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Who is Veronica Peparini: Age, Daughter Olivia, Andreas Muller, Instagram and Friends

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Who is Veronica Peparini: Age, Daughter Olivia, Andreas Muller, Instagram and Friends

Veronica Peparini it’s a 50-year-old internationally renowned choreographer and dancer. Veronica becomes a well-known face of TV thanks to role of teacher in the school of Friends 21. She is engaged to the professional dancer, her former student, Andreas Mullerand has two children, Olivia and Daniele from the previous partner.

Who is Veronica Peparini?

  • First name: Veronica Peparini
  • Date of birth: February 25, 1971
  • Age: 50 years
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Zodiac sign: Fish
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Profession: Dancer and choreographer
  • Tattoos: Veronica Peparini tattooed Ariel The Little Mermaid and a chain with a heart on her left arm.
  • Official Instagram Profile: @veronicapeparini
  • Official Youtube Channel: (with Andreas): The Pepullers
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


Veronica Peparini she’s born on February 25, 1971 in Rome. Veronica is the sister of the internationally renowned choreographer and author Giuliano Peparini and both have inherited the passion for dance from parents. Veronica comes from a humble family in the Colli Albani area: however, her parents have always managed a shoe shop, despite the passion for dance, and the two boys grew up in a very simple and modest way. Veronica’s parents manage to enroll both her and her brother in the Renato Greco’s dance school in Piazza della Repubblica in Rome, effectively taking them away from the street.

Ex Husband Fabrizio Prolli

Veronica Peparini she was married to Fabrizio Prolli, dancer and his assistant with whom he had two sons: Daniele and Olivia. Their marriage lasted a few years and the two also worked together at Amici where Fabrizio was in charge of teaching dance to the boys during the week. Subsequently the relationship was compromised by various misunderstandings, not least the approach of Veronica to Andreas Muller. In the past between Fabrizio Prolli ex-husband of Veronica Peparini and Andreas Muller are there have been questioned and answered via social media.

Daughter Olivia

Olivia Prolli daughter of Veronica Peparini she is a dancer like her mother: despite the young age of the girl who is now 9 she is already a budding dancer! He performs in the episode of friends which airs on April 17 paired with Giulia Stabile And met with great success with the public. Olivia and Daniele, Veronica Peparini’s children live in Rome, dividing between their father Fabrizio and mother Veronica. The Olivia daughter Veronica’s favorite dance style is Jazz Funk but he also loves hip hop. Below is a photo of Olivia with her father Fabrizio Prolli dance teacher and choreographer.

olivia peparini daughter of veronica

Work and career

Veronica Paparini is one dancer and choreographer internationally known. He began studying dance at 11 in Renato Greco’s school and immediately began collaborating with internationally renowned artists like Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams, Geri Halliwell, Luciano Pavarotti, Giorgia and many others. She perfected her studies abroad and in 2005 she decided to become a choreographer and teacher by entering the school of Kledi Kadiu. Veronica thus becomes a musical, theatrical and television choreographer, working for Franco Dragone, the creator of Cirque Du Soleil for which she curates various shows: Taboo (Macau), Zain (Portugal), The Indian Wedding (Venice) e Cutty Sark (Spain).

Veronica became the choreographer of Tiziano Ferro’s tour in 2009, “At my age”, For the tour of VelvetThings change“And for the tour”Living in color” from Alessandra Amoroso. He assumed the role of teacher at Amici’s school in 2013 while simultaneously working for Miss Italy and Top of the Pops. Peparini is also a choreographer for “The prince of youth“By Riz Ortolani and in 2013 for”Romeo and Juliet – Love and change the world”By his brother Giuliano Peparini, with whom he won the“ Best choreography ”award at the Oscar of the Musical 2015.

Veronica Peparini and Andreas Muller

Veronica Peparini has occupied the gossip pages due to her relationship with Andreas Muller, former Amici dancer. Between the two there is a difference of 25 years (Andreas is in fact 24 and she is 49) and the magazine “Spy” underlined the agreement between the two who apparently fell in love after Claudio Baglioni’s tour. After months of a relationship lived in silence, Andreas and Veronica came out into the open confessing their love in April 2019. In fact, the shots that portray them together are not rare, especially during the season of Amici 18. La couple despite the age difference she has just taken two dogs with the names “Diva” and “Muzzle” and they often appear happy together on Instagram. On November 26, 2020 Veronica and Andreas decide to open their own youtube channel called The Pepullers where they tell their everyday life and their relationship without taking themselves too seriously. A space they felt they needed and which will keep them more and more in contact with the public. Andreas and Veronica continue their relationship more and more in love and even a dog named “diva” enters their life that they consider almost like a daughter.


veronica peparini instagram

Veronica Peparini Teacher Friends

Veronica Peparini sits at the table dance teachers of the Amici school since 2013, first alongside Alessandra Celentano and Timor Steffens and then Lorella Cuccarini. Within the school she is not only appreciated for her preparation and for its decisive character, but she also found her current love: the dancer Andreas Muller. The two would have fallen in love just in the school rehearsal room, so much so that it caused a lot of discussion. Yet, despite initial criticism, the two are still together and who knows if they’ll go a step further.

As a teacher of Amici Veronica stands out for her choreography and for the ability she has to always try to bring out the best from her students, making them take progressive steps towards maturity. Veronica in the episode of March 13 selects the dancers of his school students who access the evening phase of Amici on air from 20 March 2021.

Special Friends

Veronica Peparini it is not part of the program Special Friends neither as a judge nor as a choreographer. This aroused amazement in her followers who asked her the reason for this choice. Veronica she didn’t back down and he replied very clearly: “They are in the program but in a different way because sometimes you have to know how to step aside. It would have been strange and not right to be present in the studio from the moment in which Andrea participates personally in this new edition and, although I could have been professional as always, I have and we preferred to take this choice! But I can better follow the choreographies I do to help my brother (Giuliano Peparini choreographer of the program ed) so I’m there, I’m behind and I do my beloved job with passion…. The choreographer! “.

Veronica therefore decided not to participate for the love of Andreas Muller which is one of the competitors of the program.

Friends 21

Veronica Peparini is one of the dance teachers of the new edition of Friends of Maria De Filippi. He will work with the other dance teachers, Alessandra Celentano and Raimondo Todaro. The Amici 21 dancers with whom Veronica is working are: Mirko Masia, Carola Puddu, Serena Carella, Christian Stefanelli.

Video by Veronica Peparini

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