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Who is Valentina Nulli Augusti Ex Tommaso Eletti: Age, Bio and Instagram

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Who is Valentina Nulli Augusti Ex Tommaso Eletti: Age, Bio and Instagram

Valentina Nulli Augusti is a 39-year-old hostess from Rome, ex-girlfriend from Tommaso Eletti 19 years her junior. Valentina is known to the public for having participated in Temptation Island 2021 with Tommaso. The couple Tommaso and Valentina break up at the end of the program, Tommaso is currently a competitor of the GF VIP where he does not fail to tell details of the relationship with Valentina. Tommaso Eletti, during the Big Brother Vip, continues to confess to the close friends of the relationship with the ex Valentina who, in response, said that “To every action there is a reaction”.

Valentina Ex of Tommaso enters the house of Big Brother in the episode of September 24 for a confrontation with him.

Who is Valentina Nulli Augusti?

  • Name and surname: Valentina Nulli Augusti
  • Nickname: Valentina of Temptation Island
  • Fiance: Tommaso Eletti
  • Date of birth: August 30, 1981
  • Age: 40 years
  • Zodiac sign: Virgin
  • Profession: hostess
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 170 cm approximately
  • Weight: information not available
  • Tattoos: None visible
  • Official Instagram profile: @princess_vna
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Valentina ex Tommaso Eletti of the Gf, Valentina Nulli Augusti was born in Rome in 1981 under the sign of the Virgin, precisely in the Porta Pia district. He studied at the Orazio Classical Lyceum in Rome and then attended the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Roma Tre. Valentina loves evenings with friends, she cultivates long-standing friendships and, as you can see on her social profiles, she particularly loves social life.


Valentina of Temptatation Island after graduating in political science he leaves no traces about his work. We found that his name is mentioned (in 2014) on a website called “Rivadestra” as coordinator together with what was supposed to be her betrothed: Stefano Pagani. The site is the showcase of a political association.

In the past Valentina definitely has worked at “Baccano” a restaurant and bistro in the center of Rome. We do not know what role he held and if you still work on it, the last traces date back to 2017.

Ex Husband

The name of Valentina Nulli Augusti it also appears in the publications of the Catholic newspaper Lumen Fidei: always in 2014 greetings were made to the betrothed Valentina Nulli Augusti and Stefano Pagani. Actually being the man present in some social photos of Valentina, we can conclude that Valentina had an important relationship with this man named Stefano that would culminate (or should have culminated) with the wedding in 2014. We don’t actually know if the two got married.

UPDATE: Valentina was married to Stefano for two years, until 2016, when the couple separated.

Former Boyfriend Tommaso Eletti Temptation Island

Valentina and Tommaso they were engaged for a year and seven months. We don’t know how the couple met, but Tommaso and Valentina lived a love full of attachment, jealousy and passion. The couple suffered from jealousy and the 19-year age difference between Valentina and Tommaso increased this possessiveness.

While staying at the Big Brother VIP 6 of Tommaso Eletti, he confessed how with Valentina they were not afraid to be together even without protection given the love that bound them and the hidden desire for a child.

Valentina Nulli Augusti enter the Big Brother VIP house to find a confrontation with his ex Tommaso: both on the details told by Tommaso and on the weakness shown by the boy during a conversation with Alfonso Signorini during the second episode of the GF VIP. Valentina enters the house fiercely telling him that she must be ashamed for how he behaved on Temptation Island, withdrawing the dynamics of the program.

Valentina and Tommaso: the story of Temptation Island

Valentina and Tommaso participate in Temptation Island to test their relationship: in addition to the great age difference, Tommaso is jealous in a way that Valentina has defined as “pathological”. In fact, Valentina loves being with friends, attending events and dressing in a sophisticated way. This triggers Tommaso’s jealousies and the relationship is then put to the test on temptation island where temptations are certainly not lacking. Thomas in particular stated:

I got the doll just the way I wanted it… everything perfect! I have chosen a wife

  • In the first episode of Temptation Island Valentina lets herself go to the costume test and to get to know the Singles of the village. Thomas, on the other hand, is prey to jealousy: he is immediately called to the Pinnettu and sees Valentina try on costumes and choose decidedly daring dresses. Tommaso is already beginning to feel bad, he does not sleep at night and is visibly worried; he then confesses that he is afraid of losing her in tears. In the second Pinnettu sees Valentina interacting with the single Salvatore, an entrepreneur, who tells her about his professional successes. At the bonfire Tommaso sees Valentina ever closer to singles and casual: after showing jealousy he decides to approach Single Giulia. Valentina is then urgently called to the Pinnettu to see images that cannot wait. The recap of the first episode of Tommaso and Valentina.
  • Advances Second Episode: In a video in the Pinnettu Valentina sees Tommaso secluding himself with the Single Giulia. Could he have betrayed her? Valentina talks to the other girlfriends and says that Tommaso is behaving in this way to force her to ask for an early bonfire.
  • In the second episode Valentina it is called in the pinnettu. Here he sees Tommaso approaching Giulia, letting off steam for Valentina’s behavior, and looking for a little intimacy with the single. Valentina, in a second pinnettu, notes that Tommaso’s behavior with the Single Giulia has changed. The boy becomes even more enterprising. In the second pinnettu Valentina sees the video of Tommaso and Giulia, but she is convinced that Tommaso is doing everything to make her jealous. In the second bonfire Valentina sees Single Giulia admitting that they kissed. In the bonfire Valentina sees another video: Tommaso has organized a birthday dinner for Single Giulia. Tommaso and the single, after dinner, appear closer but also shocked: what happened between the two? For Valentina, however, there is a fourth video, where Valentina sees her boyfriend kissing repeatedly with Giulia. This convinces her to ask for an immediate bonfire but not before seeing a last video where Tommaso makes plans with the single Giulia. FALO ‘COMPARISON: At the bonfire Tommaso confirms that he did not start out of spite, but that he approached Giulia because she likes her. Tommaso talks about a dream that he had and that destabilized him, he accuses Valentina of having put her breast on the back of a single and this made him feel bad. Then he changed overnight and he realized he wasn’t ready. Despite this, the first part of the bonfire is spent watching Valentina’s videos with Tommaso who underlines her shortcomings and the phrases he didn’t like. After turning around the speeches, Filippo asks Valentina and Tommaso the question: Valentina wants to go back alone and Tommaso instead wants to go out with Valentina. The couple goes out separate.

Valentina After Temptation Island 2021

After the end of Temptation Island Valentina she stated that she was disappointed with Tommaso but that she knew that a relationship with a younger boy can be risky and that it could end. Valentina did not feel accepted and stated that he was filled with anger and hatred for his absolutely innocent and natural behavior, and that if the story continued the problems would remain the same. Valentina and Tommaso despite an attempt to reconnect after the program they finally broke up.


Valentina of Temptation Island on Instagram it has as its motto the phrase: Special women are accomplices and smile. The others compete and acidify . Your account is currently private.


  • Valentina plays tennis, and loves sports in general
  • It is not uncommon to find photos of her holidays and her free time: boat or island, Valentina certainly shows a sophisticated lifestyle
  • Valentina thought she deserved Tommaso’s trust: despite her jealousy she wants to show that he can trust her
  • Valentina realized that the relationship with Tommaso would end later, in a few years, when the boy would become older anyway

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