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Who is Tommaso Eletti? Biography, Age, Instagram, Height and Ex Valentina

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Who is Tommaso Eletti?  Biography, Age, Instagram, Height and Ex Valentina

Tommaso Eletti is a 21 year old boy born in Rome, known to the public for having participated in Temptation Island 2021 with his ex-girlfriend Valentina Nulli Augusti, attracting criticism for his defined medieval way of relating to Valentina. Tommaso Eletti was a competitor Big Brother VIP 6, eliminated in the fourth episode.

Who is Tommaso Eletti?

  • First name: Tommaso Eletti
  • Date of birth: 1999
  • Age: 21 years
  • Zodiac sign:
  • Profession: student, cameraman and surfer
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 170 cm approximately
  • Weight: information not available
  • Tattoos: None visible
  • Official Instagram profile:
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Biography of Tommaso

Tommaso Eletti has both Italian and American origins, born in Rome, he has an older sister named Sara who lives in Miami and his father is called Carlo. He attended the St. Francis International School in Rome (he was in class with Clarissa Selassie, one of the three Ethiopian princesses) but lost 1 year due to a rejection. Clarissa called Tommaso “out of his mind” in school. Subsequently, after being expelled from the American school in Rome, he finished his studies in Naples. Tommaso is sporty, wakeboarding, surfing, cliff diving and snowboarding.

After participating in Temptation Island, she received criticism from some influencers, First of all Guendalina Tavassi, who says she recognized him as one of her heaters, who sent her messages full of insults.

Study and Work of Tommaso Eletti

Thomas of Temptation Island after graduation there is no information about his occupation, but we know from the personal description on his Instagram profile that he is a videomaker and confessed that he would like to become a WakeBoard instructor.

Ex Girlfriend Valentina

Valentina and Tommaso they were engaged for a year and seven months. We do not know how the couple met, but Tommaso and Valentina in the presentation video seemed many taken from each other. The couple suffered from jealousy and the 19-year age difference between Valentina and Tommaso didn’t help them find a balance.

Big Brother VIP 2021

Tommaso is a competitor of Big Brother VIP 6, where he confessed that he will not run away from love in the house if it ever comes. The other official competitors are: The other competitors of the Big Brother VIP 2021 are: Sophie Codegoni, Katia Ricciarelli, Soleil Sorge, Andrea Casalino, Amedeo Goria, Samy Youssef, Carmen Russo, Raffaella Fico, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Aldo Montano, Alex Belli, Miriana Trevisan, Manuel Bortuzzo, Giucas Casella, Davide Silvestri, Francesca Cipriani, Ainett Stephens, Manila Nazzaro, Nicola Pisu, The Ethiopian Princesses: Lucrezia Hailè, Clarissa Hailè and Jessica Hailè.

Just entered the house Tommaso attracts the first criticse: he enters in fact together with Ainett Stephens, to whom he makes an appreciation that is not graphed by the public. Thomas in fact tells Ainett “Beautiful pussy” while Alfonso shows a photo of the woman when she was the black cat in a broadcast. In the house he spends a lot of time with Clarissa: the two have been to school together and Clarissa has told of Tommaso’s failure. During the first days in the house of the Big Brother Vip, Thomas revealed important intimate details of his history with theex-girlfriend Valentina Nulli Augusti. Valentina’s response was not long in coming: the 41-year-old declared that “every action corresponds to a reaction”. Subsequently Tommaso speaks live during the third episode of the importance of Valentina, of how he still feels connected to her. Sonia Bruganelli intervenes by saying that he must not blame himself alone, triggering the reaction of Nulli Augusti on Instagram.

At the end of the third episode of GF Tommaso he finds himself nominated against Davide Silvestri: one of the two risks being eliminated from the house of his big brother. According to the sentiment of Twitter, Tommaso seems to be the least appreciated and therefore the most eligible to leave the house of Big Brother. Tommaso after a hard confrontation with his ex Valentina inside the house is eliminated by the GF losing the televoting with Davide Silvestri.

Tommaso Eletti’s adventure at Big Brother Vip 2021 ends in the fourth episode, with the elimination, and after having had a confrontation with the former Valentina.

Valentina and Tommaso Temptation Island

Valentina and Tommaso they participate in Temptation Island to test their relationship: in addition to the great age difference Tommaso he is jealous in a way that Valentina has defined as “pathological”. In fact, Valentina loves being with friends, attending events and dressing in a sophisticated way. This triggers Tommaso’s jealousies and the relationship is then put to the test on temptation island where temptations are certainly not lacking. Thomas in particular stated:

I got the doll just the way I wanted it… everything perfect! I have chosen a wife

Tommaso added that his jealousy is visceral because the very thought that Valentina approaches another person literally makes him feel bad.

  • In the first episode by Temptation Island Thomas is already in tears: he is immediately called to the Pinnettu and sees Valentina try on costumes and choose decidedly daring dresses. Tommaso is already beginning to feel bad, he does not sleep at night and is visibly worried; he then confesses that he is afraid of losing her in tears. In the second Pinnettu sees Valentina interacting with the single Salvatore, an entrepreneur, who tells her about his professional successes. At the bonfire Tommaso sees Valentina ever closer to singles and casual: after showing jealousy he decides to approach Single Giulia. Valentina is then urgently called to the Pinnettu to see images that cannot wait. Everything that happened in the first episode of Temptation Island to Tommaso and Valentina.
  • Advances Second Episode: Tommaso from the images that were sent in the preview seems to be definitely surprised by his own actions. In fact, he talks to the other girls about an “unexpected situation.
  • In the second episode Tommaso relieves himself by saying that Valentina would have disrespected him, despite having had particular behaviors. Tommaso gets closer to Giulia to vent his disappointment. The two, above the hammock, hide under a blanket. Subsequently the two dance together and seem more and more in tune, triggering the jealousy of Valentina who watches the scenes in the pinnettu. Tommaso has a further rapprochement with Giulia, but Valentina is convinced that he is doing all this just to make her jealous. Giulia, confiding in single women, says they kissed. But Valentina continues to think it’s just a spite. Tommaso organizes a dinner on the beach for Single Giulia and the two appear more and more intimate, until they say goodnight. But a third video arrives, the two are together in the single house, without cameras. After Tommaso appears upset, he asks to speak with Giulia again and they settle down on an outdoor sofa. The two start kissing, and Valentina sees everything during the bonfire, which convinces her to ask for a bonfire for immediate confrontation. FALO ‘COMPARISON: At the bonfire Tommaso confirms that he did not start out of spite, but that he approached Giulia because she likes her. Tommaso talks about a dream that he had and that destabilized him, he accuses Valentina of having put her breast on the back of a single and this made him feel bad. Then he changed overnight and realized he wasn’t ready. Despite this, the first part of the bonfire is spent watching Valentina’s videos with Tommaso who underlines her shortcomings and the phrases he didn’t like. After turning around the speeches, Filippo Bisciglia asks the question to Valentina and Tommaso: Valentina wants to go back alone and Tommaso instead wants to go out with Valentina. The couple goes out separate.

Tommaso Temptation Island Tommaso Eletti

Tommaso After Temptation Island

Tommaso after Temptation Island he showed confidence in his actions: the approach to single Giulia in the program made him understand that perhaps he was not in love as he thought and that having skipped some stages of his life to be with Valentina was not the right choice. Thomas also complains to the same ex-girlfriend that she didn’t shed a tear and remained cold. This confirmed for Tommaso the idea that Valentina was not really in love with him.

There are new new advances on the end of the relationship between Valentina and Tommaso: he would have been spotted in the company of other girls and his friend Alexander. We will find out if Valentina and Tommaso are still together only in the final episode of Temptation Island 2021, scheduled for Tuesday 27 July.


Thomas of Temptation Island has a private Instagram account due to the strict rules of the program, on the description of his profile he wrote:

Rome: #wakeboarder #surfer #cliffdiver #snowboarder cameraman – Native mix: 🇮🇹🇺🇸

although the Instagram profile is private so we can understand that these are his passions and activities


  • Tommaso practices many water sports, from surfing to wakeboarding
  • Tommaso is very attached to sister Sara


The video of Valentina and Tommaso

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