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X Factor: Who Won Last Year? Who are all the winners? What are they doing today? Full list

Who are all the winners of X Factor?

X Factor has reached its fifteenth edition and is confirmed as one of the talent shows most followed by the public from home: after years of conducting entrusted to Alessandro Cattelan, we saw the actor Ludovico Tersigni on the stage of the show. But do we remember who all the winners of each edition are? And what are they doing today?

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X Factor: who are all the winners?

X Factor has been on the air for 15 years, but taking into account all the winners is really very difficult! Over time, in fact, different judges and obviously different artists have alternated, but the management has always remained by Alessandro Cattelan, until 2021, the year in which it passed to Ludovico Tersigni. In this article we recap the winners of all seasons of X Factor!

Winners X Factor: who won the first edition in 2008?

The winners of the first edition of the talent were the Aram Quartet, a band formed by Antonio Maggio, Raffaele Simone, Antonio Ancora and Michele Cortese. In 2008 the group was awarded a contract with Sony BMG with a commercial value of 300 thousand euros, producing an internal album of unreleased songs. Theirs EP of onset is Clearly. The Aram Quartets, after winning X Factor, presented themselves at the 59th edition of Sanremo Festival, but being excluded. The following year they released their album The Danger Of Being Free; in 2010 – their contract with Sony – they decided to disband and they all took different paths. Antonio Maggio embarked on a solo career and won the Sanremo Festival 2103 in the section New Proposals.

aram quartet

Aram Quartet

Winners X Factor: who won the second edition in 2009?

The second edition of X Factor was won by Matteo Becucci, which took second place among the winners of the well-known talent. The singer crossed his path within the transmission the same year in which his well-known colleague Noemi also participated, whose success came a few years later. Becucci’s first EP, however, won gold for selling over 35 thousand copies and was followed by his second album, Bitter Chocolate And Coffee. In 2010 he was Judas in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar and the following year his third album, entitled Matteo Becucci. Among the best known singles we remember Do without you, It was May, Let me sleep And The Wave Of Destiny. The winner of the second edition of XFactor, in 2014, participated as a competitor of the Such and Which Show winning the third place and in the same year he released his fourth album, AllQuantiMery and in 2015 his single was released The Elephant.

matteo becucci

Matteo Becucci

Winners X Factor: who won the third edition in 2009?

Among the best known winners of X Factor obviously we can’t mention Marco Mengoni, third to get on the podium in the history of the well-known talent. His success has grown exponentially, year after year, establishing himself as one of the most popular singers on the Italian music scene. In addition to the victory of XFactor, Mengoni was also awarded a MTV Europe Music Award as Best European Artist. Among his musical successes we remember Where You Fly, Warrior, Words in a Circle, The Mad King And The essential. Today Marco Mengoni is the winner of gold, platinum and multi-platinum records.

Marco Mengoni

Marco Mengoni

Winners X Factor: who won the fourth edition of XFactor in 2011?

In 2011 X Factor saw the singer triumph among its winners Nathalie; after winning the well-known talent, the girl participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song I live Suspended. The artist has released several albums and EPs that have led her to travel all over Italy and Europe promoting her music. Nathalie has artistic collaborations with Toni Childs and Franco Battiato.

nathalie xfactor


Winners X Factor: who won the fifth edition in 2012?

In 2012 Francesca Michielin stands out among the competitors of X Factor, placing itself among the winners of the program. The same year the Sony Music releases her debut single, Distracted then followed by the eponymous EP. We saw her participate in the Sanremo Festival with the song In place of the world with Chiara Civello and the same year collaborating with Fedez in the piece Black Swan. Francesca in 2013 opened the concerts of several well-known singers such as Gino Paoli and Danilo Rea, Franco Battiato, Cristiano De André and Elio and Le Storie Tese. Among his musical successes we remember Amazing (soundtrack by The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – The Power of Electro), Magnificent, No Degree of Separation and many others.

Francesca Michielin

Francesca Michielin / Photo: @francesca_michielin [IG]

Winners X Factor: who won the sixth edition in 2013?

In 2013 Chiara Galiazzo arrives on the podium of the winners of X Factor; the singer has recorded several hits and albums including Two breaths, One Place In The World, One Sunny Day, One Extraordinary Sunny Day, We Are Now, No Place Is My Home.

Chiara Galiazzo

Chiara Galiazzo

Winners X Factor: who won the seventh edition in 2014?

Michele Bravi is the winner of X Factor in 2014; the singer won with the song Sweetheart Morgan and then signed his contract with Sony Music. Its unpublished Life and happiness it was written for him by Tiziano Ferro, considered a very successful single. In 2014, Bravi released her debut album, In Small Steps from which the singles were extracted One more day And Poised. The singer then signed a new contract with Universal Music by releasing the album in 2017 Paper Souls. His tour led him to travel the stages throughout Italy: the same year he participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song The Diary of Errors, finishing fourth.

Michele Bravi

Michele Bravi

Winners X Factor: who won the eighth edition in 2015?

In 2015 X Factor it has seen triumph among its winners Lorenzo Fragola, singer who moved Fedez himself during his audition. After the talent victory with the song The Reason Why, the young artist participated in Sanremo with the song We are equal written together with his judge of X Factor. He was also named ai Kids’ Choice Awards 2015 and ai MTV Music Awards in the categories Artist Saga And Best New Artist, the latter won. Fragola’s last album dates back to 2016, entitled Zero Gravity. We also remember his song in collaboration with Takagi & Ketra and Arisa, The Selfie Army.

Lorenzo Fragola

Lorenzo Fragola

Winners X Factor: who won the ninth edition in 2016?

In 2016 we saw triumph among the winners of X Factor singer Giò Sada; among his pieces we remember The regret of you, Come away with me, Flying backwards. Among his projects we also remember the Nowhere Stage together with the band Barismoothsquad, in which the singer and the group perform with acoustic live in isolated or abandoned places. In September 2016, Giò Sada opened the concerts of Max Gazzè in New York and of Negrita in Los Angeles. He also starred in Jack on Tour along with Joe Bastianich, traveling the United States celebrating the 150 years of the Jack Daniel’s distillery.

already sada

Giò Sada

Winners X Factor: who won the tenth edition in 2016?

In 2016 i Soul System won X Factor; this is the second group – several years later – to win the well-known talent. The band is made up of Leslie, Ziggy, Joel and David of Ghanaian origins and Alberto, who met by attending the evangelical community of their area of ​​origin (between Verona and Brescia). Their first album on the label was released on 8 September 2017 Sony Music titled Back To The Future.

soul system

Soul System

Winners X Factor: who won the eleventh edition in 2017?

In 2017 Lorenzo Licitra lands among the winners of X Factor. On stage the tenor has seen it with the Maneskin, winning the first prize. His career, however, did not triumph like that of the Roman band, currently winner of the Sanremo Festival 2021 andEurovision Song Contest.

lorenzo licitra

Lorenzo Licitra / Photo: @lorenzolicitraofficial [IG]

Who won the 12th edition of XFactor in 2018?

The winner of XFactor of 2018 was Anastasio: the Neapolitan rapper amazed everyone with his deep and empathic lyrics. Today he fills the venues on his tours, but his fans are waiting for him to write something new.

Winners X Factor: who won the thirteenth edition in 2019?

In 2019 Sofia Tornambene, under the pseudonym Kimono, was awarded a place among the winners of the well-known talent. The girl, belonging to the Sfera Ebbasta team, conquered everyone with her angelic voice.


Kimono – Sofia Tornambene

Winners X Factor: who won the fourteenth edition in 2020?

He thought about winning the fourteenth edition of the talent Casadilego, from Manuelito’s team. Her real name is Elisa Coclite and she broke into the hearts of the public from home for her nightingale voice and her blue hair.

sanremo 2021 francesco renga cover duet casadilego


Who won the fifteenth edition of X Factor in 2021?

Currently we cannot yet say who will be the winner of X Factor 2021 so long as the talent is still in progress: the jury sees behind its counter Emma Marrone, Manuel Agnelli, Manuelito (Hell Raton) and Mika. The management, on the other hand, is entrusted to Lorenzo Tersigni; who will be awarded the first prize this year? We will find out very soon!

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