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How Can Google Help Your Digital Advertising Agency?

The field of marketing has always been an exciting, fast-paced, and highly competitive field to work in. No matter the era, marketing, and sales teams are always going to be working on the latest forms of communication and technology to make an impact on potential and existing customers. In the digital age, advances in communication and technology have given marketing departments a plethora of new tools to use in spreading brand awareness.

The rise of the internet has had a particularly powerful impact on the world marketing, mostly in the sheer amount of access that people have to information. Never before have potential customers had so much access to information regarding almost any kind of good or service they could be interested in. This is why companies are starting to realize that Google is one of the most powerful tools they can start utilizing to advance their marketing and grow brand awareness.

With this growing awareness, it’s becoming common to look for a digital advertising agency that is proficient in knowing how to grow a platform through Google. If you have been wondering how a digital advertising agency could help grow your brand through Google, here is everything you need to know.

Why is Google So Important?

While every company that wants to be competitive should have a great website, clear advertising, and of course quality goods and services, Google possesses a rather daunting challenge. The truth is, no matter how good the company is, or how well built the website is, if it doesn’t rank well on Google’s search results it will have trouble gaining recognition.

Google has become the most popular way for people to ask questions in the modern era. Questions from cookie recipes to companies that install new gutters and how far away the moon is from the earth come through Google’s search engine. Because Google has become ubiquitous in modern culture, one search may result in literally millions of hits. If a company doesn’t have good traction with Google, its online presence could be buried under mountains of results.

Why Do Digital Advertising Agencies Use SEO?

This is why digital advertising agencies that want to be effective at bringing their clients the recognition and awareness they need, use SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s a form of digital marketing that uses Google’s unique algorithms to promote a better ranking in Google search results.

Ranking simply refers to the point at which a business shows in a Google search result. As stated earlier, one of the downsides of not having a good ranking on Google is that a website can be lost under literally millions of results. By utilizing strategic, high-quality SEO, agencies can help businesses rank higher on related Google search results. The impact of a good ranking on Googe’s search results can’t be overstated. Millions of people use Google each and every day, and becoming visible to possible customers can yield big rewards.

The interesting thing about Google is that a potential customer who uses Google will be one that is actively looking to invest. If a person is looking for a company that can re-wire their garage, a company that invests in local SEO will benefit because this customer is already wanting to invest in that service.

How Does SEO Work?

Organic SEO is a type of marketing that focuses on building out a company’s online presence in a way that Google’s algorithm will consider valuable. Google is structured in such a way that it gauges the value and benefit of a company. The higher in value that Google sees a company, the higher ranking the search engine will give it.

There are of course paid advertisements and even payment-based SEO that can place companies at a higher ranking, but organic takes a more holistic approach. By focusing on three areas, content writing, performance PR, and on-page optimization, organic SEO can give better, more consistent results than any other form of SEO.

This happens because every step of the process focuses on quality content. For example, content writing for SEO purposes takes questions and concerns that customers have, and expounds on them. Google recognizes this as high-quality SEO content that will utilize specific keywords and phrases associated with related Google search queries.

Not only does this give a company a better ranking on Google, but high-quality content writing also gives customers answers and access to important information they care about. This is where the quality of the content matters because Google also has precautions in place to catch spam. If a company is simply creating content to create it, but it’s not relevant to its customers, or high-quality, it can be flagged.


By focusing on high-quality content writing, PR performance, and powerful on-age optimization, a digital advertising agency can increase your Google ranking, and grow your company’s awareness.

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