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Who is Ubaldo Lanzo: Biography, Age, Chromatologist, Island Abandonment

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Who is Ubaldo Lanzo: Biography, Age, Chromatologist, Island Abandonment

Ubaldo Lanzo is one stylist and chromatologist 49 years old from Lamezia Terme. His talent and passion for fashion allowed him to collaborate with show personality and to stand out in the world of catwalks to the sound of colors and shades. It was a competitor of theIsland of the famous 2021.

Who is Ubaldo Lanzo?

  • First name: Ubaldo Lanzo
  • Date of birth: September 30, 1972
  • Age: 49 years
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Profession: Stylist and Chromatologist
  • Birth place: Lamezia Terme
  • Height: Information not available
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: He has no visible tattoos on his body
  • Official Instagram profile: @il_cromatologo_ubaldo_lanzo
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Ubaldo Lanzo was born in Lamezia Terme on 3rd September 1972 under the zodiac sign of Libra. You know for sure that his passion for fashion was born at an early age and since childhood he dreamed of becoming a great stylist. In addition to the passion for fashion, Ubaldo Lanzo has always been attracted to colors in fact today he has managed to transform his attraction into a real work. Despite being a television personality, Ubaldo Lanzo does not like being the center of attention and appearing on the small screen, however, in recent years he has made some exceptions. In 1997 he decided to move to the capital of Lombardy where he began studying chromatology at theMondragoni University of Milan. Here Ubaldo has the opportunity to study with the professor Beltrame who teaches them all the secrets of this particular science which goes well with psychology. His academic career is literally perfect, during his university years in fact he was awarded for his particular style creation or a pair of shoes made with Forks showers (also exhibited in the Netherlands).

Work and Career

Ubaldo Lanzo is one stylist, chromatologist as well as television personality Italian. His profession has allowed him to collaborate with great personalities of the show such as Paola Barale, Alfonso Signorini, Paolo Bonolis and many others. His job is to deduce from people’s personalities which color suits him best. However, he confessed that there are many VIPs who consider his skills “strange”And they regard him as a kind of magician. Over the years Ubaldo got closer and closer to the world of television, before he participated in Rock Tv, famous program conducted by Cisco (correspondent of the Hyenas) and subsequently met a Piero Chiambretti with whom he has been collaborating for about 13 years. In fact, Ubaldo has appeared several times as a columnist for the famous Mediaset show, namely the Chiambretti Night.

What does a chromatologist do?

A chromatologist study the colors associated with the person’s personality: these colors can have effects on the person’s mind and spirit. The chromatologist studies the colors associated with people, for example the friend of Ubaldo Roger Garth he told in his studio on Isola dei Famosi how the colors associated with him are orange and green.

Ubaldo Lanzo at The Island of the Famous 2021

Ubaldo Lanzo is one of the protagonists (o anthropological experiment as Ilary Blasi defines it) ofIsland of the Famous 2021, however, given its survival skills “reduced“, Ubaldo, together with Fariba Therani (mother of Giulia Salemi, former competitor of Big Brother 2020), was sent directly to the island of”parasites“Parasite Island). Here both were joined by the reigning reality champion or the Neapolitan judoka Marco Maddaloni. The arduous task of educating the two islanders so that they can survive the dangers and dangers of the island weighs on him. The reality show is hosted by Ilary Blasi together with commentators: Iva Zanicchi, Tommaso Zorzi and Elettra Lamborghini.

During the episodes Ubaldo and Fariba on Parasite Island welcome the arrival of several castaways: none of the eliminated wants to stay on that island except Brando Giorgi who decides to get involved and try to stay in the program together with the nice couple. Ubaldo and Fariba arrive at the Palapa together with the rest of the group. Ubaldo integrates well with the rest of the competitors and continues his island without risking the nomination. After the return of Vera Gemma Ubaldo Lanzo (who defined himself as a baron) argued and got very angry with Vera Gemma, guilty of having spoken to him behind turning Fariba against him. In the episode of 19 April Ubaldo discussed live very heatedly with Vera Gemma so much so that he was recalled by the envoy Massimiliano Rosolino. In the episode of April 29 it is in nonimation with Myriea and Manuela Ferrara. He fails to make it to the next episode because May 6 it is communicated via social media that Ubaldo must leave the Isola dei Famosi to undergo medical treatment in Italy.

In particular Ubaldo had severe pain in his teeth and it was understood that it was already the third tooth that was bothering him. He was continuously subjected to painkillers and for this reason he probably had to leave and quit the game.

All Shipwrecked Competitors

The official competitors of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 are:

Private life

Ubaldo Lanzo he has always been very cryptic about his love life. She stated that she has not had sex for over 20 years, and that she has never had sex with men. However, he declares himself to be bisexual with a tendency towards gay. Ubaldo, with his chameleon spirit, he says that in order to fall in love again he must hear the bells and butterflies because otherwise it is not worthwhile for him to indulge or waste time.

Ubaldo Lanzo on Instagram

Ubaldo Lanzo the chromatologist of the Isola dei Famosi has about 5 thousand followers on his profile on Instagram. The chromatologist is not very popular but we are sure that his social presence will grow with his participation on the island.

Ubaldo Lanza Chromatologist


  • It was Roger Garth who convinced him to participate in the Island of the Famous;
  • Wear the Kilt for 23 years and recently he was teased by a child, in response the chromatologist kindly asked the father to explain the difference to his son between a skirt and a kilt;
  • His account is not very active on social media Instagram it has only 4000 followers, given its participation in the Mediaset reality show it is very likely that the number will grow.

Video by Ubaldo Lanzo

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