4 Ideas for Customizing Your Gifts

Gifts are an incredible way to show those you love that you are thinking of them and that you value them. Finding ways to say that you care and that they matter to you is important and gifts are a great avenue to do this.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to giving a gift is to not overcomplicate it. Giving a great gift already costs resources, time, and intention, so complicating the process should be something you avoid. The old saying that it’s the ‘thought that counts’ is something that you should always take to heart. If you care about someone enough to show them your appreciation through a gift, the act itself will speak volumes. 

That being said, for the person who loves to give gifts, finding unique ways to give impactful gifts is something that is important. So, if you are going through the trouble of actually getting a gift, it might as well be as good as it can possibly be. 

That’s why finding ways to customize your gifts this year, for all occasions, is a great way to take your gift-giving to the next level. If you have been wanting to find unique ways of customizing your gift, here are four ideas to check out. 

1. Keep it Local

Gifts are a great way to show people you care no matter where they are. Whether you are getting a gift for a local friend or family member, or someone who lives states away, gifts are a powerful way of showing you care. One way that you can customize your gift to be even more impactful, is to keep it local. 

This could look like buying gift cards to a friend or family member’s favorite local bistro or buying some kind of locally sourced product like candles or artisan rugs. When it comes to surprising a friend or family member who lives far away from you with a gift, getting them something local will be even more impactful. Not only that, but you are taking a step to help encourage the local economy which is an important thing to do. 

2. Get Them Something They Want and Maybe Don’t Need

If you have a friend or family member you know very well that you want to blow away with a gift, get them a guilty pleasure you know they’ll love. There is this magical moment in adulthood where gifts that are practical become some of the most coveted gifts imaginable, but there’s still a need to enjoy feeling young. 

Getting your friend or loved one a gift that they by no means ‘need’ but one that you know they will enjoy can be a refreshing and encouraging gesture of love. This might look like a dozen artisan-baked cookies or a new golf club. Whatever you know would bring a smile to your friend or loved one’s face, get them that! 

3. Use Custom Shipping Boxes

If you are getting gifts for a large number of people, like maybe for employees, look into custom mailer boxes. These are high-quality, sustainable shipping packages that can be customized however you want. That means you can make them themed to a particular holiday, season, event, or specific theme of your choice. The best part about using custom mailer boxes is that it creates a unique experience that enhances your gift in a meaningful way. 

Maybe the box is branded with a certain cause that your company is supporting, like cancer research, or even a global cause like fighting global warming. Because the boxes are made from sustainable, recycled materials, you can rest easy knowing that your gifts won’t have a negative impact on the planet. 

When it comes to making a gift unique, having a custom mailer box is hard to beat.

4. Engravings

Whether it’s a handmade coffee mug that you order from a local potter, or it’s a new iPad from Apple, use engraving to customize your gifts this year. This is a chance to put a special message to your friend or loved one that they will cherish. When it comes to engraving, try and make it something more than just their name. Use an inside joke or something that you know they will find special.

Engraving can also be used to commemorate special occasions like anniversaries if you are looking for a gift for your significant other. This extra bit of customization can be something that elevates your entire gift to a whole new level.


Finding meaningful ways to customize your gifts this year is well worth the time and effort that it takes to do. It shows the people in your life that you care and that they are valued in a big way. Whether you are using a custom mailer box, getting something local, or using engravings, customizing your gifts is something you should try and do this year! 

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