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Imani Duckett is the daughter of actress Jasmine Guy and actor Terrence Duckett. The couple has three children together. Imani is a well-known biracial woman, who is currently 22 years old. She first gained recognition for her role as GammaRay Dina in the 1988 film School Daze, which was directed by Spike Lee and starred Laurence Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito, and Tisha Campbell. The movie was a huge hit, and Jasmine and Terrence are proud of their daughter.

In 2004, Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett married and had a daughter, Imani Guy Duckett. Imani was exposed to the media at a young age, and the couple made several red carpet appearances together. Despite the rocky start to her career, she has remained a strong, successful woman, and she is now poised for great things. She is a role model for any budding actress, and her mother’s success has inspired her to follow her footsteps.

In 2008, Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett divorced. The couple had been married for 10 years, and Imani was on track to become an actress. However, their divorce was finalized in 2016. Imani was able to make her acting debut in the Atlanta play Serial Black Face, which was a massive success. Imani is the daughter of a celebrity who has a reputation for being an effective single mother.

After her parents divorced, Jasmine Guy continued to work in the media, and her daughter became popular in the early years of her life. The pair appeared on several red carpets, including the “Emperor’s Cup” and the Oscars. Since then, Imani has become an accomplished actress and is preparing for a career in the movie industry. The couple now live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett divorced in 2010. Her ex-husband stopped paying child support to her in 2010. At that time, Jasmine Guy was completely alone raising their daughter, Imani. She was frightened and worried about how she would raise her daughter. The two of them moved to Atlanta after the divorce. The actresses were still living in Boston, Massachusetts when they had their daughter. They divorced four years later.

A divorce doesn’t mean that women can’t be warriors. Both Jasmine Guy and her daughter have lived a very successful and happy life. Their children are healthy and have an average age of 20. The couple divorced in 2008. But Imani’s mother is multiracial, and she is a multi-racial mother. The actress is famous for her roles in films such as “The Hunger Games” and the hit musical “Will You Be My Wife?”

Jasmine Guy’s daughter is already an actress in the acting world. The two met when she was 16 years old. The actress and her mother met in high school and started dating after they were only in college. The actress and her mother are also very close. Their daughter Imani Guy duckett’s father was a former NFL player. He divorced her husband in 2008. The two are still together, but he has not married since she was a teenager.

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