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3 Ways to Maintain Strong Google Rankings

Are you looking to maintain your rankings and build a website that will stand the test of time? Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what I’ll be going over in this post.

I’ll be revealing the 3 things you need to do in order to keep your high rankings.

1. Start with a strong foundation

Make sure you’ve started with a strong foundation. This is done by the technical and on page SEO. Your website must be modern and fast. It must be easy to navigate and read by both search engines and users. That’s the key to SEO.

First design your website and write your content with the user in mind first and then optimise for the search engine. Making sure the user comes first is the best practice in SEO. This is because the search engines are always trying to figure out what the user wants.

By optimising for user experience, you’re also optimising for the search engine.

Here are some basic on page SEO techniques to implement:

  • Have your target keyword in the meta title.
  • Have your target keyword in the H1 title.
  • Have your target keyword in the slug.
  • Have videos and images within the content.
  • Make sure the text is large enough to read and is no longer than 5 lines.

You can get more in-depth regarding on page SEO by trying to optimise the keyword density. However, more advanced on page tactics are unnecessary unless there’s a particular page you want to rank.

2. Update content

As time goes on, your content will become outdated. Either by the information changing or competitors creating more in-depth content. 

It’s best practice to update your content every 6 months. You can take a look at Google Search Console to see if your rankings and clicks have dropped for any particular page. If they have, type the target keyword for that page into Google and see what pages are ranked above you.

What have they got in their content that you haven’t?

Prioritise which pages to update first by importance. Some pages may be more important because they bring in more revenue or visitors.

Make a list of these pages and plan what else you want to put in these pages. It doesn’t have to be only words, it can be multimedia.

3. Consistent link building

Links are still a major part of SEO and it’s something that should be a constant in your SEO campaign. You don’t necessarily have to do a whole burst of backlink building. But it should be consistent. Links are still a major part of SEO and it’s something that should be a constant in your SEO campaign. You don’t necessarily have to do a whole burst of backlink building yourself. You can enroll in link building services from Getmentioned to help position your pages at the top of search engines. But it should be consistent, something crucial they can provide.

Keep reaching out to webmasters regarding placing your link on their site. Of course, the days where webmasters would allow you to guest post for free are gone. So make sure to negotiate with them and get a good price.

There are some SEOs out there who are completely against link building. Unfortunately, these guys are in their own bubble. Link building is profitable when done right.

First, make sure you’re getting backlinks from relevant websites. If you’re a supplement store, it doesn’t make sense getting links from a home improvement website. 

Make sure that website is getting traffic. If it’s not getting traffic then Google doesn’t see it as valuable. 10,000 monthly visitors is a good minimum to go with. You can use the tool SEMrush to get and estimation of traffic.


So those were the 3 ways to maintain your Google rankings. You’ve spent a lot of time trying to improve traffic, now spend a little bit of time protecting your traffic.

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