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Richard Cabral is an American actor and producer who were born on August 28, 1984, in Los Angeles. He is best known for his roles in American Crime and Paranormal Activity. He has also appeared in movies such as End of Watch and Snitch. He has a net worth of $7.5 million. Read on to learn more about his career and net worth. How did he become famous? Check out the following article to learn about his background and how he has grown his net value.

Mexican-American actor

Richard Cabral is a Mexican-American actor who first became famous with the role of Hector Tonz on the ABC crime drama, American Crime. He has also starred in other movies, including Into the Dark and Coco in Mayan MC. His net worth has grown substantially over the years, and he is actively active on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. He has also won a Lo Maximo Award for his contributions to the Homeboy Industries.

Earnings from assets 

His earnings have increased considerably over the years. In 2013, his earnings from his popular line of sneakers were estimated to be $3 million to $5 million. Though his claims are inflated, his business is still a huge success. With a net worth of nearly $40 million, he is one of the highest-paid celebrities. So, how much money does Richard Cabral have? His personal life is quite interesting. He is married to Janice Sarduy, a Filipino actress.

First Big Break

His first big break came from ABC’s crime miniseries American Crime. This role garnered him an Emmy Award nomination. He also starred in The Counselor (2012), End of Watch (2013), and Snitch (2013). He also has a one-man stage show entitled Fighting Shadows. He is currently working as El Coco in the series Mayans M.C. His net worth is $1 to 5 million.

Nominated for several Awards

Richard Cabral’s net worth is estimated to be around $16 million. His income largely comes from his acting career. He is an award-winning actor and producer. He has been nominated for several Emmys for his role in The Counselor and the Mayans M.C. His salary is currently undetermined but he has earned over $8 million in the past few years. So, how much money does he earn?

Is He Gay?!

Richard Cabral is also openly gay. His net value is growing by leaps and bounds. While he is considered to be one of the most successful TV actors in the history of the US, he is not wealthy. He has a modest net worth of P100 million.

Divorced Parents

Richard Cabral’s parents are not known. His mother and father were divorced. He is currently married to Janiece Sarduy. Their relationship has been rocky. The two are very active on social media. Their daughter, Sarah, is pregnant and has two children. The actors’ net worth is constantly rising. While he is a well-known actor, he is also an unemployed model.

Huge following on Social Media 

His social media posts have garnered a huge following and he is a well-liked person on social media. The two-year-old actor is currently living in Los Angeles. Besides acting, Richard Cabral is also an influential figure on Twitter. His fans often post photos and videos of himself. During this time he has been working on his career.


The estimated net worth of Richard Cabral is $1 million to $12 million. His salary comes from his Actor career, which is estimated to be in the range of $1 million to $12 million. He is also involved in other media projects and has a family. He has been married to Janiece Sarduy since October 24, 2014 and they have two children. He has also appeared in the music video Grenade.

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