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  • Article should be 600 + words long and original written.
  • Only one do-follow link is allowed. For extra links, you have to pay an extra fee.
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If you’re a travel writer, submit a guest post on a popular travel website. The Weekend Gateway is a good place to begin your guest post career. The website explores the world’s most popular destinations and is a great place to share your expertise. This site allows one no-follow link per article. You can also choose to submit a longer article. You should be aware that the future is visual, and social networks will eventually take over the lead in the publishing industry.

There are many ways to publish a guest post on a travel site. Some websites offer a variety of categories. Others have strict guidelines for submissions. You can apply to write an opinion piece, how-to guide, or list-type piece. Make sure to write about your destination in a unique way. And remember to add off-the-beaten-path tips! You can get your first guest post published on Travel Dady. If you follow the guidelines, your article may be featured on their site.

If you want to write about travel, there are several websites that accept guest posts. Travel Supermarket is an online news site that accepts guest posts from writers interested in travel topics. For more information about submitting a guest post, visit their guidelines page. If you’re a writer, consider sending your work to other travel sites. Some of them will even pay you for your work. You can even use the same link to promote your own site.

Other travel websites welcome guest post submissions. Some of them require an author bio and two backlinks. If you have first-hand travel experiences, you should also consider submitting a guest post on a travel blog. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be able to promote yourself on a high-traffic website. You can find a list of travel blogs here. You can also submit a guest post on the sites that accept travel bloggers.

Other travel websites accept guest posts. A new travel website will require that you sign a Writer’s Agreement before publishing your article. The site’s guidelines will include the type of content the blog is looking for. For example, if you’re writing about a vacation destination, a guest post about a trip to that region might be of interest to readers. You can also submit a guest post about a specific place or topic.

Anew Traveller welcomes guest posts on their website. To contribute, you must be a member of the community and be an active contributor. If you’re an avid traveller, write a post on your favorite vacation destination and share your experiences. This site also has guidelines for how to query the website, which makes it ideal for writers interested in writing about an experience. If you’re interested in guest posting on a travel website, it’s best to sign up for an account and submit your work there. You’ll have a chance to promote your own blog in a new way.

To submit a guest post, be sure to check the website’s guidelines and determine what kind of content is acceptable for them. Depending on the niche of your site, you can write about a destination, a hotel, or a travel company. If you’d like to be featured on the website, you can also include a link to your website’s homepage or inner pages. You can also include a link to your social media accounts if you’d like to receive a paid post.

If you’d like to contribute a guest post on a travel website, there are many opportunities. There’s no reason not to submit a guest post on a popular travel website. There are plenty of websites that are looking for content on a regular basis. Once you’ve found the right fit, make sure your article gets published. There’s no better way to spread your brand than to create a community of travel fans.

Travel websites are constantly expanding, and they’re eager to feature your articles. If you’d like to contribute your own content, consider guest posting on a travel website. Whether you’d like to write about a hotel or a vacation destination, travel blogs love to feature stories from other travelers. In addition to the benefits of guest posting on a site, guest posts also allow you to promote your own website. So, submit your story on a travel website today.