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Common Materials Used in Construction

When buildings are being designed and constructed, they must be made of safe materials that are strong and durable. If you run a construction company, you must make sure that you are thinking carefully about the materials that you use, as well as how your choices might impact the environment. If you are new to this business, below are some examples of the most common materials used in construction and what they are best for.

1.   Concrete

Concrete is a very popular material used in construction, and you can expect to find it in almost every modern building. It is a composite material of fine and coarse aggregates that is bound together, usually by cement. Concrete is used because it is incredibly strong and very versatile. It can be poured into virtually any space, and it can even be polished for a more aesthetically pleasing finish if that is the desired design. While there are benefits to using concrete in construction, it isn’t very environmentally friendly as it doesn’t break down, which is why you often see the concrete foundations left behind after derelict buildings have fallen away or been destroyed.

2.   Steel

This metal is incredibly strong, and steel beams are frequently used to build the framework for the building’s structure. Check out https://fastmetals.com/pages/all-square-tube-products for steel and stainless steel metal for construction. It is less time-consuming to fix than concrete, but it can be susceptible to corrosion if it is not installed properly, but stainless steel can resist this better. If you are looking for a new steel supplier for your construction company, visit Righton Blackburns to see what’s on offer.

3.   Wood

Wood is another common material you can find when you’re on a construction site. This material has been used to build homes and other structures for centuries, and while there have been stronger and better materials used more so in more recent history, it is still a valuable material that has its place in construction. It can provide good insulation, and it’s lightweight, which makes it easier to use, but it does need to be pressure treated if it’s going to come into contact with soil. It can be a strong building material too, which is why it’s still popular in construction.

4.   Stone

Another ancient construction material that is still used today is stone. Not only is stone strong, but it can also be very aesthetically pleasing when used right. However, the stone issue is that it isn’t the best insulation material to use, which is why this isn’t used as frequently as it once was. It is incredibly durable, though, as there are buildings from ancient times that are still in relatively good condition considering how many centuries have passed.

5.   Bricks

Finally, brickwork is very common and seen in most modern homes and other property types. It can resist compression loads when laid properly, which is one of the big reasons why it is used so frequently. It’s also fire-resistant, which is another ideal in construction.

If you are working in construction or are interested in getting into this line of work, use this list of common construction materials to familiarize yourself with what you’ll be working with regularly.


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