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Who is Taylor Mega? Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Instagram

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Who is Taylor Mega?  Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Instagram

Taylor Mega is a ‘businesswoman, 27-year-old model and influencer from Udine. Had an affair with Tony Effe from the Dark Polo Gang, the beautiful Taylor has been credited with numerous flirtations in show business, from Flavio Briatore to Sfera Ebbasta.

Taylor Mega is also known to the public for her participation in the 2019 edition of The Island of the Famous and, in the same year, at the 16th edition of Big Brother 16. Photos of his sapphic kiss with Giorgia Caldarulo was at the center of Gossip in September 2019: the two then had one relation lasted about a month.

In June 2021 she was photographed together with the rapper Sacky in Milan. After a few days, however, Taylor published some stories that portrayed her happy together with Vittorio Scala, entrepreneur and former chef. The two would be dating.

Who is Taylor Mega?

  • Stage name: Taylor Mega
  • Real name: Elisia Todesco
  • Date of birth: October 31, 1993
  • Age: 27 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Birth place: Carlino, Udine
  • Profession: Model and influencer
  • Height: 1.73 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Tattoos: None visible
  • Official Instagram Profile: @taylor_mega
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


Taylor Mega was born in Pug, in the province of Udine, the October 31, 1993. The influencer’s real name is actually Elisia Todesco: the stage name is the one chosen by the girl for her own brand, which deals with advertising campaigns, with registered office in Udine. Regarding the real name of Mega, before her participation in the Island of the Famous the name “Elisa” was circulated, but Mega herself has specified that the real name is Elisia. The influencer was born in one turkey farmer family, and from an early age she shared with her sister Giada Todesco (initially known under the stage name of Jade) the dream of making it into showbiz. He currently lives in Milan in the Brera district. As stated by the same Taylor Mega on the occasion of her participation in L’Isola dei Famosi, during her adolescence the young woman had problems with drug abuse, leading her to have panic attacks and major traumas. A graduate, but never really interested in studying, Taylor Mega begins her journey in fashion world, coming to create his own bikini brand named “Mega Swim”(Among the models who wore this line we find Sophie Codegoni). Its success, however, is due to Instagram: in 2018, having reached one million followers, Taylor Mega is invited to the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival.

Taylor Mega is often the subject of attention from gossip magazines for her relations or alleged flirtations with well-known personalities in the world of entertainment or business. After a relationship with a 50-year-old lawyer from her country of birth, Mega is in a relationship with the entrepreneur Flavio Briatore, ex-husband of Elisabetta Gregoraci. Taylor Mega said that Elisabetta Gregoraci yelled at her for this reason, in a real scene of jealousy. After being paparazzi together in early 2018, Mega and Briatore confirmed their relationship, which ended a few months later apparently by his decision. Another flirtation that got a lot of talk was that between Taylor and the trap singer Sfera Ebbasta (ex boyfriend of Roberta Carluccio).


Taylor Mega has over two and a half million followers on Instagram: a very high number that projects it among the most followed influencers in Italy.taylor mega instagram

Taylor Mega Aesthetic Surgery

Taylor Mega confessed to having resorted to surgery aesthetics to retouch lips and breasts, even if many speak of probable retouching also to the cheekbones, which look different than her photos as a girl. Her hair is actually dyed too, and her true eye color is brown (Mega always wears blue contact lenses).

Love life

Taylor Mega has always been at the center of gossip for her love life: continuously spotted with different loves, Taylor Mega (who has always declared herself bisexual) has had a long relationship with Tony Effe. Taylor Mega was engaged to Tony Effe trap / rap singer of the group Dark Polo Gang. After meeting on social media, the two began an official relationship, which ended after the participation of Mega a The Island of the Famous. After the brief experience at the Big Brother, Taylor had an affair with Erica Piamonte, which apparently lasted all summer but kept secret by the will of Erica herself. In September 2019, photos of the kiss between Taylor Mega and the influencer Giorgia Caldarulo they go around the web, apparently causing jealousy reactions from Erica. The gossip magazines report that between Taylor and Giorgia a real relationship begins, even if there are many who consider this story a fake news, first of all the influencer Megghi Galo during his hosted by Barbara D’Urso. In any case, the true or alleged relationship between Giorgia and Taylor broke up just a month later.

Taylor Mega and Tony Effe then had a flashback during the lockdown in 2020: they passed the Coronavirus quarantine together in Milan and then they moved to Rome where they were photographed exchanging a kiss on a balcony of a hotel in the center of the Eternal City. Their flashback however ends in autumn 2020.

Fiancé Vittorio Scala

In the summer of 2021 Taylor was paparazzi in the company of Sacky: the boy is a Milanese rapper and the two were eating a kebab holding hands. Later, again in June 2021, another flirtation was attributed to Taylor Mega by Deianira Marzano: let’s talk about the Monza player Armando Anastasio.

However, the flirtations were denied when Taylor published some stories that portrayed her with a Milanese entrepreneur named Vittorio Scala. The two looked happy in the pool. Vittorio is 38 years old and was born in Desenzano del Garda, but now he lives permanently in Lugano and it seems that Taylor Mega has already flown to the Swiss town to spend a few relaxing hours with him.

Work and Career

Taylor Mega is an established model and influencer, always in the spotlight for the numerous scoops and gossip of which he is the protagonist. Already an Instagram star, after the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, at the beginning of 2019 Taylor Mega participates as a competitor in The Island of the Famous, (in the year that saw Alba Parietti as a columnist) and shortly thereafter enters the house of the Big Brother, even if his stay is short. In 2020, Taylor Mega is the protagonist of the calendar of For Man, dedicated to a campaign against violence against women: the slogan of the calendar is in fact “naked against violence”. Taylor Mega for summer 2021 is also launching her own line of costumes called Mega Swim: as testimonial her friend Sophie Codegoni, with whom she went to Portofino to create a photo shoot on the beachwear line.

Taylor Mega at the Island of the famous 2019

Taylor Mega’s adventure at the 2019 edition of the reality show hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi, The Island of the Famous it doesn’t start out in the best way. Even before arriving in Honduras, the girl declares that the only reason why she intends to participate in the program is to increase your number of followers, triggering harsh reactions, starting with those of Marina La Rosa. Taylor Mega’s experience at L’Isola dei Famosi is very short, being the first to be eliminated.

Taylor Mega to Big Brother 16

A few months later, Taylor Mega makes her entrance into the Big Brother house a edition already in progress, as Vladimir Luxuria had done before her, apparently with the aim of unhinging the dynamics that had been established inside the house: Megan does everything to slip in as a third wheel between Gennaro Lillio And Francesca De Andrè, with real sparks between the two. Also in this case, the participation of Taylor Mega in the reality is fleeting, and ends later just a week due to a commitment already made on the occasion of the Italian motorcycle Grand Prix. Taylor Mega then returns to the house on the occasion of the the final, and the showdown with Francesca De Andrè is immediate, with the granddaughter of the famous singer-songwriter who addresses the following words to Taylor Mega: “you’re only famous because you change men the way you change your underwear“.

Taylor Mega’s sister

Taylor Mega’s sister is also an influencer, albeit less famous than Taylor (Giada counts in fact 440 thousand followers on Instagram). At first, Taylor Mega’s sister used the stage name of Jade Mega, but subsequently changed his name on Instagram using that of baptism, that is Giada Todesco. Compared to her sister, Giada is more thoughtful and calm.

Pillow Scam

Taylor Mega was the victim of a social scam called the Pillow Scam:“I advertised this pillow and unfortunately it never arrived. I am sorry in the first person ”. who also involved his followers without his knowledge. In the living room on Sunday Live, in fact, Taylor confessed to having been deceived herself and to have financed a class action against the offending brand by inviting her followers to join her in case they have been victims of this scam.

Taylor Mega Video

Interesting facts about Taylor Mega

  • She doesn’t like to talk about hot topics on her social channels as she is also followed by her mother
  • She stated that Tony Effe, with whom she is engaged again, is very manly
  • Taylor Mega does not like men who are too attentive to their physical appearance
  • In his report cards he always had 5 in conduct
  • The ideal dinner to impress her is oysters and champagne
  • On social media, he follows Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner
  • He posed together with the model and Mister Italia 2017 Luciano Punzo
  • She is a gym lover and follows a strict diet
  • Taylor Mega is close friends with Dayane Mello

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