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Who is Sangiovanni? Biography, Age, Girlfriend Giulia and Sanremo 2022

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Who is Sangiovanni?  Biography, Age, Girlfriend Giulia and Sanremo 2022

Saint John, real name Giovanni Pietro Damian, is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter rapper, known to the public for being the winner of the singers category Friends 20. The unpublished Gucci Bag, Lady, All night long And Malibu di Sangiovanni have become Hits. He is engaged to the dancer Giulia Stabile. He duet with the singer Madame. Sangiovanni Participates in Sanremo 2022 with the song Butterflies.

Who is Sangiovanni?

  • First name: Giovanni Pietro Damian
  • Stage name: Saint John
  • Age: 18 years
  • Date of birth: January 9, 2003
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Birth place: Vicenza
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Official Instagram profile: @sangiovanni
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Sangiovanni Biography

Damian Giovanni Pietro, known as San Giovanni, was born in 2003 in Vicenza under the sign of Capricorn. He lives with his family in the province of Vicenza and precisely in Grumolo delle Abbadesse. He calls himself Saint John because everyone has always told him not to have the face of a saint and therefore to have chosen this stage name for this very reason. He can’t stand falsehoods and says that music is his whole life. In Vicenza he attended the Don Giuseppe Fogazzaro High School.

Sangiovanni writes in a very natural way: he told Stash that it takes very little time to write bars and Stash reiterated that his is in fact a gift.

Sangiovanni and Madame

Sangiovanni and Madame they are friends and they support each other. How come they know each other? They attended the same high school, the Don Giuseppe Fogazzaro of Vicenza. Although Madame is currently expected to continue her studies privately, the two boys know each other and met in a school environment. This is why Madame always supports Sangiovanni on Facebook and encourages him, a sign of not only virtual knowledge!

Sangiovanni and Madame


Sangiovanni di Amici entered the school with assets two singles: not +, released in June 2020, and parano!, released in May 2020. The songs are both released under the label Sugar Music, record labels of Caterina Caselli. The video of the song “non +” was directed by Damian himself as he stated on an Instagram post. In the Amici Sangiovanni school he realizes both Gucci Bag that Lady: two songs that already have many plays on the radio. In 2021 a new single again, always in the school of friends: “All night long”, produced by Dardust. The song Lady went gold in March 2020 with 35 thousand copies sold! Madame is a Sangiovanni fan: the two are both originally from Vicenza. After the end of the Amici Sangiovanni program confirms its success: a end of May his “Sangiovanni” album is the best-selling in Italy and his single Malibu is at the top among the most listened to singles becoming six times platinum.

In the summer of 2021 during the tour to present the new album, Sangiovanni was a guest at the first episode of Live beats the summer music program conducted by Elisabetta Gregoraci. He also publishes the video clip of his single Malibù where together with his girlfriend Giulia Stabile they act out scenes of everyday life.

Giulia is a professional dancer at Amici 21, so it is not difficult to see Sangiovanni as a guest of the program during the year. Sangiovanni at the end of September 2021 launches the new single Gamma rays. On November 12, instead, a duet with Madame comes out: their first duet is actually a moment of music between friends since Sangiovanni and Francesca they have known each other since high school as they are both from Vicenza. The Single is called Lost In The Dark. Take part in Sanremo 2022 for the first time bringing a song from the title Butterflies. In December 2021 it is on the cover of Billboard magazine.


Sangiovanni’s Instagram profile already has 450,000 followers. The boy shares very few photos, just about ten, to show that the boy does not use social media a lot or that he has “cleaned up” his instagram account after joining Amici.

Sangiovanni Insta


Sangiovanni was engaged to a girl named Margherita Mirelli. Sangiovanni during the Christmas holidays 2020 closes the relationship with Margherita because her growing interest in the dancer Giulia Stabile can no longer live with the relationship outside the program. Sangiovanni subsequently spoke of the moment when he realized he was in love with Giulia:

There was one particular day when I said maybe I fell in love with her. No, not how she dances. There was a precise moment when she got on stage and I said I’m falling in love watching her. It was crazy, it was something else

Sangiovanni and Giulia Stabile
Sangiovanni and Giulia Stabile seem to be in love

Sangiovanni and Giulia they are a very popular couple on the web: the fans behind the Sangiulia hashtag follow the boys in every show of affection or facet. So much so that they noticed how Sangiovanni dedicated the unreleased song Lady during the evening to the girl.

Giulia Stabile

Giulia Stabile and Sangiovanni continue to be together. After the end of Amici and the shared joy for the first and second place, Giulia and Sangiovanni continue their relationship albeit having to deal with distance. Sangiovanni, who we remember lives in Vicenza, is often in Rome to promote his album with Instore meetings and other events: the free moments are all shared with Giulia. Sangiovanni also confessed that it is not easy to go from living together in a small house to not seeing each other often: this, however, to moment is not an obstacle for the couple who want to continue being together.

Sangiovanni Amici 20

To Amici 20 Sangiovanni he is the youngest competitor: he enters with his own unpublished title Guccy Bag: conquers Rudy Zerbi and Anna Pettinelli, while Arisa although pleasantly impressed, she declared that she did not know how to work with Sangiovanni. The boy then officially becomes a pupil of the school of Amici. In the school she attracts the sympathies of Giulia Stabile. In fact, the girl confessed to Rosa that Sangiovanni makes her feel the “bubbles in the stomach”. Sangiovanni is initially engaged, but during the Christmas holidays he closes the relationship with his ex and opens the doors to one with Giulia. The two kiss and for Giulia it was the first kiss ever. On March 20 the evening begins and Sangiovanni wins practically all the challenges that stand in front of him: against Aka7even he makes some bars on The Boy of the Gluk Way and receives many compliments, continuing to unmold successful unreleased like All night long.

He arrives in the final and wins the critics’ prize and the radio prize: his song Malibù appears to be among the most voted by the radio as the most radio song. Sangiovanni also wins the SIAE prize worth twenty thousand euros in gold tokens for his creativity and his ability to translate profound concepts into simple words. Sangiovanni in the ranking in second place of Amici, leaving the place of victory to Giulia at the behest of the public televoting.

Sangiovanni After Amici

After the end of the school of Amici Sangiovanni is in tour to promote his records in bookstores and for other events. He is also shooting the video of Malibu and spends a lot of his free time with Giulia Stabile. He participated in an interview with Le Iene and participates in Sanremo 2022

The dates of the Sangiovanni Tour

Sangiovanni will be on tour from January 2022 with a series of concerts entitled “the world of Sangio”. Tours and dates:

  • Venaria Reale 09 January 2021 (Teatro della Concordia)
  • Milan 15 January 2021 (Alcatraz)
  • Florence 19 January (Tuscany Hall)
  • Florence January 20 (Tuscany Hall)
  • Naples 22 January (Palapartenope)
  • Rome 29 January (Atlantic)


  • Sangiovanni boasts a very special fan: the singer Madame who has often commented on Sangiovanni’s Instagram posts on his Instagram profile. Both are from Vicenza.
  • Sangiovanni is imitated at Tale and Which Show 2021 by Pierpaolo Pretelli: it is the first time that such a young singer has been imitated on the stage of the program.
  • Sangiovanni defined himself as shy, even if not apparently. Maria de Filippi immediately understood this trait and helped him to bring out all the artistic vein.

Sangiovanni Video

The latest single from Sangiovanni, Malibu, confirmed itself as the symbolic song of the Italian summer, winning 6 platinum discs.

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