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If you’re wondering how old is Emilio Owen, you’ve come to the right place. Born on January 16, 1996, Emilio was born to Kenya Duke and Emilio Toliver SR. His parents divorced a few years ago, and Kenya then began dating actor Gary Owen. Today, he’s a famous stand-up comedian, whose career has taken him from the stage to the big screen.

Emilio Owen’s stepfather, Gary Owen, is also an actor. He was raised by his mother, Kenya, and his stepfather, who is also a comedian. His stepfather is Gary Owen, and he’s never publicly mentioned his real name. He has two half-siblings, Taylor Patton and Austin Duke. In addition to his father, Emilio has been in a long-term relationship with Taylor Patton. The two have not disclosed the details of their relationship, but they have both mentioned that they started seeing each other on September 8, 2016.

Emilio Owen is not married, or in a relationship, but he has a brother named Austin. His brother has inherited his father’s comedic gene and is already performing at comedy clubs. His relationship with Taylor Patton is private, so we don’t know much about his love life. He isn’t active on social media, so we’re not sure if he has a girlfriend. But if he’s single, his life is probably relatively quiet. However, it is important to note that he’s been in a relationship for some time and it’s possible that it’s a long-term one.

Emilio Owen is married to Taylor Patton, who has been dating him for many years. The two are often spotted on social media, and his mother filed for divorce against him in March 2021, asking for $44,000 spousal support per month from her former husband. The actor is thirty years old and is a Capricorn. He is of mixed ethnicity and is a member of the equine industry. He has not revealed the details of his relationship with Taylor, but he has revealed that they started dating on September 8, 2016.

His mother is Kenya Duke. She’s the eldest child of her two children, and the two are related. Their mother, who is a professional comedian, is married to Gary Owen. Both Owens has two children, Austin and Emilio. His father has been the inspiration for his career. He’s a comic at heart, and his parents have supported him through his success. He has worked as a stand-up comic since he was young.

Emilio Owen is a single man. He married Kenya Duke in 2003. The couple met when he was still in high school and later divorced. The couple had a son together, who became his wife. They are very close. The actor’s wife, Kenya, has been married to Gary Owen for ten years. She met him at a comedy club, and they split. In 2006, the two got back together and are still married.

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