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Who is Patrizia De Blanck: Contessa Biography, Age, Heritage, Illness, Daughter Giada

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Who is Patrizia De Blanck: Contessa Biography, Age, Heritage, Illness, Daughter Giada

Patrizia De Blanck is an Italian television personality, known by the nickname of “Countess De Blanck”For his noble lineages. She is the mother of Giada De Blanck and has participated in programs such as “The restaurant” And “The Island of the Famous“. There Countess De Blanck was a competitor of the Big Brother Vip 2020, led by Alfonso Signorini. During the Big Brother VIP 2021 edition, Countess De Blanck entered the house of GF Vip to deny an alleged flirtation with Giucas Casella.

Who is Patrizia De Blanck?

  • First name: Patrizia De Blanck
  • Date of birth: November 9, 1940 (Thursday)
  • Age: 81 Years
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Profession: TV personality
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 180 Cm
  • Weight: 75 Kg
  • Tattoos: Patrizia De Blanck has no visible tattoos
  • Official Instagram profile: La Contessa has no profile on Instagram
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Patrizia De Blanck was born on November 9, 1944 in Rome under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. His family has noble origins, his mother in fact descends from a noble Venetian family, his mother Lloyd Dario is the last descendant of the family that once owned the Ca’Dario palace, the father instead is ambassador of Cuba, or Guillermo De Blanck y Menocal. For this Patrizia is nicknamed “The Countess”. He currently lives in Rome with his daughter Giada and his two dogs.

Work and Career

Patrizia De Blanck, better known as La Contessa, is a television personality became famous in the sixties, period in which he lands in the guise of valetta al “Musichiere” conducted by Mario Riva. After a period of great absence from the Italian television scene, in 2002 he made a comeback by participating in the “Chiambretti Night”Broadcast on Rai 2 conducted by Piero Chiambretti. In 2003, however, he is a regular guest at “Domenica In”Famous television program then conducted by the king of conductors or Paolo Bonolis. Three years later he took part in the reality show “The restaurant”Broadcast in the very early evening on Rai 1, together with Tina Cipollari and Naike Rivelli. In 2006, however, La Contessa experimented with the world of radio by participating in the radio program of Igor Righetti “The Bad Town” broadcast on Radio 1 under the heading “Class is not water, transgress with bon ton“. In 2008, however, he participates in the sixth edition of one of the most famous reality shows, that is The Island of the Famous together to Belen Rodriguez, Vladimir Luxuria and many others.

The path of the Countess it’s really amazing, no one would have expected him to reach the final, but unfortunately he can’t win, In fact, Patrizia was eliminated with 38% of the votes. In 2011 she plays herself, together with Giada De Blanck in the cinepanettone “Christmas holidays in Cortina“. Two years ago, however, she was a guest at the third edition of Grande Fratello Vip. The quarrel that saw her protagonist together with the Marquise of Aragon, who almost came to blows, is famous.

Countess or Mussolini’s niece?

Patrizia de Blanck would not be a countess and would be the niece of Mussolini. This the bomb at Live is not the D’Urso launched by the journalist Giangavino Sulas. In fact, the woman would be the daughter of fascist hierarch Asvero Gravelli, secret son of Benito Mussolini. She would later grow up with her mother, who married Count Guillermo de Blanck y Menocal and recognized her and her son Dario as legitimate children. Speculation or not?


Patrizia De Blanck got married at the age of twenty together with English baronet Anthony Leigh Milner. Unfortunately, however, their love story does not last long, La Contessa in fact discovered her young husband in bed with his best friend. In 1971 Patrizia became married to Giuseppe Drommi, consul of Panama who passed away in 1999. From their love was born the only daughter of the countess, that is the showgirl Giada De Blanck. Some gossip implies that La Contessa has had various lovers, that is Alberto Sordi (with whom he certainly had a bond of friendship), Franco Califano, Onassis (the son). In a famous interview, La Contessa declared in an interview with Corriere della Sera: “ before you ask me, he knew how to do it in bed, a lot“.

She herself has been called the tiger of the mattress. She is currently engaged but lidentity of his partner it is not known.


There is no particular evidence regarding the patrimony of Countess Patrizia De Blanck, but we know that part of her possessions derives from her past relationships. However, around the 2000s she suffered a substantial economic loss, but her work on TV and her presence as a regular guest in the afternoon television lounges allowed her to continue to lead a comfortable lifestyle.


In 2018 Patrizia De Blanck she was struck by dacryocystitis, an infection of the lacrimal sac, a long illness which, despite having resolved itself, deformed part of her face.

Big Brother Vip 2020

Patrizia De Blanck is one of the protagonists of Big Brother Vip 2020, broadcast on Canale 5 starting from September 14th, has declared that she participates in the program to carry out a sociological experiment and that in case of victory, his winnings will go to charity for children with cancer and animals in difficulty. Patrizia is officially the oldest competitor ever to enter the GF house.

Inside the house, Patrizia lives in a piedaterre, and has her own bed and bathroom. Its volcanic character and its beats have already overwhelmed the house like a cyclone Big Brother Vip. During her stay at the house, Patrizia De Blanck was taken in sympathy by the rest of the roommates and was very close to Fulvio Abbate. She has recently been the protagonist of an unpleasant episode, however: the boys, during the truth and truth game, asked her to wash her hair, since the countess would seem not to wash it from the entrance to the house, which dates back to 14 September.

During the episodes the Countess De Blanck has gained increasing popularity managing to obtain immunity as well. The Countess seems to get along well with most of the competitors, at the moment the only person she continues to name and with whom she therefore has less relationship is Stefania Orlando. Patrizia De Blank has been at the center of much controversy due to some phrases like “shot” addressed to Tommaso Zorzi (but she was clearly joking) and which were taken by some of the people of the web to criticize the Countess. In any case, Patrizia is distinguishing herself for frankness and passion inside the house despite being the oldest competitor ever entered the game in all Italian editions.

In the episode of October 30th, Patrizia receives a visit from her daughter Giada in the Big Brother house.

In the episode of 9 October Patrizia De Blanck celebrates her birthday in the Big Brother house: the Countess turns 80, is officially the oldest contestant of all reality show. As a gift a visit from his daughter Giada, who has shown herself so sweet and passionate with her mother that she tears a few tears and a great many appreciation from the public. Patrizia De Blanck was eliminated from the game by televoting in the episode of November 23 during the twenty-first episode.

As a commentator from the Studio fiercely hurled herself against Stefania Orlando: in the episode of December 7, Patrizia did not spare her opinions in direct connection to Stefania, who after the episode burst into tears.

The following VIPs will also enter the house with the countess: Denis Dosio, Francesca Pepe, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Flavia Vento, Dayane Mello, Stefania Orlando, Adua Del Vesco, Matilde Brandi, Myriam Catania, Maria Teresa Ruta and Guenda Goria, Andrea Zelletta, Massimiliano Morra, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Enock Barwuah, Francesco Oppini, Tommaso Zorzi, Fulvio Abbate, Fausto Leali and Paolo Brosio.


  • Patrizia has revealed that she had a young relationship with Mario De Grenet, father of Samantha De Grenet
  • It seems that Patrizia De Blanck’s father was an exponent of the Masonry;
  • In 2008 he wrote a book “In bed with the devil“;
  • According to some rumors it seems that Patrizia De Blanck is the natural daughter of Asveroglio Gravelli, the rumor was spread by the same family as the Countess.
  • It seems that Patrizia De Blanck’s mother was the mistress of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston ChurchilL. Many times the woman has been paparazzi in the summer residence of the well-known politician on the Côte d’Azur.
  • Her good luck charm is a pendant depicting Padre Pio
  • The legends about Patrizia De Blanck are numerous and the woman loves to joke about them between the serious and the facetious.

Video by Patrizia De Blanck

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