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Who is Paolo Ciavarro: Biography, Age, Clizia Incorvaia, Parents and Instagram

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Who is Paolo Ciavarro: Biography, Age, Clizia Incorvaia, Parents and Instagram

Paolo Ciavarro is known for being a face of Forum and for being son by the actress Eleonora Giorgi and Massimo Ciavarro. The conductor participated in Big Brother Vip 2020, where he met the model and influencer Clizia Incorvaia, to which he is currently related. Paolo Ciavarro and Clizia Incorvaia are expecting their first child (a boy) who will be born in February 2022.

Who is Paolo Ciavarro?

  • First name: Paolo Ciavarro
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Date of birth: 22 October 1991
  • Profession: TV host
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 180 Cm
  • Weight: 80 Kg
  • Tattoos: some symbols on an arm
  • Official Instagram profile: @paolociavarro
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Paolo Ciavarro was born in Rome on 22 October 1991 and is a child of art: the parents are in fact both Italian TV personalities: Massimo Ciavarro and Eleonora Giorgi. Even though he is a child of art, Paolo Ciavarro decides never to use his parents to get to be talked about or to enter the world of entertainment. This is a decision that does him a lot of honor, as the boy has decided to make it only on his own strength. In the house of Big Brother he makes himself known for his calm and serious character, winning the heart of the beautiful Clizia Incorvaia.

Meeting with Clizia Incorvaia at Live is not D’Urso

Paolo Ciavarro iL May 24, 2020 meets again Clizia Incorvaia three months after their last contact in the Big Brother house. The meeting is broadcast live by Barbara D’Urso in the Live program – It’s not D’Urso: a relationship born under the cameras that continues their story in the same way. Paolo has arrived in Sicily (where the girl lives) a few days ago to be able to hug Clizia again and the boy admitted that he “can’t do it anymore”. The couple can hug again after three months, in fact they have not seen each other since Clizia was disqualified from the Big Brother VIP House for saying unseemly phrases that gave Andrea Denver a “Buscetta”.

Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo from that moment have not been able to see each other due to the Lockdown and their meeting is broadcast live we are sure that emotions and tears will not be lacking. UPDATE: During the live Barbara D’Urso said she was very upset: in fact, he revealed that shortly before the program he received the news that the couple had already met for a photo shoot. Barbara asked the boys directly if it was the first time they had seen each other since the time of the house and after a moment of general embarrassment Clizia “confessed”. Barbara added that she was on the side of the couple, but that if she had known it would certainly not have presented it to the public in this way since her property is not to make fun of those who follow her from home.

Paolo Ciavarro Instagram

Paolo Ciavarro has about 400,000 followers on his Instagram profile, less than his partner Clizia. Paolo shares photos with his Clizia and some advertising shots.

Paolo Ciavarro Instagram

Work and career

Paolo Ciavarro, enters the entertainment world starting from 2013, when he participates “Beijing Express”- that year led by Costantino della Gherardesca – paired with his father Massimo. Together they managed to get up to the eighth episode. But Paolo’s career does not end there: the following year it becomes a vote of Forum, the program of Barbara Palombelli. Another experience that makes him even more famous is that which he grants him Maria De Filippi: Paolo Ciavarro in fact leads the day time of Amici with Stefano De Martino (later replaced by Lorella Boccia) and Marcello Sacchetta. Of course, the web has not always been on his side: the criticisms that were leveled at him at the beginning spoke precisely of the fact that he had exploited the name of his parents.

Disconnected On The Road

Starting from 23 September 2020 Paolo Ciavarro will be involved in a new program of Italia 1 “Disconnessi on the road”: in the company of his fellow adventures Giulia Salemi and Paola Di Benedetto. Paolo will tour Italy to tell the trends and customs of the peninsula. An adventure-trip marked by exciting and fun moments, to discover new places and oneself. The program will air every Wednesday evening in the late evening on Italy 1.

Big Brother Vip

But a turning point in his career comes when he becomes one of the participants of the Big Brother Vip, hosted by Alfonso Signorini with ShowGirl Wanda Nara and the singer Pupo. In the most spied-on house in Italy, Paolo Ciavarro binds a lot to Clizia Incorvaia, with whom he begins a real relationship after a kiss given almost for fun. The beautiful Clizia Incorvaia is the ex-wife of Francesco Sarcina de Le Vibrazioni.

Private life

We know that in the past Paolo Ciavarro was linked to Alessia Bosco but that the relationship then ended in a stalemate. Ciavarro also revealed that he has a great desire in life: that of becoming a father when he was young. He also had an alleged flirtation with Laura Frenna, the former suitor of Andrea Damante to Men and Women. Currently Ciavarro is romantically linked to the model and influencer Clizia Incorvaia, which he met during Big Brother Vip 4.

Clizia Incorvaia

Paolo Ciavarro and Clizia Incorvaia they met at GF Vip and, after an initial feeling, a relationship was born between the two. The two, after having kissed the first time, have never stopped doing it. Paolo Ciavarro he also confided in Pago, telling him that it is strange to think how something as private as a kiss is seen by everyone live. After leaving the most spied house in Italy, the two had to go through quarantine separately: Paolo Ciavarro he spent it in Rome, while Clizia Incorvaia in Sicily. During the weeks of enforced isolation, the two continued to feel each other, saying they were eager to meet again. Paul recently left Rome to join his beloved in Sicily, sparking the controversy of the social media people who would have preferred strict compliance with the quarantine rules. Paolo, once he arrived in Sicily, however, placed himself in preventive quarantine and the two re-embraced only later.

About the past of Clizia Incorvaia, in which there would also be an alleged flirtation with the actor Riccardo Scamarcio, had when she was still married to the singer Sarcina, Paolo confided – in Novella 2000 – that he is not interested in the stories concerning the past. Ciavarro was recently asked if he was in love with Clizia or not and in response he declared that he wanted to talk only with the person concerned. They meet on May 24th after three months live on TV on Canale 5 a Live is not D’Urso.

At the beginning of 2021 the couple formed by Paolo Ciavarro and Clizia Incorvaia go to live together: the two after a year from the beginning of their love story are more united than ever and Clizia said that for Paolo it was a real love at first sight. It was also rumored that Clizia was pregnant, a rumor promptly denied by those directly involved.

Video by Paolo Ciavarro


  • The meeting between the two boys resulted in many social controversy: how can a couple who have known each other only for a few months inside the Big Brother house be considered a stable affection, And therefore even travel between regions to meet again?
  • As a boy he auditioned for the soccer team of Manchester City
  • According to his mother Eleonora Paolo he should be paid more
  • He has a brother to whom he is very attached

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