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Who is Riccardo Guarnieri? Biography, Age, Ida, Roberta and Return to Men and Women

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Who is Riccardo Guarnieri?  Biography, Age, Ida, Roberta and Return to Men and Women

Riccardo Guarnieri is a worker originally from Taranto, known to the public for having been one of the most loved protagonists of the Throne Over of Men and Women and for having participated with his ex-partner Ida Platano on Temptation Island. After many ups and downs, left on live TV, distances and rapprochements, their relationship ended insummer 2020. He then goes back to Men and Women and gets engaged to Roberta Di Padua, but the relationship ends after a few months. Currently it is still part of the male parterre of Men and Women.

Who is Riccardo Guarnieri

  • First name: Riccardo Guarnieri
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Aries (same as Ida)
  • Date of birth: March 29, 1979
  • Birth place: Statte (Taranto)
  • Profession: Worker
  • Height: 184 cm
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Tattoos: Riccanrdo has no Tattoos
  • Official Instagram Profile: @riccardo_guarnieri
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Riccardo Guarnieri, Riccardo Maria Guarnieri is originally from Taranto and more precisely from He stayed where he lives with his parents after the end of his last relationship with a woman he was living with. Riccardo grew up with a brother and sister and has grandchildren to whom he is very attached. Riccardo has always stood out for being one very well cared for person also in the physical aspect: athletic and lean, he has among his passions that of the gym and sport in general.

His most important story before Ida was characterized by one troubled coexistence, after which he returned to live at the parents’ house. The desire to find love led him to the studies of Men and Women, where Riccardo has always said he wanted to find a woman of character and intelligent. Meet Ida Platano here and after years of ups and downs of relationships both inside and outside the studio, the couple seems to have found their balance.

Work and Career

Riccardo Guarnieri he worked as a worker in Statte in the province of Taranto. He said he had work problems to follow Ida to Brescia, to move somewhere week to try coexistence. So we currently don’t know if he has found another job or not. What is certain is that since becoming a TV personality Riccardo can boast an Instagram profile with almost 250,000 followers. This could allow him to work as an influencer and testimonial even if his Instagram profile is not particularly rich in this type of shots. In general, Riccardo does not use the social network in question so assiduously and sometimes even several months pass between one photo and another.


riccardo guarnieri men and women over

Men and Women 2021 2022

Riccardo Guarnieri returns to Men and Women in the 2021 2022 season: Riccardo after the end of the relationship with Roberta continues to get involved and want to find love in Mediaset studios.

Men and Women 2020 2021

Riccardo Guarnieri after having closed the relationship for several months with Ida Platano, decides to return to the program Men and Women Over 2020 2021 (from the 2020 edition joined to the classic throne) to try to find a soul mate again. As soon as he arrives in the studio he knows and starts dating Giulia Mastrantonio of the throne over. Between the two it lasts only a few weeks. Riccardo begins dating an old acquaintance of his, Roberta Di Padua. Riccardo also goes out with another lady: Brunilde Habibi who is also getting to know Armando at the same time.

Riccardo and Roberta continue to meet and discuss: misunderstandings follow one another during the episodes up to that of January 8 where Roberta continues to ask Riccardo for an exclusive while he has no intention of it. Roberta says she demands it by any man because that’s his way of live relationships.

After granting temporary exclusivity, the two continue to quarrel: Roberta feels Riccardo distant, who despite physical contacts do not have the right amorous passion. After arguing in mid-February 2021, they continue dating but without exclusivity. After some ups and downs Roberto Guarnieri and Roberta di Padua decide in March 2021 to leave the program together by actually dating outside the studio and becoming a couple. It is possible to follow them on their respective Instagram profiles where they show a love that is going gofie sails. Later on May 7 he returns to his studio with Roberta to talk about the difficulties of living together: He told of a day in Salerno where Riccardo does not sleep at night and having no water he went to pick her up by car. He came back and took a shower and tried to fall asleep. Roberta had an outburst because he woke her up several times by turning on lights and ignoring the fact that she was sleeping. Angry Riccardo took the suitcase and left.

The couple finally parted with mutual accusations and spite, leaving the studio just before the summer break in June 2021.

Riccardo Guarnieri and Ida Platano

Riccardo Guarnieri catches the eye of Ida Platano in the studies of Men and Women. Both very beautiful begin to exchange glances and complicity. At that time she was dating Sossio Aruta, but after Riccardo’s courtship and a few outings together, the passion between the two arises, who then decide to leave the program to meet away from the cameras. After a few months, however, the relationship is not fully satisfactory, Ida feels insecure, the two live far away and therefore decide to test their love by participating in the program. Temptation Island 2018 . Here the couple in the throes of jealousies and misunderstandings asks for a early bonfire in which they only partially clarify things.

In September Riccardo and Ida go back to the studio at Men and Women, it turns out that Riccardo had never stopped hearing the single he had approached by phone during the Temptation Island program and so the two remain in the studio separated. In the 2019 2020 season of Men and Women, therefore, Ida begins dating Armando Incarnato while Riccardo goes out with Roberta from Padua. Amidst spite, digs and second thoughts, after Ida’s kiss with Armando, Riccardo shakes himself and asks Ida again to get back together. The couple now seems to have found their own balance and is staying passing the lockdown at her house. Riccardo at Christmas asked Ida to marry him, so the couple will plan a wedding if things continue to go the right way. After the lockdown, however, the couple separated, definitively ending the relationship.


  • Riccardo had three important relationshipsi in his life
  • Has a little dog to which he is very attached
  • He is very attached to Samuel, Ida’s son


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