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Random, at the registry office Emanuele Case, is a 19-year-old Italian singer and rapper from Naples, competitor of Sanremo 2021 section BIG. He participated in the program Special Friends 2020. Unlike other competitors, Random he does not come from other talents but was chosen because he has a large following, especially among the very young.

Who is Random?

  • Stage name: Random
  • Real Name: Emanuele Case
  • Date of birth: April 26, 2001
  • Age: 19 years
  • Zodiac sign: Bull
  • Profession: Rap singer
  • Birth place: Sum mass (NA)
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: The rapper has several tattoos: the word “fuck” on his index finger, the Nike mark on his hand, a stylized guitar just below his wrist.
  • Official Instagram profile: @random_solo
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Emanuele Case was born in the province of Naples, precisely in Massa di Somma, on April 26, 2011. He moved with his family to Riccione when he was only two years old. His family is very religious, and his parents are evangelical pastors; precisely for this reason God is still a fixed point for him today. Emanuele, in art Random, he begins to become passionate about music, thanks to his father, who always brings him different instruments, from an early age: at only five years old. The first instrument that starts playing is battery, then he also puts his hands on the bass, the guitar and the piano. At school he approaches the world of rap and freestyle, to then move on to writing real texts, concerning school and everyday life.

Random Instagram

Random’s Instagram profile has more than 297,000 followers and is destined to grow as well as its musical success.

Work and career

Random now he works in the world of music, thanks to the meeting with the producer Zenit who notes his video on YouTube and decides to offer himself as a producer for him. Together they publish the artist’s first work, “Young Gold”, closer to the trap genre. The response with the public is positive, but Emanuele prefers to experiment and after months of musical research the duo records “Noise”, obtaining in a very short time the top of the Italian rankings, also thanks to the social Tok Tok. The song was actually written in 80 minutes while Emanuele works as a bricklayer, and Zenit thought of discarding it, but after having made a new version in a few days (including another video clip) they decided to launch it, obtaining unthinkable results: double Disc of Platinum, over 40 million streams on Spotify, 14 million views on Youtube.

Subsequently he releases his second single, “lipstick”, a piece to which the rapper is very attached even more than the first since it confirmed his success and demonstrated that the success of “chiasso” was not a fortuitous event, but it did allowed to believe in his skill and his potential. Later he publishes “Marionette”, duet with the singer Carl Brave. Regarding his success he recently admitted that music has helped him even in moments of despair and that, despite the difficulties, his dream of becoming a famous singer has never abandoned him. On 11 December 2020 he releases a new single entitled “Sono Luce”.

Random Sanremo

Random was one of the big names in the race at the 71st edition of Sanremo 2021, as announced during the final of AmaSanremo by Amadeus, an evening dedicated to young proposals. Together with him, Gaia Gozzi and Irama also arrive from Amici. The title of the unreleased Random song is I come back to you. In the evening dedicated to the duets and covers of Sanremo 2021, Random will sing Jovanotti’s “Lucky boy” with The Kolors and their leader Stash.

The young singer finished last in the final classification of the Festival.

Text Torno Da te Random

When you go around me
You know it doesn’t seem real to me
And maybe you are not
Maybe it’s my head
I remember every smile
How many dreams in the drawer that
Sometimes we leave behind
We do not leave life as usual
For fear of being alone
When you go around me
You know it doesn’t seem real to me

And maybe you are not
Maybe it’s my head
And today I return to you
I come back to love at least
Maybe I don’t think anymore
I feel alive today
And we always get lost on the most beautiful
You wipe out my face then run away laughing
We are thousands and thousands
But we don’t find ourselves
When you go around me
You know it doesn’t seem real to me

And maybe you are not
Maybe it’s my head
And today I return to you
I come back to love at least
Maybe I don’t think anymore
I feel alive today
Seek me and you will find me
Inside the notes I would never write
It is only time that will write the rest
Which changes if we are different from the rest
When you go around me
I come back to you
When you go around me
I come back to you
When you go around me

Sanremo 2021 singers

Private life

On the private life of Emanuele Caso, in art Random, not much is known. She is currently supposed to be single, even though she has had an affair that lasted a long time and that it made him suffer. Despite this, Random strongly believes in love and feelings in general.

Special Friends

Random participates in the four episodes of Amici Speciali, Maria De Filippi’s talent show dedicated to already famous people that begins on May 15 on Canale 5, whose artistic direction is entrusted to Giuliano Peparini. Most of the competitors are former competitors of the “standard” version of the program, only Random and Michele Bravi have never participated. Competitors will most likely be split into different teams, but we still don’t know who will fight whom. Here are the names of all the participants of the new talent Amici Speciali 2020: Giordana Angi, Alberto Urso, The Kolors, Gaia Gozzi, Irama, Alessio Gaudino, Gabriele Esposito, Andreas Muller, Umberto Gaudino, Javier Rojas.

During the episodes of the Random program it was a real revelation: his genuine doing and his young music have conquered audiences and critics. In the episode of May 22 he presented his new single entitled “I’m a good guy, a little crazy”. During the semifinal he will compete with Alberto Urso, his nemesis: the two boys are at the antipodes of musical styles but both with a sunny character and a boundless love for music.


  • His musical influences derive from Italian artists: in particular Marracash, but also Emis Killa and Guè Pequeno.
  • He launched into rap with the nickname Ca $ h O, but then, for several unspecified reasons, he had to change it and opted for Random, which derives from the English translation of his surname.
  • His three favorite songs of the moment are “It’s always beautiful” by Coez, “Bang Bang” by Sfera and “Hanging Dreams” by Ultimo.
  • The things he can’t do without are his affections, obviously music and God.
  • On November 13, 2019 he took part in the match of the National Singers at the Frosinone stadium, for the sixth edition of “Ciao Pà”, an event to support the “Adopt an Angel” project of the Ce.RS Association
  • Pin, the dancer of friends, also danced in his music video

Random video

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