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Who is Stefania Orlando? Biography, Age, Husband Simone and Children

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Who is Stefania Orlando?  Biography, Age, Husband Simone and Children

Stefania Orlando is a presenter and showgirl, born in 1966 in Rome. Stefania Orlando is married to the musician Simone Gianlorenzi, after a long relationship with the actor Andrea Roncato. Stefania Orlando was a contestant of the Big Brother Vip 2020 and participated in Such and what Show 2021.

Who is Stefania Orlando?

  • First name: Stefania Orlando
  • Date of birth: December 23, 1966
  • Age: 54 years
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Profession: Actress, TV host and singer
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 177 Cm
  • Weight: 67 Kg
  • Tattoos: Stefania has a phoenix tattooed on her left shoulder that symbolizes her rebirth, on her body she has several tattoos some of which are not very visible
  • Official Instagram profile: stefaniaorlando1
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Biography of Stefania Orlando

Stefania Orlando was born in Rome (Monteverde area) in the Eternal City on 23 December 1966 under the zodiac sign of Capricorn by his mother Biagina originally from Puglia (named in honor of San Biagio, but she prefers to be called Anna Maria). We also know about her mother that she is of the sign of the scorpion, having been born on October 30: Stefania did not fail to send her best wishes also from Big Brother’s house.

His father, on the other hand, is a judge, lawyer and university professor. As a young man, his father played the guitar in some clubs and Stefania took up the artistic vein from her father. The showgirl is not an only child, in fact Stefania also has a brother to whom she is very attached. We do not have much information about her childhood, as soon as she reaches the age of majority she decides to leave her homeland to go and live with her boyfriend. Before becoming a successful showgirl Stefania does not want to burden her parents’ shoulders and decides to start work as a model and as a real estate agent. It begins to get noticed right in the period in which it approaches the world of catwalks thanks to its beauty.

Stefania said that at 18 she found a job in a real estate agency and met them Alessandra: they go to live together and become women together. The most beautiful time of his life there were always for each other.

Lived with her until she lived with Andrea Roncato. When the relationship ended, Stefania had thought of returning with her friend Alessandra to live, but she fell ill in 2006 from cancer and left her. Stefania collapsed after this bereavement because this was the greatest pain of her life. Stefania says she is certain that Simone sent it to her by Alessandra, who tried to heal and understand her.

Stefania Orlando

Stefania Orlando in a moment of relaxation during the summer of 2021

Such and what Show 2021

Stefania Orlando has been confirmed as a competitor of the eleventh edition of the program conducted by Carlo Conti, Such and Which Show. Together with her were confirmed: Deborah Johnson, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Alba Parietti, Federica Nargi, Ciro Priello, Dennis Fantina, Francesca Alotta, Gemelli di Guidonia, Simone Montedoro and Biagio Izzo.

The program will see as judges: Loretta Goggi, Cristiano Malgioglio and Giorgio Panariello.

  • In the early evening of Tale and Which Show Stefania Orlando engages with the imitation of the great Lady Gaga. Her performance was highly appreciated by the public, and earned her fourth place in the provisional ranking.
  • In the second episode Stefania imitates Donatella Rector.
  • In the third episode Stefania Orlando gives a convincing imitation of Mina, a true sacred monster. The performance earned her the third place in the general classification.
  • In the fourth episode Stefania Orlando engages in the imitation of Anna Oxa. The imitation earned him sixth place in the provisional ranking.
  • Stefania Orlando in the fifth episode imitates the singer Blondie: her pop rock style is perfect for Stefania.
  • In the sixth episode Stefania Orlando imitates the singer Cher
  • Sixth in the provisional ranking, Stefania Orlando in the seventh episode imitates Fiorella Mannoia
  • In the eighth and final episode of Such and What Show Stefania Orlando imitates Caterina Caselli. The final victory goes to the guidonia twins while Stefania comes in fifth place.

Stefania Orlando will be one of the 13 contestants of Such and what Show, the tournament, aired on November 19. He will be an exceptional judge Antonella Clerici and the other 12 competitors:

Stefania Orlando’s career from valetta to presenter

Stefania Orlando is an Italian actress, TV presenter and singer successful, the beginning of his career in the difficult world of entertainment begins in the now distant 1993 year in which he wears the clothes of valetta and performs in the famous program “Yes or No?”. The following year, on the other hand, he had the opportunity to make his debut in Rai, becoming the official valley of the program “We bet that?“In 1995, however, she began her adventure as a television presenter, in fact, until 1996 Stefania Orlando conducted the “Tg Rosa“.

Also in 1996 he took part in the show “The boom“. The following year, on the other hand, thanks to the success obtained as a presenter, Stefania was commissioned to conduct “Your facts ”on Rai 2. His presence in the game show continued until 2003. Between 1998 and 2001 he also led the Teleton solidarity marathon and the “I fight at eight“. In 2002 he also leads the final of “Lottery Italy“. The following year instead leads “Piazza Grande“, in 2004 “Stars with a tail“. In 2006 he appears in the famous fiction which has as protagonist Terence Hill or “Don Matteo“(Sixth edition). After some “minor” roles Stefania returns to television in 2011 as a regular guest of “One Morning in the family“. From 2015 to 2016 instead he participates in the game show “ Your own business”And in the same period he also conducts some episodes of“ Cantando Ballando ”. His singing career instead began in 2005, when he joined the group “Sex Machine Band“, In 2007 he released his first solo single or”Under the moon”And two years later he publishes the his very first music albumUp and down“. On 6 November 2020 the new single by Stefania Orlando entitled “Babylon” always made in collaboration with her husband Simone Gianlorenzi.

Big Brother VIP 2020

Stefania Orlando was one of the symbolic competitors of Big Brother VIP 2020. After spending more than six months in the Big Brother house and showing her strong and fragile character at the same time, she ranks third behind Tommaso Zorzi and Dayane Mello. she stated that she participates in the Big Brother VIP because she would like people to know her for better or for worse. He is aware of the fact that in some moments forced cohabitation could bring out the less attractive sides of his character. He also stated that he did not want to win but wanted to leave a mark inside the house. Stefania is a woman with a strong character and not always condescending. On the evening of the final Stefania Orlando loses televoting with Tommaso Zorzi and is ranked third.

Stefania in the house made a strong friendship with Tommaso, she received criticism from Giulia Elettra Gorietti daughter of the current partner of Andrea Roncato, her ex-husband.


Stefania Orlando has almost 300,000 followers on her Instagram profile and loves to share fashion photos, advertising and some shots of everyday life. The photos with her husband Simone Gianlorenzi, with whom she is very much in love, are not lacking as well as some more light-hearted selfies.

Private life

Stefania Orlando since 2008 she has been romantically linked to the musician Simone Gianlorenzi, the two just last year decided to get married by celebrating a spectacular ceremony on the beach. The two, who are 11 years old, live in Rome. How did Stefania and Simone meet? Not everyone knows that Stefania Orlando has a singing career behind her: in 2008 the woman had a band called “Gli Orlandi Furiosi” and Simone Gianlorenzi was her guitarist. From here love broke out!

Before Simone, Stefania Orlando was married to her colleague Andrea Roncato, the two got married in 1997. After two years they decide to take different paths, despite everything they are still on excellent terms.

Husband Simone Gianlorenzi

Stefania Orlando’s husband is Simone Gianlorenzi: a musician, to be precise guitarist, 42 years old from Rome. It has always been far away from the spotlight and focused on his musical career which boasts collaborations with artists world famous. They live in Rome with their little dog Margot. Simone has always hurled himself via social media in defense of his wife: he does not miss any attitude of the tenants of the house or any confessional. Simone defends Stefania and often criticizes hypocrisy, exaggerated reactions and judgments given on his wife.


  • His favorite singer is Renato Zero. It defines itself as a real Sorcina!
  • His favorite corner of Rome has always been the Gianicolo
  • Stefania Orlando it is very popular on social networks;
  • Spend many hours in the gym to take care of your body.
  • He has a chihuahua named Margot
  • He learned to value time during the Lockdown
  • He defines himself selfish but also very altruistic: a real contrast in terms!
  • Stefania Orlando was a singer and even edited the video clip of her very first single by herself
  • Tommaso Zorzi’s sister, Gaia Zorzi, confessed to the GF VIP Party microphones that she has a weakness for Stefania and cheers for her victory!

Video by Stefania Orlando

The song Babilonia by Stefania Orlando

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