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Who is Stash Fiordispino: Age, Giulia Belmonte, Daughter Grace and The Kolors

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Who is Stash Fiordispino: Age, Giulia Belmonte, Daughter Grace and The Kolors

Antonio Stash Fiordispino, known only as Stash, is an Italian singer, frontman of The Kolors. He taught singing at the school of Amici 19 led by Maria De Filippi and is currently judge of the 2021 edition Friends 20. He is engaged to Giulia Belmonte, journalist and showgirl as well as former Miss Abruzzo, who before last Christmas gave birth to Grace, their first daughter by posting the first Photo of Grace the daughter of Stash and Giulia.

Who is Stash Fiordispino?

  • First name: Antonio Stash Fiordispino
  • Date of birth: July 7, 1989
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Zodiac sign: cancer
  • Profession: Singer
  • Birth place: Caserta
  • Tattoos: Stash tattooed Michael Jackson’s face on his forearm; the “k”Of kolors on the wrist; the name of the album “you” on the chest.
  • Official Instagram profile: @thekolors_stash
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


Antonio Stash Fiordispino was born in Caserta on 7 July 1989. His middle name was given to him by his father who is a rock lover and was inspired by a verse from “Money” by Pink Floyd. His father Umberto also owns a famous recording studio which has been a reference point for numerous Neapolitan singers, including Pino Daniele. Stash grows up surrounded by music which also becomes a great passion for him. He moved to Milan to study painting atBrera Academy and subsequently New Technologies. Later he will move to London where he will be hosted by a local family. With Alex Fiordispino, his cousin, in 2010 he founded a band in which Daniele Mona will also be there.

Instagram stash

Stash’s first photo on his Instagram profile with his daughter Grace in her arms. The Kolors’ Stash social profile counts 1 million Followers who rejoiced with the singer for the birth of his first daughter.

stash the kolors

Work and career

Stash Fiordispino is the frontman of The Kolors. He plays many instruments including guitar, piano, synth and percussion. In 2010 The Kolors become resident band of the Milanese club “The monkeys”And after a few years they publish the first unpublished, obtaining the possibility of opening concerts by Italian and non-Italian artists, such as Paolo Nutini. In 2015 they take part in Friends, winning it. They pass from the Baraonda label to Universal, and begin to collect hits “Frida (never, never, never)”, Which present at the 68th Sanremo Festival, publish the singles “Like the waves“With J-Ax,”Think bad“With Elodie and”Los Angeles“With Guè. Stash was a singing teacher at Amici producing Tish’s song “Casino” and supporting the other professors Rudy Zerbi and Anna Pettinelli. The following year, 2020 – 2021 is not confirmed among the professors but participates for the New Year’s Eve in the evening live from the House of Big Brother together with The Kolors. In February 2021 the new single from The Kolors group titled “Mal Di Gola” is released.


Stash Fiordispino he had a very long relationship of over 10 years with the fashion journalist Carmen Fiorentino. The story was interrupted due to her jealousy who could not tolerate the constant requests for selfies from the fans. For Stash, despite the end of the relationship, she remains one of the smartest women ever known. Stash was paparazzi with Ginevra Lambruschi and with Raffaella, Tonon’s ex-girlfriend, but never confirmed anything. Stash was also spotted in 2018 with Anna Tatangelo, but he wanted to point out that between him and the singer there is a relationship of brotherly friendship.

Giulia Belmonte

Stash is currently engaged with Giulia Belmonte. Stash he becomes the father on December 3 of a little girl named Grace. Giulia’s pregnancy was announced during the final of Amici Speciali and then on Instagram with these words: “This is definitely the most beautiful music I have ever created… like anything extraordinary that has happened to me in my life, it comes like this, suddenly! And I think that all you have to do in these moments is to trust your instincts and dive into a new chapter of your life … That life to which I am grateful because at any moment, like a bolt from the blue and above all in a moment like this, gives you the best gift ever. From today a new me begins, from today everything takes on a different meaning because I know that you will be there! “.


Stash confessed that he was ashamed to reveal that he was expecting a child and stated it on Instagram: “This was one of my greatest wishes, a desire that I had never expressed even to my friends or family, because I was almost ashamed ”. With a video on his Instagram profile, Stash then revealed the sex of the unborn child: one female!

Stash and Giulia’s baby girl named Grace was born on 3 December 2020 and was baptized in Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast, on 8 June 2021 with a ceremony in which the clothes of the parents were created ad hoc by Dolce and Gabbana.

Friends 2021

Stash returns in the evening of Amici 2021 as a judge: shares the task with the dancer who is also former friends Stefano De Martino and with the ubiquitous one Emanuele Filiberto.

Special Friends

Stash and The Kolors participate in the brand new edition of Amici, or Amici Speciali, which will be broadcast on May 15th at 9.30pm on channel 5. In this special edition Stash he will not play the role of the judge and will take the field to win the trophy together with the other artists. The Kolors managed to become famous thanks to the talent of Maria De Filippi, will they be able to climb the top step again? The other competitors of the talent are: Giordana Angi, Alberto Urso, Michele Bravi, Gaia Gozzi, Irama, Alessio Gaudino, Gabriele Esposito, Andreas Muller, Umberto Gaudino, Javier Rojas and Random.

Video by Stash Fiordispino


  • In 2016, on the occasion of the Mtv Music awards, Stash spat in the direction of the camera, which he later apologized for. Stash acted like this because according to him the prizes were not awarded transparently and someone tried to boycott them.
  • Stash posted a photo with the swollen face. He ended up in a fight to defend a girl from a slap.
  • Stash is his middle name but everyone in the family calls him that, except his grandfather who prefers to call him Antonio.
  • Stash, after knowing Elisa on the occasion of his participation in Amici, he formed a friendship with the singer and was also among the guests at her wedding.
  • In the summer of 2021 he ended up under accusation and opened up for him an investigation for receiving stolen goods: in fact it would have rented a Ferrari and a Maserati and it seems that the bill was paid with money attributable to a company that acted illegally. The artist’s lawyer, however, immediately intervened saying that Stash is unaware of all the events relating to the company in question.

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