina La Rosa and Aurora Ramazzotti – at Never Say Talk, the program of Gialappa’s band. Starting from 23 September 2020 Paola di Bendetto worked on Italia 1 in the “Disconnessi on the road” program: in the company of his fellow adventures Paolo Ciavarro and Giulia Salemi.

His first was released on November 10, 2020 book published by Rizzoli entitled: “If you believe. We need Head and Heart “on which he declared in an interview with Vanity Fair:

I realized I had a weapon at my disposal, my body, and I decided to use it. However, it is wrong that talent alone is not enough

Paola Di Benedetto was often a guest on TV, not least her participation in Stefano De Martino’s Rai 2 program Everything is possible tonight with Andrea Delogu and Clementino.

Big Brother VIP

Paola di Benedetto won the last edition of Big Brother Vip conducted by Alfonso Signorini. During her stay in the Big Brother house she was the subject of some violent speeches made by Salvo Veneziano, who was disqualified from the competition because of the sentences addressed to Elisa de Pacinis. The public appreciated Paola Di Benedetto for her honesty, friendliness and spontaneity.

Paola Di Benedetto on the Island of the Famous

Paola Di Benedetto was one of the competitors of L’Isola Dei Famosi in 2018. During the adventure he flirted with Francesco Mountain, ex-boyfriend of Cecilia Rodriguez. The two also dated after the end of the program but the relationship lasted only a few months as, as stated by Paola herself, Francesco was not ready to have a serious relationship. During the program he befriended Rosa Perrotta, Filippo Nardi and Marco Ferri.

End of relationship with Federico Rossi

Since summer 2018 Paola di Benedetto has been in a relationship with the singer Federico Rossi, member of the musical duo Benji & Fede together with Benjamin Mascolo. The two said they had a sort of love at first sight even if it was Paola who first “tried” with Fede, writing to him on Instagram. But shortly after the two break up, apparently Federico would have disrespected the beautiful influencer who announced the end of the relationship on Instagram. In the autumn of the same year, however, the two get back together. Paola Di Benedetto then enters the house of Big Brother Vip, wins the competition and states that during her stay in the house she missed her boyfriend.

During a joint interview with Federico in Silvia Toffanin’s living room, she admitted that during the crisis and the depression of Faith she would have left him because he was no longer the person she had fallen in love with. However, when Federico found himself in trouble with alcohol problems, it was she who contacted him and gave her his help.

Paola Di Benedetto has formalized the end of the relationship with Federico Rossi with a post on Instagram:

Many of you have noticed in this last period of the separation between me and Federico. In these 3 years we have loved each other so much and there have been ups and downs, as in all respectable love stories. This time, however, we have come to the realization that we want to go on with our lives alone. We would like to clarify that nothing sensational has happened, we have simply matured this decision over time. No disrespect, no betrayal. Just a love story that has come to an end. We wanted to thank all the people who have grown fond and supported us over the years and we say to them that we will continue to love each other, we will continue to support and respect each other, just as we have always promised. We hug you. Paola and Faith

Flirt Denied with Stefano De Martino

After the end of the relationship with Federico Rossi, from some indiscretions, Paola di Benedetto would have attended Stefano De Martino. The two would have been seen on several occasions together and she was Stefano’s guest on the boat both with friends and alone. However, in a recent interview, Paola herself denied the relationship with De Martino saying: There is no relationship planned at the moment, in the sense that I am not in this rush to fall in love or to find the right person. It is also true that I am 26, which in short, I would like to enjoy life as it should be, as everyone must do regardless. So let’s see.

Video by Paola Di Benedetto

Article by Regina Fiamma Pisano

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