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We accept guest posts at our blog digitalglobaltimes.com

Topics that we accept:

Business, Technology, Health, Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, Fashion, Jewelry, Education, Essay writing, Travel, Sports, Real estate, Law and many others.

Topics that we didn’t accept:

Adult, Casino, Gambling, Drugs, Online Pharmacy, Vape, Dating, Religion and weapons-related articles.


Article should be unique, plagiarise-free, informative and non-promotional.

Article should be 600 + words long and original written.

Only one do-follow link is allowed.

Send us your pitch at zeeshant371@gmail.com

Digital Global Times – Write For Us

Dear valuable writers and bloggers, Digital Global Times warmly welcomes you to write for us. With the audience from around the globe, we make sure that your ideas, thoughts, and voices are heard and appreciated. Our audience includes employers, clients, and publishers that will read your guest post and, in the process, you will learn a lot. In the process, you will refine your ideas, enhance your writing skills, and even gain additional knowledge about the topic you wrote on. We are here to help you contribute highly efficient and quality content to our platform at the most favorable rates.

Today’s world is full of competition and innovation. With tons of content available online, it has become difficult to write unique content with distinct ideas. The unique content is appreciated because it requires hard work and a lot of effort. We, The Digital Global Times, also appreciate unique and quality content over quantity.

We appreciate and encourage topic-oriented conversation and argumentation to engage the audience. We appraise interactive content with unique and original ideas at Digital Global Times. We strongly recommend reading the “write for us” page before pitching your guest post. The “write for us” page gives you an idea of what type of content and in what format is considered eligible for guest posting or sponsored posting.

WHAT WE ACCEPT          


We accept a wide range of topics for guest posts, including

The guest posts may include various aspects of each topic like the secrets behind and the journey of small and medium-sized successful businesses, a comprehensive and detailed review of a book or movie, what places you should visit for a tour and why and many different aspects of different topics. You can also submit a post for the balanced diet and effects of our diet on our physic.

You are required to submit original content that is not published elsewhere and fulfills the requirements of our site and is according to the guidelines of our platform.


The content should be original and not copied. It must meet the standards of our platform. Plagiarism-free content is a must thing. The blog post you write for us should be of high quality and should contain authentic information; otherwise, it will not get published. Your idea should be unique and strong enough to catch the attention of the audience. We highly recommend that you provide facts from a highly authentic source to build up the trust of your audience. We never allow a low-quality guest post to get published on our platform. Therefore, compromise on quality is not tolerated.

Initially, you can write on broad ideas, and then as you become aware of the audience’s response, you may consider writing following a narrow approach to attract more audience. We believe in quality, not the quantity of the content, as high-quality content is appreciated more and provides high visibility and audience interaction. Write guest posts in a casual and conversational form to entertain and engage your readers.

We never publish low-quality content so, don’t bother writing content that doesn’t meet our quality criteria. For this purpose, visit our homepage and get a rough idea about the quality before writing a guest post. The indication of low-quality content is the grammatically incorrect content, plagiarized content, copied content, or content that doesn’t provide authentic information about a specific topic chosen. Our qualified and competent reviewing team reviews the content that we receive. They have the right to reject content based on its poor quality.

It is necessary to provide original and unique content that is grammatically correct and plagiarism-free to get published.



There are a number of topics that we do not publish or discuss on our platform. Content on these topics will immediately be rejected and will not be even reviewed. Among these topics are

  • Gambling
  • Drugs
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Adult Content
  • Dating, Religion
  • Weapon-Related Articles
  • Vape
  • Casino

There are reasons for which these topics are not discussed on our platform and anyone who is going to write a guest post should give a read to the topics on which content submission is prohibited. As posts on these topics are against our policy so these topics will not be entertained.



It is necessary to follow the guidelines to get your content published. These guidelines will help you to write for us. No matter which topic you are writing on, these guidelines will be applicable to all topics and types of content. As a sponsored posting or guest posting platform, it is necessary to maintain the quality to make a long-lasting first impression on your audience. So below are some guidelines you must consider while writing for us:

Content Quality

  • Content should be original, unique, and high quality.
  • Content should be plagiarism-free and grammatically correct to be considered for review and publication.
  • The content idea should be unique, and the content should be informative.
  • Content should be non-promotional

Content Properties

  • While writing a guest post, make sure to provide a clear and convincing argument regarding your idea.
  • Content should be appealing to your audience and related to the topic with a bold and clear voice.


The content should be formatted in proper titles, H1, H2, and H3 tags as required.

Word Count

The word count for the guest post or sponsored post should be 600+. The most important thing is that the content should be original and unique.

Do-Follow Links

You are allowed to add only one do-follow link per guest post.

External Links

To add external links, you have to pay an extra fee.

Pitch Your Content

You can pitch your content/guest post/sponsored post at zeeshant371@gmail.com.

Pitch your guest posts and not just send the titles because a pitch without your idea is just a rose without its fragrance. So, while pitching your guest posts, give us a description that covers the whole of your ideas to make us better understand the type of content you are going to write.

Before pitching your guest post, visit our homepage to obtain multiple ideas regarding your pitch.


Here we will brief you about what characteristics and properties a writer should embed in their writings to meet our standards. Most of the guest posts we receive are not up to our expectations, so we reject them. We want the best for our readers. Be the best. Write the best. Our experience and tons of content compiled over the years suggest that an idea is best presented in writing when the writing has the following characteristics:

Do Your Research

In conversational writing, you should also perform authentic and extensive research to back up your ideas. It will help your ideas and posts sustain criticism, and you have valid arguments to back up your guest post.

Conversational post

Your guest post engages the audience when it is like a conversation between you and your audience. When you speak in the first and second person language, you invite your audience to participate in the dialogue. It keeps the audience engaged and brings an unusual shine to your guest post. You should write your guest post in dialogue form to keep your readers attached to your post. The best way is to think you are writing your blog and talking to your audience directly.

Keep It Simple

As a guest post writer, you have to present your readers with arguments and facts but try to keep it simple as this will help your audience to understand you easily.

Story Telling

With our experience over the years, we have come to know that the most effective method to keep your audience engaging and interacting, you should present your idea in the form of a story. In this way, you entertain your audience. This approach boosts the interest of your audience in your guest post and enhances your visibility.

How to Start and How to End:

You should know how to start your guest post and how to conclude it while writing for us. Avoid using the same academic and conventional writing style stating, “I am starting with…” or “In the end…” but use a unique introduction and conclusion paragraph.


Guest posting or “write for us” can be described as “writing content for another website.” Many websites invite writers for sponsored or guest posting. Writers and bloggers write guest posts because it benefits them in the following ways:

  • It increases back traffic
  • Improves site authority and ranking
  • Increased visibility and brand awareness
  • It helps make connections in the same industry

Along with writers and bloggers, sponsored posting also helps the website hosting the guest posting.

Benefits of Guest Posting/Sponsored Posting

There are many benefits of sponsored posting or guest posting as it provides you with a platform to show your ideas and expertise to gain access to a large number of the potential audience. It is also helpful in building connections within your market. Moreover, it enhances brand awareness and visibility, which makes your business and brand grow. When you write quality content and target it to your required audience, there is a strong chance that your authoritativeness increases rapidly. The backlinks provided by “write for us” websites are helpful. They increase the rank of your website and bring more visitors to your site. Search engines track the backlinks, and if the website from which the backlinks are coming is of high authority, your authority and rank automatically increase.


You can submit your guest post at zeeshant371@gmail.com.

Your guest post/ Sponsored post will go through the following steps from submitting your pitch to the publication.

  • After you have written a guest post or sponsored post, it is time to submit your post to Digital Global Times.
  • Now, we will guide you through the whole process step by step, from submission to final publication of your guest post.
  • When you email us your guest post, it is received and reviewed by our editor.
  • The preferred method is to submit a google document because it allows the editor to provide feedback within the draft. If the editor feels that your post is up to the standards of our website, then he will forward it to the team for further review.
  • Reviewing team meeting occurs once a week, and a team of reviewers will discuss your guest post. If the reviewing team considers your guest post for publication, the editor will get back to you. He will work with you to address the comments provided by the reviewing team.
  • Once you have addressed the comments, you will send the post back to us.
  • We will review the changes and see if you have addressed all the comments.
  • If your guest post is selected for publication, the editor will notify you via email. After publication, we will email you with the link to your post.

By now, you must understand that we are inviting you to write guest posts for us, but for publication, your guest posts have to stand up to our expectations. If you can write content, which is engaging, you are most welcome to submit your writings. After approval from the editorial and reviewer team, we will publish your sponsored post on our website and notify you via email.


Our non-discriminative policy provides the opportunity to everyone, regardless of their color, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, country, and political point of view, to write for us. We take our non-discriminative policy very carefully and strictly. Discrimination and racism have been rotting humanity for centuries. It is time to end it once and for all. We welcome everyone to write for us and be a part of the enormous Digital Global Times community.

Write For Us Conclusion

When submitting an article for Write For US, there are several things that you should keep in mind to ensure that you are submitting the best article possible. First, be sure that your article has the right tone and content. You also want to make sure that it is error-free and educational. Furthermore, you should use original ideas and avoid plagiarism in your article. You should also include as many images as possible to make your article come alive and interesting.