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Who is Vera Gemma? Age, Boyfriend, Before and After and Instagram

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Who is Vera Gemma?  Age, Boyfriend, Before and After and Instagram

Vera Gemma it’s a’actress and writer 50 years old from Rome, daughter of the famous actor Giuliano Gemma. Despite being a daughter of art, Vera Gemma has found her way between theater and writing. She participated in L’Isola dei Famosi 2021 and is engaged to Jeda a 22-year-old music producer. It is rumored that it may be a next contender for Big Brother VIP 6.

Who is Vera Gemma?

  • First name: Vera Gemma
  • Age: 51 years old
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Profession: Actress and writer
  • Date of birth: July 4, 1970
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: unavailable
  • Official Instagram profile: @ veragemma17
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Vera Gemma was born in Rome on 4 July 1970 by Giuliano Gemma and Natalia Roberti. Vera’s father, Giuliano Gemma, is was one of the most beloved actors in the period between the 60s and 80s. However, his career is not isolated at that time, in 2012 he also starred in Woody Allen’s film, “To Rome With Love“, a year before die from an accident.

Vera Gemma’s mother passed away in 1995. Vera has overcome the moment of pain and has a beautiful childhood memory that she described, during an interview, as serene and happy, thanks to the fact that her father did not never made lack of love and affection.

Vera Gemma she grew up in Rome, precisely in the characteristic Trastevere district and has a sister named Giuliana Gemma. Although she is in love with the city, she finds it a bit lazy which is why in 2008 she moved to Los Angeles, after a period in which he also lived in Paris.

Vera Gemma Instagram

Vera Gemma has about 20,000 followers on her Instagram profile. Vera achieved notoriety mainly with participation in Beijing Express. She currently shares daily life shots and several selfies.

Vera Gemma Instagram

Jeda boyfriend

Currently Vera Gemma is engaged to a boy named Jeda, 22, music producer of trap music. Vera stated that the age difference is absolutely not a problem having him a very open mind and being a curious person who does not stop at appearances. Vera’s sister Giuliana Gemma said about their relationship that Jeda is a smart and responsible guy and she likes him. Giuliana herself was with a 15-year-old man aged 35 to 45. In the past Vera Gemma has also fallen in love with a woman and has never been afraid to admit it.

Ex Husband

Vera Gemma in 2001 got married with former Kung-Fu champion named Jamil, met in Paris. The two celebrated with a ceremony in Caracalla, and Vera Gemma wore a wonderful dress. The designer who made it said it was “extraordinarily suited to his character and temperament. Capricious, aggressive, poetically childish“. Gemma and Jamil’s marriage would end after a few years.

According to rumors later, in 2008, Vera would have fallen in love with a blues musician named Henry Harris met in Los Angeles and with whom he had a son named Maximus, who is now 10 years old and that we can admire in several Instagram shots where Vera dedicates love phrases to her son Maximus.

Work and Career

Vera Gemma from an early age enters the world of cinema and entertainment. For the well-known magazine Cultural events, Vera stated: “I found cinema at home, it is an environment where I was born and raised. From a very young age, I I was on the sets and I often stayed on the sidelines, observing everything, careful not to disturb and unconsciously or consciously I don’t know, I have cultivated this love. Mostly thanks to my father.

And it is at the age of sixteen that Vera Gemma enters the world of entertainment, passing from cinema to theater and building a friendship with Asia Argento.In 1996 she participated as an actress in a film: The Stendhal Syndrome by Dario Argento, and it is here that he discovers a friend in Asia Argento. Later it appears in “Cinema thieves“,”Alliance cherche doigt ”,“ Hardboiled Egg ”,“ Stressati ”and“ Cartoons“All shot in 1997. In 1999 he took part in the film”And together we will live all seasons”While in 2000 we see her with Asia Argento in hit film “Scarlet Diva“. The last cinematic experience was in 2004, in the film by director Dario Argento “The Card Player“.

In recent years Vera Gemma has been engaged in the production of documentary on his father Giuliano Gemma, which he then presented at the 2018 Rome Film Festival. Later Vera Gemma was involved, alongside her friend Asia Argento, in the program Beijing Express. In spring 2021 he was part of the cast of The Island of the Famous 2021 .

Before and after

Vera Gemma has been accused of having redone: compared to her participation in Dario Argento’s films and photos with her father dating back to the last 20 years, the woman may look different. However Gemma has always and only declared on the subject that she was not so redone, that she had made maximum use of a few punctures of hyaluronic acid. Here are his words:

It’s my business if I redone. I have a flat face and the same oriental features I had as a young girl. I take hyaluronic injections and I don’t hurt anyone. I’ll make up as much as I want.

Real Gem Remade?  Young before and after photos

Real Gem Remade? Young before and after photos

Island Of The Famous 2021

Vera Gemma is a competitor of the Island of the Famous 2021 on the air from 15 March 2021 led by Ilary Blasi and who sees Massimiliano Rosolino as a special envoy to Honduras. Vera Gemma is not new to reality shows as we have seen, and on this occasion she will be “judged” by commentators Tommaso Zorzi, Iva Zanicchi and Elettra Lamborghini.

Regarding her participation in the reality show, Vera Gemma stated

I hope that L’Isola will allow me to prove that I am not a spoiled father’s daughter, as those who do not know me think and just look at my surname

She stated that her son, her boyfriend and her cheer for her sister Giuliana Gemma. Vera also added that nothing could make her abandon the program: she is determined to go all the way.

In the first episode of The island of the famous Vera Gemma declared that she was engaged but had noticed the beauty of Akash Kumar: the blue-eyed boy but the real feeling is having him with Awed with whom he finds himself sharing moments of hilarity and not. Vera Gemma in the course of the episode is often the protagonist of curtains regarding her “hormones” to be kept at bay on the island. Vera Gemma in the third episode she is nominated for a rescue chain. On the island of the famous Vera, after the nomination, he declared that this is the consequence of his rejection of the leader and of being a person who shows himself exactly as he is without filters. Valentina Persia does not think so, champion of work on the island, who speaks of Vera as a competitor who only takes care of strolling the shore.

Vera Gemma loses the nomination against Awed and Gilles Rocca, but he does not leave the program because he decides to stay on Parasite Island: in this island there are Brando Giorgi (eliminated in the previous episode), Fariba Tehrani and Ubaldo Lanza. Later he finds himself on Playa Esperanza with Miryea Stabile and Elisa Isoardi. He has a confrontation with Awed to clarify his rapprochement with the castaways after his exit from Playa palapa. Returning to the game with the original shipwrecked group, Vera Gemma in the episode of April 19 has a hard confrontation with Ubaldo Lanzo: in fact, guilty of having spoken behind Ubaldo’s back and having set Fariba against him, she defends herself from the accusations by carrying on her authenticity . In the same episode she is voted on and sent to televoting, where the elimination with Miryea Stabile (her friend) and Fariba Terhrani is benefited for the second time. Vera Gemma in the episode of April 22 shows herself more calm, and despite the numerous provocations and the about-face of her friend Miryea she remains calm and tries not to be isolated. On televoting against Fariba, Vera Gemma is permanently eliminated from the game in the episode of April 27 and returns to Italy.

On May 7 Vera arrives in the studio during the live show, entering with a very tight golden dress! Since she returned to Italy she has been a regular guest on Monday and Thursday appointments in the studio and does not spare herself from expressing her opinion on the other castaways as she has always done even during the reality show. After the end of the program she also said that on the island she made more confessionals than the others, that her dynamics came spontaneously and that she also held back because she was in front of the cameras! Vera Gemma has certainly left a mark on this Island, and there are rumors that she may be a next competitor to the Big Brother VIP.

“The daughters of art” at the Beijing Express

Vera Gemma attended the Beijing Express conducted by Costantino Della Gherardesca with her dear friend Asia Argento, in the called teamThe daughters of art“. But the adventure of the two “daughters of art”Was soon interrupted due to an accident suffered by her friend Asia Argento who, with a fractured left knee, had to abandon the competition. Vera continued her adventure paired with Gennaro Lillio.

Vera Gemma’s video


  • Vera has written several books:Bad girls go blind“In 2004 and”Latin lover” in 2007;
  • Vera has never worked with her father;
  • Her mother always encouraged her to become a writer;
  • she is a great friend of Asia Argento
  • In men Vera seeks humility, enthusiasm and determination
  • She is friends with Lory Del Santo who stated that she wanted to write a script of The Lady about her!
  • In the past she was also the tamer of Leoni: Vera Gemma did not miss the most disparate experiences in life
  • His opponent in the Beijing Express edition was Soleil Sorge with whom he had a heavy exchange after commenting on the video presentation of Soleil at the GF VIP 6 saying: “Spontaneity jump on me “.

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