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Mashable guest post Guidelines:

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  • Article should be unique, plagiarise-free, informative and non-promotional.
  • Article should be 600 + words long and original written.
  • Only one do-follow link is allowed. For extra links, you have to pay an extra fee.
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Submitting a guest post to Mashable is an excellent way to promote your blog or website. If you have a solid idea for a topic, you’re almost certainly the right candidate. However, you’ll need to be able to write a detailed insight about your subject. Providing more information will help you get more exposure and be featured more frequently. Here are some tips to ensure your guest post gets published:

There are no hard and fast rules to submit to Mashable, but you should make sure your article is well-written and relevant to the audience. It is best to write about a topic that you know well. Those who have a strong social media following or have a backlog of articles can benefit most from guest posts. For example, if you’re writing about the latest craze in games, you can submit your article about the game or movie.

Mashable doesn’t have any formal guidelines for submitting a guest post, but it’s worth following. Their submission page has a simple form that includes your name, email address, and topic. You can also attach up to two files, such as a video, photo, or infographic. If you’re successful, your guest post will be published on the site and in a few weeks. You can also submit a guest post to Mashable more than once.

There are no rules on what topics you can submit for guest posts to Mashable. Their website is popular with over forty million monthly visitors, so you’ll have more success if you focus on a topic you’re passionate about. In addition, Mashable’s editors are looking for articles from people who are an authority on the topic. Therefore, you should focus on a niche you have knowledge about and write about.

While Mashable doesn’t have many hard and fast rules, it does require a lot of effort. As a result, the submission page is very simple. It should include your name, email address, and topic of the submission. In addition, it should allow you to attach up to two files. If your submission doesn’t fit into the Mashable guidelines, you can try writing a guest post yourself. If you’re already familiar with the subject, it should be easy to write for.

To be accepted for a guest post at Mashable, you need to be familiar with the platform. The site has thousands of regular visitors, so your content will stand out. For a guest post to be accepted, it must be relevant to the topic of the site. If it’s not related to a particular company or product, it should be about technology. Its popularity will increase your chances of getting published.

When submitting a guest post to Mashable, you need to know the audience. This popular site gets tons of pitches every day. Ensure your topic is related to the site’s target audience. As a writer, you should be able to engage in a dialogue with readers that will make them want to read your article. By putting in the time and effort, your guest post will be featured on a popular site that gets thousands of readers.

While Mashable has no set rules, you should know that they receive hundreds of guest post pitches each day. If you have a good reputation, you should be able to get published on their site for free. They’ll also publish your guest post if you’re writing about a topic you’re familiar with. It’s important to note that you must include a link to your website or blog in your pitch. If you don’t, you’ll have no chance of getting published.

If you have a good social media following, Mashable may be the perfect place to publish your guest post. If you’re a writer, consider writing about a topic that you are passionate about. If your topic is interesting to readers, you can also pitch it on Mashable. When writing a guest post for Mashable, make sure you know the audience. The audience of Mashable will be diverse and your article will stand out.